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CBD Oil Against Acne, Spots, And Pimples

Most people encounter them at some point in their lives: pimples, zits, spots, or pustules. Whatever you call hem, acne affects almost all of us. Even though these blemishes usually disappear by themselves, they can be a real nuisance; especially because acne tends to appear in the face. As we have seen, CBD can be useful against a staggering range of health and beauty issues. We also see all sorts of skincare products enriched with CBD Oil. But what can CBD do for your skin? And can you use these products against acne? In fact, how does CBD Oil help against acne in the first place?  

Sebaceous Glands And Healthy Skin

The hair follicles in your skin contain tiny sebaceous glands that produce sebum. This is a fatty substance that is vital for maintaining a healthy skin. Sebum forms a protective layer that protects it from harmful external influences. In addition, sebaceous glands keep your upper skin layer hydrated and prevent it from drying out. On top of that, tallow helps keep your hair soft and supple.

What Is Acne, And How Can CBD Oil Help?

Unfortunately, these useful glands can become the source of skin problems, too. Adolescents are the most common targets, but they are definitely not the only ones affected. Acne can occur cross all ages, and can be caused by a range of different factors.

Hormones And Excess Sebum Production

The influence of hormonal changes in the body can cause sebaceous glands to become overproductive. Excessive sebum production is usually marked by greasy skin. Sebum accumulating around the exit of glands, blocking the way out. Such blockages are known as blackheads, visible as black spots or pimples.

Sebum Accumulation And Dead Skin Cells

These sebaceous glands can become blocked to the point where they burst. Apart from sebum, blackheads contain bacteria and fatty acids. Ruptured glands release their sebum, bacteria, and acids onto and into the skin. This causes skin inflammation and accumulation of dead skin cells, which gives rise to spots, zits and pimples: acne, in other words.

Stress And Medication

These two factors can cause acne, especially when combined with hormones. Adolescents in puberty are especially prone to acne because of the rapid changes in their physiology. Adults can be affected by hormonal changes too, however, which can increase production of tallow. Certain types of medication and (long-term) stress can also promote excessive generation of tallow, contributing to the onset of acne across all ages.

Bacterial Infections

Blocked skin pores can increase the presence of bacteria that increase the likelihood of cutaneous infections.

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Research Into CBD Oil And Acne

CBD has been studied from various angles for years. These investigations include research into the potential for CBD Oil to treat acne. As it turns out, cannabidiol can help relieve multiple acne-related issues through several different mechanisms.

Research has shown that CBD Oil can be helpful with acne by blocking sebum-producing cells, which reduces overall sebum output. The same study also showed how CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential can help keep acne in check.

Anther study indicated that the antibacterial properties of CBD Oil can also be instrumental against acne. These antibacterial effects can help prevent infections to considerable extent.

Even though these findings seem to point in the right direction, we still need more in-depth research to find out how CBD Oil can help stop acne. Thorough scientific investigations are essential to gain more insight into how cannabidiol works, enabling us to draw definitive conclusions.

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How Can CBD Oil Help Against Acne?

CBD is a cannabinoid that can help keep your body healthy. CBD is capable of influencing our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates a diversity of body processes, striving to maintain perfect balance between them. If, for instance, your ECS detects inflammations, it will release additional cannabinoids to strengthen your immune response and provide relief.

Your body has two types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mainly found in the brain and central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are more extensively connected to the immune system and the cells of the skin. Importantly, CB2 receptors appear densely concentrated in the skin as a whole.

This is why applying CBD Oil to the skin can be so effective. The CBD Oil is instantly applied to the best location as a CBD topical, allowing it to start working right away. CBD prompts CB2 receptors to increase anti-inflammatory effects and better sebum regulation.

Ingesting CBD Tablets or CBD Oil allows CBD to work from the inside-out after it enters the bloodstream. This too will influence your CB2 recpetors to boost your immune system and reduce inflammations.

Which CBD Product Matches Your Needs?

SupMedi offers a range of natural CBD products. These can be divided into two categories: CBD products for immediate topical use, and CBD products used as oil drops or edibles.

Topicals And Skincare

CBD topicals are products designed for direct use on the skin surface. SupMedi has several CBD products for deep-reaching, nourishing skincare. CBD Argan Salve and Argan Cream can help restore and revitalise your skin, as well as protecting your skin cells from free radicals. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD allow it to help fight spots, blackheads. acne, and more. On top of this, our CBD Argan Cream is enriched with vitamin A for silky-smooth, firm, elastic skin. Our CBD Salve contains vitamin E to help counter skin aging. CBD can also help speed up recovery after scratches, cuts, abrasions and bruises.

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CBD Oil And Edibles Against Acne Issues

CBD Oil can help your body from within in the fight against acne or other skin problems. CBD Oil can strengthen your natural defences and help reduce inflammations. However, studies investigating the links between CBD Oil and acne usually apply cannabidiol directly onto the skin.

If you prefer SupMedi CBD Nutrition, you have plenty of choice in our web store. We have CBD Coffee , CBD Oatmeal, CBD Gummies, and CBD Chocolate to choose from.

Whichever CBD supplement you pick, though, we always test our products in certified laboratories to guarantee high quality and purity.

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