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Vegan CBD Supplements For Everyone

Living vegan means not eating or using animal products out of personal conviction. However, can you still use supplements such as CBD Oil in a vegan diet and lifestyle? Capsules often contain gelatin, for example, and some vitamins and minerals are also animal-based. Of course, living a vegan does not mean you want to skip on all useful supplements just in case. If you are vegan or vegetarian, or if you are considering switching to an animal-free lifestyle, you still want to use supplements with a clear conscience. Fortunately, our webshop has plenty of options for adding fully vegan CBD supplements to your shopping cart.

What Does Vegan Living Mean?

If you decide to live according to a vegan lifestyle, that means avoiding all cruel treatment of animals. Particularly, it involves not eating any animals, or using ingredients produced by animals, such as dairy products, eggs, fur and leather. That may sound simple enough, but you may be surprised to find how much of the stuff we use every day involves the use of animals or animal products.

Why Do People Decide To Go Vegan?

As environmental crises are spiraling out of control around us, we see more and more people trying to reduce their footprint on the health of our planet. Using solar and wind power for alternative energy is one example, but trying to eat less meat is another way to do so. Increasingly, we are switching to a vegetarian or partly vegetarian diet. Vegetarianism can be regarded as a milder variant of veganism. Vegetarians avoid eating meat, but vegans take their lifestyle a few steps further by saying no to anything involving exploitation of animals whatsoever. They do so for different reasons, but these motivations may well overlap.

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Ethical Veganism

Ethical veganism is inspired by moral objections to the way we humans treat other animals. Keeping livestock penned up in industrial farming, slaughtering them for food or other resources, and generally impairing their rights to live freely and naturally: these are all ethical reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle.

Environmental Veganism

People often cite concerns over the state of the environment as their main reason for going vegan. Raising livestock for food comes with a far greater impact on nature than growing plant-based alternatives. Therefore, environmental vegans try to limit harm to the world’s ecosystems by not requiring farmers to raise cattle and other animals.

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Vegan and fully fit.

Health-Based Veganism

Thirdly, nearly all vegans believe that sticking to a vegan diet and lifestyle is better for their health. The meat and dairy industries have been plagued by scandals in recent decades, from hormone-injected meat to dioxin and other toxins found in milk or eggs. Living on an all-plant diet avoids such health hazards, and ensures getting enough essential nutrients such as fibre, minerals, and vitamins. People opposed to veganism claim that we need animal protein to survive, but these days, dietary supplements can compensate for any essential nutrients we may miss when eating only vegan food. In fact, evidence suggests that vegan diets offer more valuable nutrients than many other diets.

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100% vegan by SupMedi

Vegan CBD Supplements?

All in all, today’s options in any supermarket are enough to allow a vegan lifestyle for anyone. Staying in shape and getting all the essential ingredients you need for healthy living requires a bit of thought and planning for vegans, but then again, the same can be said for anyone eating meat instead. New vegetarian and vegan products hit the shelves all the time, and that is exactly why most SupMedi CBD supplements are fully vegan, ready to use with any vegetarian, vegan, or other diet you may prefer.

Take Care While Choosing Supplements

Living a vegan life means staying alert on ingredient listings of every new product you buy. It’s part of making deliberate choices when it comes to food and supplements. You want to avoid purchasing products that contain animal-related products. Be careful when picking supplements, because these can contain unexpected animal ingredients.

Tablets, capsules, and oils can all contain substances of animal origin, including the following:

  • Gelatine;
  • Lactose or whey;
  • Omega 3 fatty acids;
  • Beeswax;
  • Shellack (glazing agent);
  • Certain E-numbers.

Even when choosing CBD products, paying close attention pays off. However, SupMedi supplements are a safe choice when picking vegan CBD products that you can feel good about.

Feeling Good With Vegan CBD

CBD is a fine match for a conscious lifestyle. Anyone aiming to support their health in natural ways may benefit from using CBD. This plant-based compound derived from hemp plants has anti-inflammatory, soothing, and analgesic properties. It can be used for a multitude of symptoms and applications.

CBD can be a great support in reducing stress and anxiety. If you prefer to tackle your symptoms using natural means, you may want to give CBD (cannabidiol) a try. It can help cope with the feelings of unrest and agitation associated with stress. Do you tend to dwell on certain issues and worry easily? Taking CBD may slow down your racing thoughts and help your body unwind. It could also improve your sleeping.

People suffering from pain can also benefit from using CBD. It is known to have natural analgesic qualities that can help combat various types of pain. Examples include headaches, menstrual pain, or aching joints. Are you looking for a natural alternative to paracetamol or ibuprofen? Give CBD a try: it just might be the natural support you need.

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Natural, tasty, and vegan to boot!

Using Vegan CBD Supplements: Plenty Of Choice!

Are you looking for vegan CBD supplements to try? Well, here at SupMedi, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find a choice of our CBD supplements, all of them vegan:

  • CBD Oil: Made of pure olive oil and hemp extract. That’s it. CBD Oil is easy to use and dose; just place a few drops under your tongue to allow rapid uptake into the bloodstream. Suited for anyone interested in supporting their health, naturally;
  • CBD Gummies: A sweet little treat that’s actually hood for you. It’s also good for animals, since it contains no animal based ingredients. Every single gummy contains 4mg of CBD. Enjoy a moment of fruity indulgence as you savour the benefits of CBD;
  • CBD Kombucha and Ice Tea: Anyone looking for healthy refreshment will find quick relief in a bottle of CBD Kombucha or CBD Ice Tea. Kombucha drinks come in two flavours, containing 35mg of CBD each. CBD Ice Tea contains 8.5mg of CBD;
  • CBD Chocolate: Pure joy, that’s CBD 24/7 Chocolate. Full of 70% dark Virunga chocolate, it is totally worry-free, because the ingredients are all-natural, sustainably harvested, and perfectly suited for vegans;
  • CBD Bar: Three great flavours for three roads to happiness. Every CBD Bar is loaded with healthy ingredients based on nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. This is a tasty snack that will have you back on your feet in no-time!

As you can see, whether you’re already vegan or just considering a turn towards vegan living, you can still use CBD without any concern. We offer a wide range of fully vegan CBD products to match any taste and lifestyle. Take your pick today, and start to enjoy all the potential benefits that CBD can bring.


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