The Science Behind Using Coffee with CBD: What Happens in Your Body?

The trend of combining CBD with coffee is growing in popularity. Many people cherish their daily cup of coffee for the significant energy boost and improved focus it provides. However, coffee can also bring some side effects, especially for those who are sensitive to it. Using CBD with caffeine creates a potent mix, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD while countering the downsides of caffeine!


Why Do CBD and Coffee Work So Well Together?

CBD and caffeine might seem like two substances with opposite effects. CBD is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, which produces a variety of such cannabinoids, including THC. Unlike THC, which has mind-altering effects, CBD does not produce a high.

CBD possesses unique properties that can support our mental and physical health, such as anti-inflammatory, calming, and pain-relieving effects. It works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which maintains natural balance by adjusting various processes. The ECS uses cannabinoids, but it can also interact with CBD.

Caffeine, found in various plants like cocoa, tea, and coffee, is also added to many energy drinks and supplements. It’s an alkaloid that affects the central nervous system and acts as a stimulant, having been used for thousands of years for this purpose. But why are CBD and coffee such a good combination? Let’s delve deeper.


The Effects of Caffeine

When you consume caffeine, it triggers several reactions in your body. Caffeine uses the same receptors as the neurotransmitter adenosine, preventing adenosine from sending signals. Adenosine is crucial for your sleep cycle, signaling the body to relax and sleep, making you feel tired. Without adenosine binding to its receptors, you stay awake and alert.

While caffeine can provide energy, it also disrupts the normal sleep cycle, as evidenced by various studies. Additionally, caffeine influences other neurochemicals like adrenaline and dopamine. Dopamine is crucial for our reward system, blood pressure, and heart rate, while adrenaline is a stress hormone. The effects of caffeine amplify the impact of these substances on our bodies.

Aside from the positive effects, caffeine can also bring side effects. If you’re sensitive to it or consume a lot of coffee, you might notice these side effects. Caffeine can increase feelings of restlessness and tension in those susceptible to stress, as it stimulates the body to produce more adrenaline. Moreover, coffee, especially when consumed in the evening, can cause sleep issues.


Using CBD with Coffee: All the Benefits

The power of combining coffee with CBD lies in merging the benefits of both, while reducing the disadvantages of caffeine. This synergy makes for a powerful mix. A cup of CBD coffee is a great start to the day.

CBD Brings Balance

Despite seeming like opposites (CBD is calming, caffeine is stimulating), CBD and caffeine complement each other well. Adenosine, which causes tiredness and helps us relax, increases relaxation and brain rest when its levels are high.

Caffeine inhibits adenosine’s effects, keeping you alert. However, adding CBD to your coffee changes the situation. CBD modulates adenosine, inhibiting its reuptake and maintaining higher blood levels. When taking CBD with caffeine, CBD helps balance adenosine levels.

If coffee’s side effects like feeling jittery or anxious bother you, CBD can counteract these, allowing you to feel calm after a cup. It can also help mitigate caffeine-induced sleep issues.

For those who experience fatigue or lethargy with CBD, especially if sensitive to cannabinoids, combining it with coffee can leverage caffeine’s stimulating effects, reducing the feeling of sluggishness.


Longer-Lasting Effects

Another benefit of CBD coffee is that the combination prolongs the effects of both substances. Since CBD and caffeine require the same digestive enzymes, their presence in the blood is extended, allowing you to enjoy the benefits longer.

Optimal Concentration

While caffeine’s energy boost is beneficial, it also improves concentration. CBD positively affects concentration too. By combining these two, you can maintain your focus and be more productive.

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