How long does CBD Oil work?

A lot of positive effects are attributed to CBD Oil. For example, it would relieve pain, inhibit inflammation and reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help you to sleep better and to calm you down. All of this explains the popularity of CBD Oil. You can start your own quest to find your personal ideal daily dose. But how long does it take before you notice the effects of CBD Oil? And how long do the effects of CBD Oil actually last? We’ve looked into the matter and will answer these questions in this blog!

How long does it take to notice the effects of CBD Oil?

How long it takes before you start noticing the effects of CBD Oil depends on different factors. For example the product you use and the quantity. Besides that, every human body reacts different to CBD (cannabidiol). On average you can say that, if you place some drops of CBD Oil under your tongue, you should feel something within 15 minutes. However, with edibles and CBD Tablets, it can take up to 2 hours before you notice the effects.

How long does CBD Oil work?

The answer to the question how long CBD Oil works is almost the same as the answer to the previous question. There are multiple factors in play, like the quantity and how often you use CBD Oil. But also your unique body and lifestyle, the moment you take the CBD and the way you use it. Read along and learn more about these factors!

The quantity of CBD Oil

It’s barely a surprise that the more CBD Oil you take, the longer it will stay in your system. Your body just needs more time to metabolize and process the CBD. This also means the effects will last longer and you can enjoy them longer!

A study from 2015 showed that a dose of 1,35 mg CBD is traceable in the blood for around 6 hours. Higher doses stay present in the blood stream for longer. However, we don’t advice you to start with a high daily dose. We recommend to start with the lowest possible dose of CBD Oil. Until you know what the CBD can do for you, and how your body reacts, you can gradually increase your daily dose.

Generally, a daily dose of 20 to 40 mg CBD is a sensible dose to start with. Pay attention to the percentage of CBD in the oil or other supplements you’re using. For example, if you’re using our 10% Full Spectrum Oil, you’ll only need half of the recommended daily dose of the 5% Full Spectrum Oil. Use this dose for 3 days and let your body adjust to the CBD. After this period you can increase your dose a little bit, until you notice that your complaints are reduced or completely relieved.

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How often you use CBD Oil

How long the CBD Oil stays in the body also relies on how often you use it. It’s important that you use the CBD Oil a couple of days in a row (at the same time), so you’ll build up a steady level of CBD in your blood. The effects will last longer this way.

This is because CBD is highly lipid-soluble. The CBD can ‘build up’ in your fat tissue, so you create a reserve. Eventually the CBD is released by the fat cells, so your body can start using it again. This means that the CBD can stay present in your body for a longer period.

Your unique body and lifestyle

Every human body is unique, so CBD can affect people in different ways. Your BMI, the moisture content and metabolism rate are only a few examples of all the factors that can influence the amount of time the CBD can stay present in your system.

So, CBD is highly lipid-soluble and is being stored in the fat cells. When you are very slim and have low body fat, this could mean you can enjoy the effects of CBD for a shorter amount of time. Someone with a higher fat percentage will probably enjoy them longer. People with more muscle tissue than fat tissue are more likely to have a higher metabolism rate, so compounds like CBD get metabolized by the body faster and the effects won’t stay that long.

Another important factor is your lifestyle. When you are very active, the CBD probably gets broken down quicker, because your metabolism works faster than in someone who lives a less active life. So, in general you can say: the faster your metabolism, the less time the CBD will stay present in your body.

CBD Oil before or after meals?

Is it wise to use CBD Oil before or after meals? And how does that influence the amount of time the CBD Oil stays present in your blood? How much you eat, but also the food itself, influences the way your body metabolizes the CBD Oil. If you take CBD on an empty stomach and don’t eat immediately after that, the CBD will probably leave your body more quickly. After a high fat meal the opposite will occur. However, it’s important to eat healthy fats, like avocado, cheese and nuts!

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Method of ingestion

The way you use CBD Oil also has an impact on the amount of time the effects will last. For exampleresearch has shown that if you smoke the CBD, the effects will occur very rapidly, but the CBD will also leave your body very quickly. If you ingest CBD Oil, or eat a CBD Snack, it will take longer before you notice anything, because you digestive system needs to process it first. In between is the sublingual use of CBD, where the oral mucosa absorbs the CBD quickly and effectively. Another story are the CBD Skincare products, because the CBD won’t get absorbed into the blood stream. If you rub some CBD Oil on a painful area, the skin will absorb the CBD, so it can do its job locally.

Still, when you use CBD Oil every day, you’ll build up a steady level of CBD in your blood. The CBD gets stored in the fat cells, and gets released slowly, so you can enjoy the effects during a longer period.

CBD Oil and medicines

It’s very important to keep in mind that CBD Oil and regular medicines don’t always get along so well. In fact, the CBD can ensure that other medication won’t get metabolized entirely or correctly. In rare cases this could be dangerous. Are you using medication and also want to start using CBD Oil? Always consult your doctor first!

Can you get used to CBD Oil?

There are some differing views on this topic. There are experts who think it’s not very likely that your body builds up a tolerance for CBD. They even say that it’s possible that your body needs less CBD after some time. We call this reverse tolerance.

However, there are also people who disagree on this. While there hasn’t been found evidence that you can build up a tolerance for CBD, the opposite hasn’t been proven either. So there are scientist that do think you can build up a tolerance.

Opinions on this matter are divided and studies into the functioning and many applications of CBD are still in progress. We will follow these developments closely and will keep you in the loop, so you can make your own choices. CBD Oil barely has side effects, so it’s safe to start your own quest to find your ideal daily dose, method and time of ingestion!

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