How can i discuss CBD with my doctor?

CBD is often called a natural alternative for traditional medicine. We all know that doctors are not renowned for their fondness of alternative medicine, so a lot of patients are reluctant to report to their doctor that they are using CBD. SupMedi likes to explain to you why it´s important that you do discuss this with your doctor.

The stigma is lifted

Nowadays, CBD has a lot of ambassadors and followers worldwide who preach the ‘CBD Gospel’. The many beneficial properties of CBD simply couldn’t be ignored anymore, including by international media and medical specialists. As a result, the worldwide trend around CBD has changed radically. Nowadays, there aren’t so many presumptions about CBD anymore. Most people know for example, that CBD doesn’t get you stoned or high.

Promising results during CBD research

In the end, general practitioners are there to help you. For example by treating you, but also with advice and support. Your GP knows you and your medical file the best and because of this he or she is the best judge of your CBD use. Maybe a conversation with your GP can even bring you new insights on CBD. After all, there are many international researches into the effects of CBD and results were reported by medical educated researchers. For example this one:

Be fully prepared!

Thanks to ongoing research, knowledge about CBD is increasing. Before you discuss the subject CBD with your GP, it’s important that you have sufficient knowledge about the therapeutic effects. Of course it’s also key that you have a clear idea about what you use CBD for. You could find and read some researches, which support your train of thoughts. This can simplify the conversation.

CBD makes the liver work harder

It’s important to note that CBD is metabolized by the liver, by enzyme CYP450. It so happens that a lot of drugs are also metabolized by this enzyme. If you use a lot of CBD, the enzyme CYP450 starts to metabolize and eliminate this. As a result, there will be less ‘capacity’ to metabolize the other drugs. That can cause the concentration of that drug in the body to get too high and that can be harmful on the long term. You can read more about that here:

Always consult CBD use with your GP

Supmedi advices people to always consult CBD use with your GP. We know that some drugs react with CBD. Only your doctor can tell you more about this specifically. So your GP is always the first person to go to with doubts or questions about CBD.