Using CBD To Support The Health Of The Elderly

CBD is suitable for all ages and can help support the health of the elderly. Although CBD is very popular right now, older people seem to be hesitant to use this natural remedy. They might associate it with weed and getting high, for instance, or wonder whether it is legal. Many of these misunderstandings are easy to resolve. First off, in an increasing number of European, North American and other countries, CBD is legal. Furthermore, CBD is safe to use, can help with many health issues and is suitable for both young and old.

CBD And Weed: Not The Same

CBD is a cannabinoid produced by hemp plants. Hemp plants are a low-THC version of the cannabis plant. People who use cannabis recreationally do so because of THC, another cannabinoid. These cannabinoids each have a different effect on you. CBD isn’t psychoactive and doesn’t get you high.

When you use CBD, whether as an oil or a tablet, you’re not breaking any laws in a growing majority of countries. Legalization is mostly based on recognition of health effects reported by CBD users and medical professionals. Most countries impose a maximum content of THC in CBD products, low enough to rule out any noticeable psychoactive effects.

Why CBD For Elderly People Is Such A Good Idea

Every human being has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This complex system regulates a large number of vital processes, like your sleep-wake cycle, sense of hunger, hormone levels and your emotions. The body itself produces endocannabinoids, which influence this system. However, external factors can disrupt the balance of your ECS. The natural CBD from hemp (a phytocannabinoid) can help restore your mental and physical balance.

For each of us, growing older naturally comes with a variety of health complaints. Fortunately, older people today can stay fit and healthy longer than in the past. But still, many people suffer from, for example, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease or an impaired immune system. In fact, living longer, healthier lives calls for more care and attention for our health and well-being. There are many ways to give yourself the care and attention you need. One of the most natural ways to get yourself the everyday health support is CBD.

CBD is good for health
CBD and the elderly: a healthy idea!

CBD can be used to alleviate a broad range of symptoms. Science keeps finding new applications, but the health possibilities include the following:

CBD Can Help You Sleep Better

The older we become, the more trouble we can have sleeping through the night. Research shows that insomnia and other sleeping troubles get worse with the passing of the years. Some 50% of seniors have trouble sleeping. Sleep is important to recuperate and to eliminate waste. Experts even state, that sleep plays an important part in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Many people use sleeping pills, but these have many side effects. A natural remedy like CBD is worth trying, because it hardly has any side effects.

CBD Can Alleviate Pain

When you are above 60 years of age, you have a greater chance of developing pain complaints. This can be caused by former injuries, rheumatism, overburdening your body, or because of arthritis, for instance. Our joints and other tissues lose their youthful strength and this can cause vexing pains. Many users of CBD indicate that this natural remedy is just as effective as regular painkillers. You can use CBD to alleviate various types of pain, from fibromyalgia and migraine to inflammation and rheumatism.

CBD As An Antioxidant

Antioxidants are compounds that help protect the body against free radicals. These radicals cause oxidative stress and this can damage our cells. This is why antioxidants, which can be found in vegetables and fruit among others, are important to stay healthy and fit. Free radicals also play an important part in the aging process, accelerating the progress of tissue decay. Diseases associated with oxidative stress include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and heart- and vascular diseases.

The hemp plant provides us with CBD and research shows that CBD is a powerful antioxidant. So much so in fact, that it’s even more effective than vitamin C. This is another reason why CBD for elderly people is a great natural health supplement. It shows how CBD can play a preventive role in keeping your mind and body healthy.

CBD gezond voor ouderen
Healthy support for all ages

The Possibilities Of CBD For Dementia

CBD could also be a promising remedy for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. These neurodegenerative diseases cause a decrease in cognitive functions. There is no cure at present, and Alzheimer’s can easily be fatal. Scientists think that CBD is an interesting candidate for a remedy for Alzheimer’s. Previous studies have demonstrated CBD’s protective effects on the nerves, inhibiting inflammation and increasing cell viability. In 2011 a study was conducted into Alzheimer’s in mice. The results were promising. Researchers observed that CBD stimulated neuron growth, allowing the nerve system to recover from damage. We need more research to fully understand the effects of CBD for elderly people on dementia. Nonetheless, these initial studies are highly interesting for health-conscious older people.

CBD can be a substantial contribution to anyone’s health, but it can be especially beneficial for older people. CBD’s natural versatility offers potential for a multitude of symptoms and conditions. Furthermore, CBD is very easy to use. You could try and use CBD oil, which you drop under the tongue. You could also choose CBD tablets or even CBD gummies. As long as you choose quality CBD products, you’ll always have your natural health and wellness booster right at hand.

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