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CBD Oil For Animals

In addition to the many uses of cannabidiol for humans,  CBD Oil can also be beneficial for dogs, cats and other pets. Just like humans, other mammals (and even fish, birds and mollusks) also have an endocannabinoid system. CBD the effectiveness of endocannabinoids that naturally occur in the human and animal body. This also explains why CBD is able to balance this complex system. CBD replenishes the natural endocannabinoid system and makes the body function more efficiently. Good news for all pets and pet owners: CBD for animals may be the natural remedy you and your furry friend are looking for!

Test Results Of CBD For Animals

In America and Canada, extensive clinical research has been conducted into the effect of CBD in animals such as dogs, cats and horses with serious complaints. It is of course not the case that CBD immediately makes the ailment disappear. But CBD for animals has been proven to be effective for pain relief and to support regular medical treatment.

How To Administer CBD For Animals

Some animals have a fearful or even aggressive disposition. For example, CBD can have a calming effect. It removes the sharp edges and allows the animals to relax. If your pet really has a physical complaint, CBD can provide pain relief. There are several ways to administer CBD to your pet. The most common way is to add (pay attention to the dosage) CBD Oil to the daily animal feed.

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CBD Oil Test Results

American and Canadian researchers have conducted a host of different studies into the effects that CBD oil has on animals, such as cats, dogs, and horses suffering from serious physical issues. Obviously, CBD will not just make these medical problems go away like some magical cure. Nonetheless, CBD oil has been proven effective in pain relief, and in support of regular medical treatments. So CBD Oil could be a great remedy for animals!

Administering CBD Oil To Pets

Some pets can have anxious or even aggressive tendencies. For such animals, CBD oil can have a soothing effect. It can take away those rough edges, to make sure that your pet stays calm and relaxed. If your pet has real physical problems, CBD oil can be used as an analgesic, to relieve pain. You can administer CBD oil to your pet in several ways. The most common approach is simply to add CBD oil to your pet’s regular food. Make sure to pay attention to the dosages, however.

Which CBD Supplement Is Suitable For Pets?

SupMedi has developed a whole series of CBD supplements, each with its own ideal application. Of course, supplements such as CBD Gummies and CBD Tablets are very useful for people, for example on the go, but of course, this is different for pets. We recommend using CBD Oil for general use of CBD for animals. CBD Oil can be given to pets without side effects. The oil is often best administered by mixing a few drops with the food. Since there is no THC in it, your pet will not get stoned or anything like that. As with humans, the dosage is different for each animal. In terms of dosage, our general starting point is that animals over 40 kilos can have the 10% CBD Oil. We recommend our 4% CBD Oil for animals that either have mild complaints or animals weighing less than 40 kilos. View our CBD Oil products to make the best choice.

Dosage And Advice

CBD has no known negative interactions with specific medications or other supplements. We would like to emphasize that the combination with medicines can also be risky in animals. Here too, animals and people resemble each other, so certain drugs can become too much in the body of an animal because the breakdown is slowed down.

For a dog or cat, 1 to 2x daily 1 drop of CBD Oil is usually sufficient. It certainly doesn’t hurt to discuss the use of CBD for animals with the vet. As with human health care, too little is known among veterinarians about the effects of CBD. By discussing the possibilities and encouraging veterinarians to obtain information themselves, more of our four-legged friends can be helped by the effect of CBD in the future.



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