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CBD Oil against wrinkles

Nobody likes to see the signs of ageing; especially wrinkles, fine lines, or sagging skin. Still, no matter what we do, we all have to face them at some point. What is the best way to slow down the signs of ageing skin? And how can CBD Oil help you prevent wrinkles with maximum effect? Read on to find out – no time to lose!

What causes wrinkles?

Before we explain the potential of CBD Oil for wrinkled skin, we should start by explaining how wrinkles come about in the first place.

The connective tissue that keeps out skin firm and in shape largely depends on two natural substances, collagen and elastin. These proteins mainly serve to maintain a strong, smooth skin. Unfortunately, however, as our body ages, it slows down collagen and elastin production, which causes the skin to sag as it loses its youthful firmness.

Another cause of wrinkles is decreased production of sebum. Sebum is a fatty substance that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin, shielding its cells from harmful external influences. Sebaceous glands in the skin keep the outer skin layers hydrated by preventing them from drying out.

Reduced sebum production increases the chances of dry skin. This also lowers dermal elastin levels, which in turn impairs the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Free radicals are another main cause of wrinkles. Read on to find out how CBD Oil can help against all these factors to hlep reduce and even prevent wrinkles.

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How does CBD Oil work against wrinkles?

The human body comprises a host of different processes that serve to keep it healthy and balanced. One of these systems is the ECS: the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is particularly vital because it keeps all the other systems in mutual balance. Scientists have identified endocannabinoid receptors in all parts of the body, including the skin.

Initially, CBD molecules were thought to bind to several types of brain receptors. However, research has since demonstrated that CBD can directly influence the endocannabinoid system. Since our skin is covered in endocannabinoid receptors, too, CBD can directly affect skin health and skin ageing, helping us protect it against free radicals and other harm.

What are free radicals?

Although free radicals are a complex phenomenon, the can be explained as waste products present in the body. Nearly all bodily processes, such as metabolism of nutrients, involve oxygen-based chemical reactions that lead to release of free radicals. No amount of healthy living can prevent this. Fortunately, this is relatively harmless, since the body produces compounds able to neutralise these radicals.

However, some free radicals come from outside the body. These harmful free radicals come from chemicals present in cosmetics, air pollution, uv rays coming from the sun, smoking, unhealthy fats, and more. These external free radicals are more harmful, because the body cannot counter or neutralise them all.

Free radicals can ‘stick’ to cells, thus preventing them from functioning as they should.  This is one of the main causes of ageing skin and wrinkles.

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What can CBD Oil do against wrinkles and ageing skin?

Antioxidant effects

Antioxidants are compounds that counter skin oxidation that releases free radicals. This makes the body’s job of neutralising free radicals easier.

CBD is an antioxidant that helps stop free radicals before they damage skin cells. This helps CBD Oil preserve collagen to keep the skin soft and supple.

Increase sebum production

One of the main causes of wrinkles is reduced sebum production. Sebum helps grease the skin and prevents dehydration. Through the ECS, CBD can affect your skin’s natural sebum production. This lets CBD Oil help keep your sin hydrated and prevent wrinkles before they begin!

Anti-inflammatory effect

Skin inflammation causes problems, as happens with acne, for example. Such conditions can blemish the skin as well as causing potential scarring. Eczema is another skin condition marked by inflammation. Such inflammation can trigger the release of chemicals that disrupt production of collagen and elastin.

CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin irritation and scarring while soothing the skin, which helps prevent early ageing and wrinkles.

Reduces pain, stress, and anxiety

The capacity for stress, pain, and anxiety relief is perhaps the most important property of CBD. Together, these three factors heavily affect skin ageing. Experiencing less pain, stress, and anxiety can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, as well as promoting good sleep, which further improves skin health and vitality.

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How should you use CBD Oil against wrinkles?

CBD can be used against wrinkles as full spectrum formula oil or as special skincare products such as cream or salve. Deciding which one best matches your situation is up to you. Our online store offers plenty of options to counter and prevent wrinkles using natural CBD supplements, including oil, tablets, cream, salve, and more.

CBD Supplements

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in handy bottles designed for placing drops under the tongue. Our CBD Tablets are easy to take along wherever you go without need for water, with added vitamin C for fast absorption. Both variants help your body from within, by working together with the ECS. The main difference is that CBD Oil contains all active hemp compounds due to its full spectrum formula, for even more potential against wrinkles.

Our CBD nutrition contains pure CBD isolate just like our tablets, processed in handy, nutritious, and delicious food and beverages.

CBD Argan Skincare

Our CBD Argan Cream and CBD Argan Salve can be applied directly on the skin, where CBD can start its antioxidant effects. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which further helps prevent and reduce wrinkles.

CBD Argan Cream is enriched with vitamin A, promoting healthy skin that remains soft to the touch. Vitamin A promotes collagen production to keep facial skin firm and elastic. It does make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so make sure to use a products with SPF protection – but that is always good avice.

CBD Argan Salve contains vitamin E: a powerful anti-oxidant that promotes skin recovery and helps counter skin ageing. CBD Argan Salve protects and revitalises the skin, including for scratches, cuts, and bruises. That means combining natural skincare with dermal first aid!

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More tips against wrinkles and ageing skin!

It is important to remember that CBD Oil is no fountain of youth that keeps your skin intact forever. CBD Oil can help keep wrinkles and external damage at bay, but it is primarily a supplement that supports healthy skin. The best skincare combines CBD with a healthy skin lifestyle, based on the following tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water – make sure to drink at least 2 litres a day to keep your skin hydrated;
  2. Healthy diet – we are what we eat: diet influences our looks. Try to avoid ready-made meals and fatty foods;
  3. Avoid aggressive products – cosmetics and other facial care products cab contain aggressive chemicals that may irritate or dry out the skin;
  4. Protect yourself from the sun – try to use facial cream with high SPF underneath other skincare and makeup products; the sun can harm your skin even in winter;
  5. Quit smoking – this should be obvious: not smoking is always a good idea, for your skin and for your general health!

Top Tip: try our lovely, hand-made hemp oil soap for healthy hands and a face without wrinkles!


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