How CBD Can Help Nanotechnology Ahead

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, helps nanocapsules cross the blood-brain barrier in the fight against “central nervous system diseases”. This information sounds like a science fiction movie, but it really is the reality of fighting diseases that damage the nervous system. In this blog we explore the possibilities of CBD and nanotechnology for the future.

What Is The Blood-Brain Barrier Exactly?

Everybody knows that when something bad happens to your brain, it directly has a major impact on your well-being. That’s why our brain is located separately from the rest of our body. And the blood-brain barrier comes in place for protection. Important substances for the brain can cross this barrier, such as oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, substances are being removed, like CO2. But a lot of substances can’t cross this barrier from the blood to the brain. In this way the head stays clean and our gray matter stays well protected.

cbd and nanotechnology

CBD And Nanotechnology Can Reach The Blood-Brain Barrier

Nanotechnology is about technological solutions on a very small scale, in which CBD could help. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter. In the medical field they are looking for ways to cure diseases, including disorders caused by the central nervous system. Our brain is like a control room and it’s a part of the central nervous system. If we manage to get at the controls ourselves, a lot of diseases could be eradicated. To do so, they want to use nanocapsules. These capsules can deliver the medicine at exactly the right places in the brain. But in order to do that, the capsules need to cross the blood-brain barrier.

CBD and nanaotechnology
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CBD And Nanotechnology Make The Brain Accessible

Now it appears that CBD, from the ancient cannabisplant, can help the nanotechnology. This substance is also embedded in our CBD oil and CBD tablets. The outside of the nanocapsules, which consist of a fat-like substance, are covered with a little layer of CBD. By adding the CBD to these capsules, six times as much capsules were able to arrive in the brain. In this way, CBD can get the medical science a step closer. Do you suffer from medical complaints? Please read here what CBD can do for you.

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