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CBD Oil in your ear

Ear conditions come in many different forms, ranging from regular earache and inflammation to tinnitus. Any of these problems can seriously affect your life, often causing stress, anxiety, and sleeping problems in the process. But since CBD Oil could help solve a range of ear conditions, we investigated whether CBD is safe to use in your ears for quick, natural relief.

Can CBD Oil work inside the ear?

CBD Oil is capable of influencing one of the most important systems in our body: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). You can picture the ECS as a central operating system directing a wide range of bodily processes, all aiming to maintain your body’s internal balance. But how exactly does this work?

The ECS consists of an extensive receptor network that reaches all throughout the body. These receptors can be ‘switched’ on and off by certain compounds produced by your own body: so-called endocannabinoids. However, certain cannabinoids found in plants, such as cannabidiol in CBD Oil, can interact with the ECS in similar fashion. This is how CBD Oil can support your ECS in preserving your body’s internal balance.

Since this network of receptors extends all the way through the body, CBD Oil can also work by influencing receptors in and around the ear. You’ll find out just how that works, and what advantages come with it, by reading the rest of this blog.

Can you drip CBD Oil directly into your ear?

If you have an earache, the first thing you should do is consult a doctor. Something may be stuck inside your ear, blocking your auditory canal, or you may have caught an infection that could get worse if left unchecked.

We advise caution when trying to drip CBD Oil directly into your ear, no matter what the cause of your earache. Although the pure organic olive oil in the product can help unblock your ear canal you don’t want to just use CBD Oil inside your ear without knowing what’s wrong!

A safer way to treat your earache with CBD Oil is to rub a few drops onto the skin of your cheek, jaw, or throat around your ear for quick pain relief. And of course, you can always CBD Oil by more conventional means: dripping some under your tongue should work just as well!

If you do intend to go ahead and put CBD Oil into your ear, always be sure to use the pipette included in the original package for precision, and clean it well after use. Whatever you do, never use a Q-tip, as these can easily damage your eardrums and other sensitive tissues. In fact, using Q-tips tends to make matters worse, because they push earwax further down against the eardrum, aggravating blockages and increasing the likelihood of infection.

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Although not all ear conditions cause pain, stiffness or pain in the neck, headaches, and muscle aches often accompany ear-related problems. CBD can offer relief for many types of acute and chronic pain. That makes CBD Oil a natural and safe alternative for regular painkiller medication.

Ear inflammation

In addition to its analgesic potential, CBD Oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prove in case of ear conditions. Earaches and related problems are often caused by inflammation of the inner ear. Such inflammations can lead to dizziness, ringing in the ears, or intense pain. In such cases, using CBD Oil can provide relief for the ear by prompting the ECS to reduce the inflammatory response.

Dizziness and balance issues

Ear conditions can lead to dizzy spells or problems maintaining your balance. Although no specific studies have been conducted into the relationship between CBD Oil and dizziness, people do claim to find relief in CBD when they feel dizzy. Research has demonstrated, however, that there are probably endocannabinoid receptors located in the central vestibular system, which is involved in acute dizzy spells.

Dizziness is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This may account for part of the relief experienced after dizziness, since CBD Oil can also help reduce these symptoms.

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One of the ear conditions that CBD Oil can help relieve is tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition marked by constant ringing of the ears, experienced as an annoying buzzing, beeping, or whirring sensation. The exact origin of these symptoms is still unknown, but perhaps CBD could prove helpful nonetheless.

Studies have investigated the potential effect CBD could have on tinnitus. It turns out that CBD is capable of reducing excessive neural activity, which also accounts for its anxiolytic and anti-epileptic potential. Research into this subject is still in its early stages, however, with only animal studies for clinical evidence and somewhat ambiguous results so far.

Tinnitus may be caused by other factors too, however. Stress and anxiety are often cited as potential factors that at least contribute to the origins of this deeply frustrating condition.

Stress and CBD Oil for your ear

CBD Oil can have a soothing, relaxing effect that may help keep stress and anxiety in check. That is good news indeed for anyone affected by ear issues such as tinnitus, since stress and anxiety can be triggers for increased pain, irritation, and ringing.

The underlying mechanism that accounts for this connection is the release of a stress hormone called cortisol. Long-term exposure to high cortisol blood levels accelerates deterioration of brain tissue, which causes a range of mental and physical problems. CBD Oil can help protect you from these harmful effects by activating a receptor that triggers production of serotonin. Serotonin has a soothing influence that can help restore the balance of the nervous system, as well as promoting a general sense of comfort and wellbeing.

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Sleeping better

Earaches and resulting stress or anxiety can have a negative impact on your quality of sleeping. This in turn can make your ear issues worse, which can continue to escalate in a downward spiral. Of course, you can try sleeping pills or tranquilizers to get to sleep; but these usually come with severe side-effects. Fortunately, this is not so for CBD Oil: this herbal hemp supplement can help you sleep better naturally by working with your own body’s physiology.

We all carry a ‘biological clock’ inside that regulates our circadian rhythms of sleeping and waking. This clock can go out of sync with the world around us, but using CBD Oil for balance in this crucial mechanism can help reset the clock. Although CBD has calming, relaxing properties, it will not knock you out like most regular sleeping pills do. By contrast, CBD can help you sleep better by naturally inducing a restive state of mind and body, without simply knocking you unconscious like sleep medication usually will.

Does CBD Oil Produce Side Effects?

As mentioned before, CBD Oil produces few if any side effects, which are generally mild in nature and will pass relatively quickly. If you do notice any side effects, simply lowering your dose for a few days and waiting for improvement will usually suffice. The few mild side-effects associated with starting to use CBD Oil include:

  • Dry mouth;
  • Reduced appetite;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Dizziness.

However, we can easily pair this list with a summary of CBD Oil benefits that offsets any possible side-effects. These benefits include:

  • No harmful side-effects;
  • Overdosing is next to impossible;
  • It is not addictive;
  • CBD supplements are readily available without doctor’s prescriptions.

Important Notice: Combining CBD Oil And Medication

There is one very important piece of advice we want to stress: if you plan to use CBD Oil for earaches or other ear problems while already using medication, always consult your doctor first!

The reason to be cautious around CBD and medicine is cannabidiol’s potential to influence the effects of certain (prescription) drugs. The liver metabolises CBD using enzymes that also metabolise certain types of regular medicine. Obviously, these enzymes can’t metabolise two substances at the same time; and while they are busy breaking down CBD, concentrations of certain medication types can rise. This can be dangerous in extreme situations, so always be cautious in combining CBD Oil and regular medicine!

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