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What Influence Does CBD Have On Acne?

Many people encounter acne at some point in their lives. Fortunately, most of us only have to deal with these issues for a limited period of time, since acne usually peaks during adolescence. Nonetheless, acne can prove a major nuisance for many of us. Even though the physical consequences are usually very limited in the long run, acne can seriously impair our self-confidence and general wellbeing. So how great would it be if a natural treatment for acne without side-effects was discovered? CBD could help against acne!

What Is Acne?

Several different causes can trigger the glands in our skin, also known as sebocytes, to produce too much tallow, or skin grease. If too much of this fatty substance is generated by our cells, it can accumulate in the skin. This in turn prompts bacteria that naturally occur on our skin, Propionibacterium acnes, to start reproducing with gusto. Too many of these bacteria on the skin will lead to infections.

In the least severe instances, this causes some red spots that simply vanish over time. In worse cases, however, it can result in blackheads, pimples, papules, lumps, and cysts. These symptoms can be quite painful. If not treated correctly, scar tissue will result. Moreover, acne can have severe mental consequences for many people; particularly so if the problem occurs in or around the face area.

How Does CBD Counter Acne?

CBD helps fight acne in two ways. Firstly, CBD has been known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for a long time. The inflammations of the skin caused by the acne bacteria are countered by CBD. Secondly, a study conducted in 2014 demonstrated that CBD is in fact able to soothe the tallow glands of the skin. This soothing effect curbs the overproduction of tallow. By this mechanism, CBD counters the onset of acne at the root of the problem, as well as reducing the consequences if any inflammation does occur.

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How should I use CBD?

Sadly, as with a range of other conditions, no clinical evidence has yet been presented to provide hard proof for CBD as a medicine for acne. Because of this, we will not claim that CBD is a medicine against acne. However, this does not prevent us from using our common sense. From our experience and our common-sense point of view, we encourage anyone to try for themselves and see whether natural CBD helps treat their acne problems!

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In the 2014 study mentioned above, human tallow glands were directly exposed to CBD under laboratory conditions. Our CBD oil is a natural product, making it perfectly safe for application on the skin. Applying a drop of CBD oil onto a pimple is very easy to do. This allows anyone to experience for themselves whether our product helps relieve their acne symptoms or make them go away altogether. Do make sure you wash your hand before applying CBD oil. Any dirt on your fingers could aggravate the inflammations instead of curing them!

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