The Versatile Applications of CBD for Athletes

You increasingly see CBD oil in the gym and along the sidelines of our soccer fields. It seems as if there is a CBD oil application for every sport. But what are all the benefits of this plant-based supplement? We have lined them up for you so that you too can benefit from everything CBD oil has to offer to athletes.


CBD, Sports, and Your Natural Balance

Actually, it’s not surprising that so many (elite) athletes have found a useful application for CBD oil. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a very special natural substance derived from special hemp plants. CBD is recognized and accepted by your own body. As a result, CBD can help your body maintain internal balance, a natural equilibrium also known as homeostasis.

Your own body has a very important network that we call the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This network is branched throughout your body, including your brain, and regulates various vital processes needed to function well. Think about your pain perception, your hormone balance, your sleep rhythm, and your blood pressure: your ECS influences all these processes. And because your ECS is influenced by cannabidiol molecules, it is logical that the use of CBD oil can help improve your performance even during sports.

You can understand that balance is also very important for sports and movement. Both your body and mind perform better when your entire system is in balance, allowing all parts to work together in harmony.


CBD Oil for Pain and Inflammation

Perhaps the most direct application of CBD oil in sports is its use against pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol naturally has the ability to influence our pain perception through the ECS. As a result, many people notice that they have less trouble with aches and injuries during training. This in turn helps to move more freely and with more pleasure, so that’s good news if you want to work on your condition carefree!


CBD Oil Helps Athletes Sleep Better

CBD also influences our brain’s sleep and wake rhythm. Throughout the day, our brains send signals indicating whether it’s time to calm down and go to sleep. If this system is off-balance, your sleep rhythm is also disrupted. This is worse for your sports performance than you might think.

First of all, you are stronger, fitter, and more energetic if you have slept well, and you notice that when you exert yourself. But sleeping well is especially important to let your body and mind recover from the previous day. CBD oil can help you sleep well and deeply, so you recover faster and happily grab your sports bag to get to work again tomorrow.


CBD for Better Muscle Recovery

In addition to recovery during sleep, CBD oil can also help athletes recover their muscles faster after a strenuous workout or a long run or bike ride. Muscle pain is not harmful in principle: during intensive movement your muscles get slightly damaged, but they can repair that damage themselves while new muscle mass is added. That’s how you become stronger by training. However, muscle pain is a very annoying and painful feeling. It can discourage you from training again and that’s a pity for your motivation. That also explains why the use of CBD oil to prevent muscle pain is so popular among elite athletes. If you really want to improve in your favorite sport, you need to keep training. CBD oil can help against muscle pain and promote muscle recovery. This way, CBD oil helps athletes stay motivated and get the most out of each training hour!


More Focus, Better Performance

Another interesting athletic application of CBD oil: it can improve your concentration, giving you more focus. This helps you perform better because you’re just a little sharper on the field. Very handy for an important match, but also for martial arts or a game of padel, where you need to stay fully focused.


Less Fear of Failure and Competition Stress

The last application of CBD oil for your athletic lifestyle that we mention are the calming, relaxing properties of this supplement. CBD oil helps athletes keep their nerves under control. More athletes than you think suffer from fear of failure and competition stress. Don’t let your nerves stand in the way of your sports life and experience for yourself how CBD oil allows athletes to perform better, feel better, and do more often!


Your Athletic Application of CBD Oil

For athletes, CBD oil is a safe, natural supplement without serious side effects. It doesn’t make you drowsy or ‘high,’ it’s not addictive in any way, and even the World Health Organization and doping authority WADA indicate that you can safely use it before, during, and after sports. Go quickly to our webshop and experience it for yourself!

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