Is CBD Suitable For Children?

In light of the increasing popularity and the positive image of CBD, people are likely to consider giving CBD to their children, too. Of course, children can suffer from problems like stress-related sleep deprivation just as adults do. Anyone trying to get informed about CBD will find information on the internet stating that CBD promotes a good night’s sleep, with a whole range of added benefits besides. Nonetheless, it is important to get your facts straight before you decide to give CBD to your children. So today’s question is: is CBD suitable for children?

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Aching muscles, skin problems, trouble sleeping, or lack of concentration: CBD might help you. Is CBD truly and completely harmless, though? The same holds for vitamins: everybody knows they’re good for your health, but you can have too much of a good thing, too. How is that with CBD?

CBD In Mother’s Milk?

As mentioned above, it is always good to be critical about health, especially when children are involved. Fortunately, research and consumer experience have gradually resulted in a growing body of knowledge about CBD. For one thing, we now know that infants already receive substances similar to cannabinoids such as CBD by drinking mother’s milk. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1098882315300174?via%3Dihub

We call these substances endocannabinoids. These substances are naturally present in the human body, and they strongly resemble the cannabinoids that naturally occur in cannabis plants.

CBD To Counter Epilepsy

A well-known example is the story of Charlotte’s Web. This cannabis variant containing high percentages of CBD and very little THC was developed specifically to help a girl who was heavily impaired by her severe epilepsy. As you can see in this CNN video, Charlotte was treated with CBD. Since she started to use CBD, the number of epileptic seizures she suffered went down from several hundred a day to just one episode a week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxrKyjeClTk

Effects Under Investigation

Charlotte was the first girl to discover that CBD helped her without causing any side effects. Many parents decided to follow the example set by Charlotte’s parents. As a result, a study was conducted to investigate children using CBD against epilepsy. Source:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28392943

In this study, a total of 53 children aged 9 months to 18 years were investigated. The children’s parents completed questionnaires covering the pros and cons they noticed in their children. There was a clear emphasis on the pros: a reduction or absence of epileptic issues. An additional positive effect turned out to be the side effects of CBD treatment, which proved to be anything but negative. In 43% of all cases, parents noticed that their children slept and ate better than before. So CBD can be very suitable for children!

Ultimately, The Choice Is Yours

In spite of all these great results, we must emphasise that our CBD products are not medicinal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that CBD cannot improve your wellbeing, or that of your children; quite the opposite, in fact. However, if you have complaints of a medical nature, we strongly advise you to always consult your doctor. If you do decide to give your child CBD, make sure to start out with small doses, and keep a close eye on your child to spot any potential strange reactions early on.


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