Your CBD Dose: Can You Use Too Much CBD?

If you are considering using CBD, chances are you’re not sure  how much you should take, and it isn’t clear if you take too much. CBD products don’t come with clear-cut dosage advice on the package. Instead, every individual has to find their own ideal CBD dose. Research is still underway, but the signs are good: no severe overdosing potential has been found so far. Yet even though CBD is a natural supplement, you can always have ‘too much of a good thing’, right? Below, you read all about what happens – or what won’t happen – if you use too much CBD.

How To Determine Your CBD Dose

As mentioned before, CBD doesn’t come with instructions. Nowhere is explained how much you should take, because generally, it’s said that this is different for every person. You should determine yourself what your daily dose of CBD (oil, tablets or edibles) should be.

CBD is a cannabinoid, a compound that works together with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). It can help you feel better emotionally and physically. This way it can reduce stress and anxiety, help you get a better night’s rest and alleviate PMS symptoms. Because every human reacts differently to the incentives of a remedy (whether that is medication or a food supplement), it’s not possible to give advice on how much you should take. This depends on several circumstances, like:

  • Body weight
  • The nature and intensity of the symptoms
  • Your metabolism
  • Your sensitivity to the product
  • The percentage CBD in the product

Therefore, our best advice is for you to try out which dosage is right for you. We can only give some general guide lines. It’s best to start with a low dose. For example, if you use CBD oil, take two drops twice a day. If, after a week, there’s no improvement in your symptoms, up the dosage to twice a day three drops, or three times a day two drops. You can also use this system when you take CBD tablets or edibles.

your ideal CBD dose
Find Your Ideal CBD Dose

What If You Don’t Feel An Effect?

It might happen that, at any given moment, you notice you upped the dosage multiple times and you still don’t feel the desired effect. One possibility is to try an oil or tablet with a higher percentage CBD. This way, instead of 4% CBD oil, you could try 10% CBD oil. But the more you take, the more you might start wondering if you don’t use too much of it and what the consequences could be.

Research Into The Possibility Of CBD Overdosing

Over the last years, CBD has grown much more popular. This explains the growing amount research into its use and the effects. Until recently, nobody actually knew whether an overdose of CBD was even possible. Now, new studies point out what side effects there could be and how much CBD you can safely use.

Overdosing doesn’t seem likely. Even with high dosages of 1500 mg (!), no harmful side effects were reported, not even if you were to use it chronically in these amounts. CBD can have some mild side effects for certain people. The higher the CBD dose, the more likely these side-effects become. Very high doses can cause side effects like nausea, diarrhea, blurred vision and drowsiness.

Finding your perfect cbd dose

CBD will only be toxic for your body if you were to use extremely high dosages of 20,000 mg. You would have to take this amount in a short period of time, according to a study, published in the journal Current Drug Safety in 2011. 20.000 mg Is a huge amount, however, and you could never take so much with normal or even therapeutic use. A whole bottle of CBD oil contains 5000 mg of CBD. So, in order to get to 20.000 mg, you’d have to consume four whole bottles in a row.

Be Careful About How Much CBD You Take

Although research appears to indicate that overdosing isn’t likely to happen, you should always be careful:

  • Some research has been done, but there still isn’t that much data. Scientists still don’t know for sure what the effects of high dosages of CBD are.
  • Every human being is unique, with their own characteristics and reactions to different products. You should always be aware of what your body is trying to tell you and how it feels when you take CBD. A low dose for one person may be a high dose for the next.
  • Be especially careful if you use medication. CBD can have an influence on the effects of certain medication. Always consult your doctor if you have any doubts.

Finally, even if a product is perfectly safe, taking too much is never a good idea. Ask yourself: why you would take it in large amounts? It might be tempting to think that a remedy might work better if you just increased the dose. But this isn’t necessarily true. Even in small doses, CBD could have a big effect on you. We advise you to just try it. Start with small dosages. You can always up the dose if necessary.

CBD gummies easy dosing
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