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Various Ways Your Body Can Absorb CBD

Most of the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD) are only fully expressed when the substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. Once the CBD reaches the bloodstream, it is pumped throughout the body, where it binds to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Nevertheless, for skin problems, for example, applying topically to the skin is more effective than absorption into the blood. How you use CBD determines the mechanism of CBD absorption by the body. In this article you can read which way of absorbing CBD best suits your personal preferences.

1. Sublingual CBD Absorption: Under The Tongue

If you take a dose of CBD the sublingual way, use a pipette or your finger to apply a few drops of CBD Oil to the salivary gland. It is nice to let the oil or droplets soak into the salivary gland for about a minute. That way, the mucous membrane of the salivary gland can completely absorb the oil or droplets.

Simply put, the absorption of CBD via the sublingual method is made possible by the mucous membrane on the salivary glands. The CBD is absorbed very quickly because it does not pass through the digestive system or through the liver. Instead, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

2. CBD Absorption In The Mouth: Oral Ingestion

In this method, the CBD is taken by mouth, usually by eating it. Oral CBD Absorption applies to beverages such as CBD Kombucha and CBD Ice Tea, as well as CBD Gummies, CBD Bars and CBD 24/7 Chocolates. The cannabidiol in these products enters the digestive system. The liver converts the CBD so that the CBD can reach all cannabinoid receptors via the bloodstream. CBD capsules are also taken orally, but this works slightly differently. That’s because you take these capsules with water, so that the CBD is released before it reaches digestion.

We would like to note that oral intake never involves large amounts of CBD. These are just trace amounts of cannabidiol that are absorbed into the bloodstream, especially since some CBD is always lost during the digestion process.

3. CBD Absorption Through The Skin

In addition, you can also apply CBD through the skin. This can be done by means of CBD skin care products such as CBD Argan Salve or CBD Argan Cream. Applying CBD skincare products to the skin is a wonderful way of combining the beneficial effects of CBD on your skin condition with the nourishing properties of other ingredients such as argan oil and vitamins.


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4. Ingestion Method

The ingestion method of consuming CBD typically involves taking it orally. Under most circumstances, CBD Edibles, and CBD Gummies get consumed through the method. The CBD in any of these products enters the digestive tract. The liver metabolizes the CBD, thus making the bloodstream to relay it wherever there are cannabinoid receptors.

CBD Tablets also get consumed orally. However, the CBD in these tablets is absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth even before they reach the stomach. CBD Tablets have additional vitamin C added to their formula. This speeds up the CBD absorption in the mouth even further. As an additional benefit, CBD Tablets can be used without water, which makes them easy to take with you wherever you go.

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5. Topical Usage

Unlike the consumption methods of CBD mentioned above, the case is relatively different from the topical application of Cannabidiol. CBD taken through the topical application doesn’t reach the bloodstream. Instead, it attaches itself to the skin cells to offer benefits wherever they are most needed. The skin permeability facilitates the absorption of CBD through the pores, making it an effective solution for those suffering from skin conditions. The absorption rates depend on whether the CBD topicals contain polyunsaturated acids or not. Products that have high amounts of polyunsaturated acids get absorbed fast into the skin pores. The argan oil in CBD Argan Cream and CBD Argan Ointment contains the polyunsaturated fatty acids that are necessary for rapid absorption and effective support for a vital, healthy skin.


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