Finding the Right Direction with CBD: Steps to Overcome Long-Covid Fatigue

If you’re suffering from fatigue due to Long Covid, you might consider using CBD, as it could potentially help you overcome it. The fatigue associated with Long Covid is dreadful. Some people affected by it can hardly do anything. CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help balance the immune system. In this blog, we’ll explore how these properties might assist in dealing with Long Covid.


Causes of Fatigue Due to Long Covid

Long Covid (the prolonged symptoms that can linger after a coronavirus infection) is common in the Netherlands. It’s estimated that there are 1.3 million people with this condition. Fatigue is the most common complaint. This isn’t ordinary fatigue that disappears after a good night’s sleep. It’s an overwhelming sense of exhaustion.

You have no energy, sometimes your muscles tremble from fatigue, but you can also be short of breath and have an increased heart rate. These symptoms can arise from just walking around the living room or doing the dishes. This fatigue is abnormal and long-lasting. Some people recover after a few months, but there are also patients who continue to experience symptoms for several years.

Research indicates that Long Covid is a very complex condition, with a wide range of symptoms. The intense fatigue seems to have various causes. For instance, a disrupted immune system can be a cause, but so can inflammation and damaged blood vessels. The properties of CBD can support the body in dealing with Long Covid, facilitating recovery.

CBD is a natural substance that can influence various processes in the body. It does this through the ECS (endocannabinoid system). Through this system, CBD can help restore balance.


Disrupted Immune System

The coronavirus seems to have disrupted the immune system of people with Long Covid, compared to those who have recovered well from the virus. This disruption causes a range of symptoms in the body. One of the causes of chronic fatigue is the body’s continued response to remnants of the virus left behind.

The genetic material of the virus can remain in certain tissues after an infection, such as in the intestines and lymph nodes. Research is still ongoing to determine if this accumulation of viral material can cause inflammation in surrounding tissues.

Another reason the immune system may not function properly is that the virus triggers a harmful autoimmune reaction. Research suggests that people with Long Covid have very high levels of auto-antibodies, which attack their own tissues. This continues for months after the initial infection and can certainly be a cause of fatigue.

The third cause for the disrupted immune system could be chronic inflammation, which arises because the coronavirus reactivates an older, already present virus. This seems to happen, for example, with the Epstein-Barr virus (which causes mononucleosis). There appears to be a link between this disease and the likelihood of developing Long Covid.

CBD can be a powerful tool in the case of a dysregulated immune system. It has anti-inflammatory effects, which have not been specifically studied in Long Covid but have been in arthritis, meningitis, and colitis. It can reduce the production of inflammatory proteins, thereby decreasing inflammation. CBD also has a regulatory effect on the immune system (it works as an immuno-modulator), which can also help with autoimmune diseases.


Lack of Oxygen

Another factor in chronic fatigue due to Long Covid is how well oxygen is absorbed. Many patients cannot tolerate any form of physical exertion. If they do engage in intense activity, they experience a relapse in symptoms.

Preliminary research suggests that there is a dysfunction in the circulatory system. This results in insufficient oxygen reaching the muscles and other tissues, causing immense fatigue.

The strength of CBD lies in its ability to balance heart rate (it can calm palpitations and regulate blood pressure). It is vasodilatory, meaning it can increase oxygen supply to muscles and organs. This can help combat fatigue.



Starting with CBD for Long Covid Fatigue

Are you suffering from fatigue after having coronavirus? As you’ve read above, this can have various causes. If you want to try CBD to address your symptoms, you have options at SupMedi. Choose from CBD Oil, CBD Tablets, or delicious CBD food and drinks.

How should you use this natural remedy? Start with a low dose to see how your body reacts to CBD. With Long Covid, the body often reacts in unexpected ways, even to natural and normally harmless substances. It’s wise to keep this in mind. If you find the dose insufficient, you can increase your CBD intake after a few days.

Those who suffer greatly from fatigue may benefit from a dose of CBD in the morning, so you can enjoy its effects throughout the day. However, many people with Long Covid also sleep poorly. CBD has a calming and relaxing effect, which can positively impact sleep. If your body can handle it, you can take a dose both in the morning and in the evening.

Try to accept that it may take a while before you notice the effects of CBD. It’s not a miracle pill that will have an immediate effect. Especially if you’ve had symptoms for a long time, it may take days or weeks before you notice anything. Naturally, it takes time for your body to recover. Also, try to focus on getting enough rest (pacing). That’s very important for recovering from Long Covid.

With patience, wise use of your energy, sufficient rest, and CBD oil, you hopefully can tackle your Long Covid fatigue.

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