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CBD Oil For Eczema

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It is also the heaviest, weighing up to 15 kilos, with a total surface of around two square metres. It is a protective barrier that keeps our temperature stable and allows us to feel pressure, warmth, and touch. Unfortunately, it can also make us feel itches, pain, and irritation. Eczema is a condition that causes skin inflammation to the point where it can seriously disrupt everyday life. CBD Oil can be used for eczema: its soothing, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties can help ease the symptoms of eczema.

What Exactly Is Eczema?

Eczema is a condition in which the skin is affected by inflammation and irritation. Children are most commonly affected, but many adults suffer from eczema, too. The intensity of eczema symptoms varies: sometimes, a slight rash and a mild itch is all; but it can also cause bright red, severely itching, and painful inflammation all over the body. Moreover, itching easily results in scratching that damages the skin, causing scratches and open wounds that can easily lead to more inflammation and irritation in turn. All in all, eczema can have a severe impact on your day to day life.

Several different kinds of eczema exist, with constitutional eczema and contact eczema as its most common forms. Constitutional eczema is a hereditary condition that can linger in the background until it is triggered by any one of a range of factors. Contact eczema causes irritation after contact with an allergen. No matter which specific type of eczema you have, though, the result involves itching skin that is dry and rough to the touch. Affected spots can appear red and flaky, with inflammation that potentially causes swelling and scabs.

The exact causes of eczema are still unclear, and although doctors still haven’t identified its exact mechanisms, it is understood to involve an immune system overreaction. The immune system is triggered by environmental factors, ranging from air humidity, temperature changes, specific types of food, sweat, chemicals, or stress. Most types of eczema also appear to involve a hereditary component.

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Regular Eczema Treatment

People affected by eczema are usually prescribed skin creams based on steroids or antihistamines. Unfortunately, these usually come with undesirable side-effects. Corticosteroid-based products, for instance, can make the skin thinner in spots that are already affected, even though they can help calm the skin. Antihistamines work by countering hypersensitive immune responses, but these are known to cause drowsiness in turn.

CBD Oil Can Soothe The Skin In Case Of Eczema

Other ways to treat eczema involve light therapy, dietary changes, stimulus avoidance, and stress reduction. As stress appears a common trigger for eczema, yoga and meditation exercises may help reduce underlying tensions. As many people claim to benefit from CBD Oil for stress reduction, this is a first potential point where CBD Oil could help control the causes and symptoms of eczema. In addition, the soothing properties of CBD can also help keep itches under control, reducing the need to scratch. That would result in less skin damage or irritation, which limits the chances of eczema taking hold.

Can CBD Oil Help Against Eczema?

CBD (cannabidiol) can help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions. Its broad applicability is due to its ability to cooperate with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates all sorts of physiological processes, including our moods, pain, sleep, and immune system. It does so by means of endocannabinoid receptors spread throughout the body, including in the tissues of the skin. The ECS is capable of influencing dermatological processes such as hormone production, cell growth, and the removal of dead skin cells.

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Our body’s own endocannabinoids can work with the ECS, but so can CBD derived from hemp plants. This plant-based phytocannabinoid has anti-inflammatory properties, can help relieve itches, and is able to reduce pain. That makes CBD Oil a particularly attractive natural supplement to use with skin conditions like eczema.

What Can Science Say About CBD Oil And Eczema?

Unfortunately, research into CBD supplements and eczema is just getting started. One small-scale study conducted in 2019 saw 20 subjects affected by skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema use CBD salve. The salve turned out to be a real relief, calming the skin and reducing itches, which in turn improved people’s quality of sleep.

CBD Oil may also help against eczema because it can protect against bacterial infections. CBD has antibacterial properties, and studies have demonstrated that it can be nearly as effective as regular antibiotics. CBD is capable of destroying Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, for instance, which is good news for anyone dealing with eczema. These bacteria can cause flare-ups and additional complications whenever they infect the skin.

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CBD Skincare Products

As the current situation stands, scientists are still working to find out more about the effectiveness of CBD Oil for eczema. Fortunately, research is making steady progress, and more and more products based on natural products become available to help control the symptoms. If you want to try cannabidiol against eczema, you could opt for CBD Oil or Tablets to tackle the problem internally. If you want to treat the skin itself externally, CBD Argan Cream or Salve are the best suited supplements. Both contain hydrating, soothing, and nurturing ingredients that can calm the skin. These CBD skincare products are topical products that can be applied wherever they are needed the most in case of skin problems like dry skin, cuts, inflammation, or psoriasis.


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