CBD Oil For Sleep: What Are The Benefits?

Making sure we get enough sleep is one of the cornerstones of fit and healthy living. Women going through menopause face additional challenges of nightly sweating, hot flashes and anxiety that threaten their sleep quality. CBD Oil can help you change poor sleeping habits into a good night’s rest for more energy, better moods, and strong health in your thirties and beyond.

How do you tackle tiredness?

Life never seems to slow down; even our nights and evenings are problematically busy for most of us. We tend to enjoy too little quality of sleeping, or at least, too few hours of sleep to wake up fit and rested. During the day, we feel less energetic while our immune system suffers and our resistance to stress is weakened. For women over thirty, the situation gets particularly complicated by the added pressures of balancing family life, career, and self-care while the onset of menopause worsens existing poor sleeping habits even further.

Then there’s the lingering but very real influence of the coronavirus pandemic that still affects our sleep and energy levels. Many of us still experience post-Covid fatigue long after we contract the virus. Indeed, Long Covid syndrome only adds to the everyday stress and demanding lifestyle that makes us feel so tired.

Fortunately, people increasingly discover how CBD Oil can be a natural remedy against sleeping problems. This blog explains how you can make insomnia and fatigue things of the past; for yourself and for your entire family.

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How does CBD Oil help you sleep better?

CBD Oil is a safe, plant-based supplement that can help you sleep better in several ways. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a powerful compound naturally derived from hemp plants. CBD Oil is non-addictive, with very few side-effects and no ‘high’ or intoxicating effects. That makes it a fine alternative for any sleeping pills or tranquillizers a doctor could prescribe – especially if you want to avoid waking up dazed and drowsy the next morning.

CBD interacts with our body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for guarding our internal equilibrium. That makes it a critical system interconnected with a range of vital processes including digestion, the endocrine (hormonal) system, immune system, and the sleep centres of the brain. This diversity enables CBD to help you sleep better in multiple ways.

Better sleeping through stress and anxiety relief

One of the main reasons why so many people use CBD on a daily basis is its potential for stress and anxiety relief. Through the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help you relax and improve how you cope with stressful situations. That increases your chances of falling asleep at night and sleeping on without waking up before morning arrives. You help improve the quality of your natural sleep cycle, without waking up feeling sleepy as you would using regular sleep medication.

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Less pain = more sleep

CBD also has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. As many people older than thirty will tell you, (chronic) pain that comes with age can easily keep you awake at night. Using CBD Oil against pain symptoms can be a real game-changer for anyone trying to sleep better; especially in combination with the soothing effects described above.

Control over your natural sleep cycle

CBD Oil can also help you sleep better by directly interfering with disrupted sleep patterns. Multiple studies have demonstrated that cannabidiol can influence the brain areas that regulate sleep. People affected by tension-induced insomnia seem to benefit from using CBD Oil and similar supplements.

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Our sleep cycle is largely controlled by our hormones, which in turn respond to the external circadian rhythm of night and day. When our hormonal balance is disrupted, CBD Oil can help restore the equilibrium. This helps explain why CBD Oil can help women sleep better, especially when menopause symptoms are a factor in sleeping problems.

As you have noticed, CBD can help you sleep better in more than one way. Still, there’s much more that you can do alongside taking CBD supplements to improve your quality of sleep, as the practical tips below demonstrate.

What do you do to sleep better at night?

There are many things besides CBD that you can use to your advantage to sleep better. Did you know, for instance, that you can adjust your life to establish better ‘sleep hygiene’? This involves all sorts of everyday changes, such as making sure you go to sleep and get up at the same hours every day, not using screen displays and bright lights right before bedtime, and cutting back on your alcohol and caffeine intake.

You can also try to support your CBD anti-stress routine with other means of tension relief, including breathing exercises or meditation. You could also try and dig deeper by addressing the causes of your stress with a therapist, although this could potentially increase your anxiety levels in the short term.

Getting the right amount of exercise and healthy diet habits also contribute to sleeping better. In fact, you can adjust your entire lifestyle to allow your body and mind to benefit optimally from any sleep you enjoy. It is no coincidence that CBD can be a source of support for such a diversity of sleep hacks: there’s a reason why this is arguably the most wide-ranging natural supplement to help you sleep better at night.

Are Long Covid or menopause symptoms keeping you awake?

If you just can’t manage to shake those feelings of fatigue long after recovering from the coronavirus, you are not alone. Long-term fatigue is in fact one of the main symptoms associated with Long Covid syndrome. As you can read in our blogs, CBD can help address these frustrating symptoms, too.

Menopause is another common cause of fatigue among women undergoing sweeping physiological changes after thirty. As we have seen, CBD is a great source for improving your quality of sleep when hormonal changes are at play. Even if we can all use a little more rest and energy, women over thirty know full well they need all the natural support they can get to sleep well – and CBD Oil is your ticket to improving your sleep as well as a range of other important aspects of life after 30!   


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