A Healthy Body Against Covid Infections? How Can I Become Healthier with CBD?

Are you afraid of Covid (or other virus) infections? Then, of course, you want to do everything to ensure you stay healthy, and CBD can help with that. Many factors influence your immune system, such as stress, enough sleep, and healthy nutrition. CBD Oil also affects your resistance. In this blog, we explain how you can become healthier with CBD.


Resilient Against Covid

Viruses, fungi, and bacteria are all around us. You’d rather not think about it too often, but it’s a fact. Your body is continuously attacked by these tiny pathogens, and they enter through the mouth and respiratory tract. You can get infected when a sick person coughs or sneezes, and in some cases, even when someone touches you.

One of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant is CBD (cannabidiol). This non-psychoactive substance has various properties that can help you stay healthy during infections with a virus, such as Covid-19. It works as an anti-inflammatory, can help regulate the immune system, has positive effects on the respiratory system, and can help against stress.

CBD can influence body and mind through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system plays a significant role in maintaining good health. Normally, it works through the body’s own cannabinoids, but when you take CBD, it also recognizes this plant-derived cannabinoid. Through the ECS, this natural substance can influence various processes in the body.

Below you can read more about the ways CBD can help protect against Covid infections and other infections.


The Anti-Inflammatory Properties of CBD

When you get infected with a virus or bacteria, this infection will spread through the body. Sometimes you notice that your respiratory system is affected, but your digestion and other systems can also be impacted. If the infection is not sufficiently combated by your body, it can lead to inflammation. For example, you can develop pneumonia or bronchitis. These inflammations put a significant strain on your health.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce and possibly even prevent inflammation. A significant advantage is that it can do this without harmful side effects. So, you can take it safely without worrying about the impact on your intestines, liver, or kidneys.

The anti-inflammatory action was researched in 2011 at the University of Naples. Mice with gastrointestinal inflammations received different doses of CBD. The effectiveness of the substance was also examined on human biopsies with ulcerative colitis. In both cases, CBD proved to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and was seen as an effective treatment method for inflammatory bowel diseases.

In 2016, the action of CBD was tested in joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis. Rats with this condition were given a CBD gel on their joints for four days. The scientists observed that the swelling in the joints decreased and that they had less pain.

After a corona infection, the use of CBD can also be very useful. Many people have long-term symptoms (Long Covid) after an infection, where chronic inflammations are suspected to be responsible. These inflammations cause damage in different parts of the body, leading to fatigue, palpitations, and other complaints. CBD may help address these issues.


CBD and the Respiratory System

When a virus is spread through the air, it ends up in your lungs, where it can attach to cells. Your immune system then activates to fight these pathogens. If the virus is still unknown (as was the case with a corona infection), your body must produce its own defense reaction to clear the virus. This takes time, and meanwhile, the virus continues to spread.

When you have pneumonia, the small branches of the lungs and the alveoli are inflamed. You can have a mild or severe pneumonia. Often you feel very short of breath, have coughing fits, fever, and are very tired.

Additionally, the immune system can overreact. It works too hard and causes severe inflammations that can be harmful to your own body. Especially the lungs are vulnerable because the virus first entered there. They can even be permanently damaged by such reactions.

What can CBD do for lung problems? It can reduce the immune response of the lungs and thus counteract pneumonia. Moreover, CBD works as a bronchodilator, as research shows, making it easier to breathe and reducing mucus production.


The Impact of CBD on Mental and Physical Health

Many people are aware that mental health significantly affects the body and overall immunity. Prolonged stress can undermine your health, not only causing poor sleep (which hampers recovery) but also negatively impacting your hormones, blood pressure, and immune system.

Thus, stress can make you more susceptible to viruses like Covid-19. Fortunately, there’s CBD. It has a calming and relaxing effect, influencing your emotions and helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin. CBD can make you more resilient against stress, contributing significantly to good health.


A Healthy Body with the Help of CBD

As mentioned, many factors influence your health. You can do a lot yourself, like ensuring good sleep, eating healthily, and getting enough exercise. Supplements, such as CBD, can also be beneficial. You can use this product not only when sick but also preventively to avoid falling ill.

If you want to use CBD to stay healthy and resilient against infections like Covid, check out our shop. You have a choice of different types of CBD, such as CBD Oil, CBD Tablets (convenient for home, work, and on the go), or CBD food and drinks.

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