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CBD Oil for burnout syndrome

Feeling tired, knackered, or completely exhausted? Do you get the sense of walking around in a foggy haze feeling as though running on an empty tank? Lying awake at night while fighting to keep your eyes open during the day? Do you get stressed out and overburdened, knowing you’d rather do things differently without knowing how to handle that? If you recognise these signs, you may well be suffering from burnout syndrome. Allow us to explain what burnout is, and what CBD Oil could do to help you counter it!

What exactly is burnout syndrome?

Even a modest online search for an explanation of burnout syndrome results in a wild variety of different definitions. Most of these, however, mention similar important factors at play, such as careers, office life, and job security.

If we want to explain how and why CBD Oil can prove helpful in case of burnout syndrome, we should start by stating a common definition of the problem.

Experts describe burnout syndrome as:

  • Emotional fatigue or exhaustion, combined with:
  • A sense of distance or negative views related to work, and/or;
  • A feeling of ineffectiveness, low confidence in one’s personal performance.

These symptoms result from chronic, long-term work-related stress that lasts for at least six months on end.

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What is the difference between stress and burnout syndrome?

It is important to understand the difference between regular stress and burnout syndrome. Put simply, burnout is the result of experiencing stress and pressure for too long. That means stress can lead to burnout syndrome, but these two conditions are not the same.

Short-term stress is not necessarily bad for your body and mind. The experience of stress can generate a sense of urgency and increased focus, but it can also turn into anxiety instead. If you’re experiencing work-related stress for extended periods, you ought to try and do something about it before it escalates into burnout syndrome. Clinically speaking burnout applies to extreme fatigue, excessive tension, and and exhaustion that impact daily life for more than six months on end.

At this point, you may be thinking: “I feel stressed as well as experiencing burnout-like symptoms!” You could be right: unfortunately, the matter is not as simple as we would like it to be. Stress can lead to increased anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem, and exhaustion. Crucially, however, it is when you allow these feelings to persist without addressing them that you run an increasing risk of developing burnout syndrome.

What are burnout symptoms and how can CBD Oil help?

CBD Oil and the endocannabinoid system

Let’s return to the basics: what can CBD Oil do for our body, and how does that work? Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a non-psychoactive compound produced naturally by hemp plants. CBD is just one of many organic compounds found in these plants.

The human body produces similar compounds, which are called endocannabinoids. ‘Endo’ means ‘within’, signifying the body’s internal ability to manufacture such cannabinoids. This is why your own body accepts CBD as if it were its own cannabinoid. This way, CBD can influence your own body chemistry, by producing anti-inflammatory effects for example, or by calming or pain relief properties. CBD can achieve these various effects by working with our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

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The endocannabinoid system.

Physical burnout symptoms

Below, you’ll find a summary of important physical burnout symptoms, along with ways in which CBD Oil can help relieve them.

CBD Oil for improved sleeping cycles

Symptom: ongoing fatigue, exhaustion, or feelings of emptiness

CBD Oil has soothing properties. Are you having trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety? CBD Oil may prove helpful by helping you calm down, easing your racing thoughts, and helping your body to relax. This can help you go to sleep as well as sleeping linger and deeper. Research has demonstrated that CBD can extend our deep sleep phase. This is a crucial type of sleep during which the body recovers and heals itself. This helps restore vital tissues and regulates blood pressure.

In addition to helping you sleep better and deeper, CBD can also help you wake up with a clear head. That’s obviously good news for anyone who has to go to work or school in the morning!

CBD Oil can relieve pain

Symptom: continuous headaches or muscle pain

Persistent or chronic pain can have a very negative effect on everyday life: it’s a burden that lasts all through the day and night. Scientists claim that CBD could be a particularly effective analgesic for such chronic pain. Recent studies show that certain compounds in CBD Oil may prove especially helpful for chronic pain symptoms. People often revert to regular painkillers in case of burnout syndrome, which may be less effective than CBD Oil as well as producing unwanted side-effects. Science now increasingly looks to CBD Oil to help counter chronic pain in a range of conditions, including burnout syndrome.

CBD is a molecule that interacts with the ECS. It binds to receptors of this system, allowing it to moderate pain signals that enter specific nerve cells. This means that CBD effectively makes your nerves less sensitive to pain.

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CBD Oil can boost your digestion

Symptom: stomach and bowel problems

Perhaps this is somewhat less obvious, but stress and intestinal or gastric problems are related. In our evolutionary past, stress had its uses, preparing the body to fight or flee in stressful situations. Today, however, we don’t really need these responses any longer. Yet even though real physical danger is rare these days, our body still responds to stress in its traditional way.

If such stress responses persist, as they do in case of burnout, they can cause stomach and bowel problems. Being nervous can upset the stomach, but continuous stress can cause serious variants such as irritable bowel syndrome. Studies have shown that conditions of the gastrointestinal tract can be treated by influencing the body’s ECS. And that is exactly what CBD odoes! CBD Oil can help ease the bowels and stomach, allowing them to function as they should, even when affected by burnout syndrome.

Emotional symptoms

CBD Oil can help you stay calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your mood

Symptoms: reduced self-confidence and motivation. Feelings of loneliness and lack of perspective. Sadness, depression, anxiety and cynical thought patterns.

CBD has natural calming properties that can positively affect multiple systems in the body. Research also shows that CBD can prove helpful for depression. Long-term work-related stress can lead to depressed moods and anxiety disorders. CBD Oil can help reduce anxiety and calm the mind when causes like burnout make us worry.

By the same token, CBD can promote production of certain hormones. One example is serotonin, for instance, also known as ‘the bliss hormone’. CBD Oil can help increase availability of serotonin, which can help improve your mood to be more resilient when stressful situations at work (or elsewhere) pose burnout risks.

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CBD Oil and more for your wellbeing, without burnout syndrome!

If you are experiencing symptoms of long-term stress or burnout, it is important not to wait too long before you act. The main goal here should be reducing the sources of stress at work. Of course, discussing the problem with your doctor is a good idea, too, and it gives you the opportunity to counsel them on your plans to use CBD Oil for burnout syndrome.

Our natural supplements such as Full Spectrum CBD Oil or CBD nutrition can help you reduce stress and keep depressed or anxious thoughts at bay. This can help prevent burnout as well as helping you recover during or after a burnout episode!

By the way, our CBD Products cannot make people ‘high’. That means you’ll stay sharp and alert, even at work. Feel free to switch between CBD Oil and a delicious box of CBD Chocolate Thins hidden in your desk drawer to keep your risks of burnout syndrome down to a minimum!



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