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CBD Oil and cannabis oil: the differences

CBD Oil and weed oil are two different kind of oils, that both come from the hemp plant. When you are looking for CBD Oil it might happen that you don’t really know which one you need. Because what are the differences exactly? CBD Oil is not psycho active, and contains the cannabinoid cannabidiol. Weed oil does have psycho active effects, because of the THC in it. In this blog you can read about the differences between CBD Oil and weed oil, so you can make the right choice!

CBD Oil and cannabis oil, what are the differences?

When you dive into the world of CBD Oil, sooner than later you will also encounter the terms weed oil, hemp oil and THC oil. There are even more types, like CBG Oil and hempseed oil. All these different terms don’t really help when you want to make a deliberate choice. What these oils have in common, is that they all come from the hemp plant. But still there are many differences and it’s important that you only buy the oil that suits you.

The extracts of the (industrial) hemp plant have special properties. This is because of the active substances like cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. But not every type of oil contains the same substances. Let us tell you more about the composition of weed oil and CBD Oil.

CBD Oil: Full Spectrum or Isolate

Do you want to buy CBD Oil? This natural product doesn’t have psycho active effects. It only contains minute quantities of THC (less than 0,2%), which isn’t nearly enough to be noticed. The oil comes from industrial hemp, a cannabis strain that barely produces any THC. That is one of the main differences between CBD Oil and weed oil.

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People use CBD Oil because it can help very well with for example sleep problems, (chronic) pain and menstrual complaints. It can also have a positive effect on your mood. The most well-known active substance in CBD Oil is, obviously, CBD (cannabidiol). You can purchase two different kinds of CBD Oil though: Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate. When you opt for Full Spectrum, the oil won’t just contain CBD, but also other cannabinoids that are produced by the hemp plant. For example:

  • CBD (Cannabinol)
  • CBC (Cannabichromene)
  • CBG (Cannabigerol)

De differences between Full Spectrum and Isolate

None one of these cannabinoids have hallucinatory effects. Furthermore, Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains terpenes and flavonoids. Plants produce these substances for the aroma, colour and taste of the leaves and flowers. They have specific health effects too. Together these substances can influence your body and mind, but they can also influence each other. We call this the entourage effect. This means that certain substances can be more powerful or work differently when taken together.

Another option is CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is available as oil, tablets or powder and besides CBD they don’t contain other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. This form of CBD is very pure and you know exactly what you are taking when using it. Of course this also means you don’t get to experience the positive effects of other active substances and the entourage effect. Examples of CBD Isolate are the CBD Tablets made by SupMedi and CBD Edibles like CBD Candy Tablets.

The advantages of CBG Oil

In this summary we also want to draw some attention to CBG Oil. CBG is one of the cannabinoids you can find in CBD Oil. But you can also specifically choose CBG Oil. The concentration of CBG in the hemp plant is way lower than the concentration CBD, but still this cannabinoid can cause its own very special health benefits.

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Research has shown that CBG can have inflammatory effects and has antibacterial properties. The effects of the cannabinoid in this area don’t just appear to be stronger than CBD, but also than regular antibiotics. Besides this you can use CBG Oil when suffering from loss of appetite. CBG Oil is also a Full Spectrum oil: it contains all other cannabinoids from the hemp plant, plus the terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD supplements vs cannabis oil with THC

Did you stumble upon the cannabis weed oil while looking for a suitable CBD Product without understanding the differences? Many people get confused and that’s no wonder. All these different types of oils and extracts come from the hemp plant. However, weed oil (also called hemp oil or THC oil) comes from the cannabis plant, which also produces THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The THC levels in weed oil are so high that it can definitely cause a high. Cannabis oil is therefore being used for recreational purposes, but nowadays for medicinal purposes too.

Weed oil also contains many different cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. To make the oil, a concentrate of the buds of the cannabis plant is used. They do this with the help of alcohol. The resin in the buds dissolves, the alcohol evaporates and what’s left is some sort of syrup that is rich in THC. Hempseed oil gets added to the weed oil, so it gets more fluid. The THC level in the oil will differ per brand and kind. This is partly determined by the production method, but also by the strain that’s being used.

Hempseed oil

You also might have come across the term hempseed oil. Just to be clear, we want to explain the properties of this oil. Hempseed oil is made by pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds don’t contain any cannabinoids or other active substances. That doesn’t mean the oil isn’t good for your health though!

In fact, hempseed oil is rich in healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are important for your health and can help to maintain healthy heart and blood vessels. Furthermore, hempseed oil contains 20 different amino acids. The oil has a rich, nutty flavour and you can use it to sprinkle on your salad or in a smoothie. It’s better not to use it for frying, because when you heat it, many of the healthy substances will be lost.

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We hope all this information gave you a clear overview of the differences between CBD Oil and weed oil. It’s mostly the presence of THC that makes the big difference. Do you want to start using CBD Oil, make sure you choose a reliable brand. The quality of SupMedi’s CBD Oil is strictly monitored. Choose the percentage that fits you and start enjoying all the benefits of CBD Oil!


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