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The Beneficial Effects Of Cannabinoid Acids

Not just CBD has a positive influence on our health without the downside that you get high.One of these cannabinoid acids, called THCA, could have a lot of beneficial effects. In fact, all the substances that are naturally made in the cannabis plant can do that. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can eat one of the tops of the cannabis plant without getting high. We will explain this.


The substances we call cannabinoids are produced in the plant as cannabinoid acids. Those acids are substances that are chemically a little bit different. For example, THC (the substance that can make people feel high) is originally THCA. THCA doesn’t make people feel high. The A in the name is for acid and first this needs to be removed to get the substance that does make us high: THC. The acid releases itself as soon as the cannabinoid acids are being heated over 105 degrees Celsius. It can also be done with lower temperatures, but it will take much longer. This proces is called decarboxylation. The same story applies to the other cannabinoids, including CBD.

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Getting High, A Tricky Side Effect

A lot is known about the benefits of cannabinoids, including THC. Even though the regular medicine hasn’t acknowledged it yet, a lot of people are treating all sorts of nasty illnesses by using cannabis oil with THC. However, for a lot of people getting high because of the THC is so unpleasant that they do not want to use it anymore. For a big part CBD can suppress this feeling, but even then this side effect is too much for some people.

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Possible Benefits Of THCA

Even though there are a lot of benefits, we also need to mention that a lot more research is needed. There are strong clues that THCA also has beneficial qualities. Studies have shown that it can have an anti-inflammatory effect, it can prevent nausea, work up an appetite and possibly even slow down the growth of cancer.

Where Do You Get Cannabinoid Acids?

Unfortunately, the source of these substances is still illegal in The Netherlands. Actually it is very easy to get your hands on these substances. The majority of cannabinoid acids, that could have beneficial effects, are in a fresh top of a cannabis plant. The fresher, the better. And it is easy to prepare it. Just make a fruit smoothy and add some cannabis tops.

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