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Does CBD Help Against Fibromyalgia?

Much has been written on the internet about the alleged beneficial effects of CBD against fibromyalgia. Once you know which complaints this syndrome causes, it suddenly seems quite likely that CBD can  provide relief. Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition that affects people worldwide. But does CBD work against fibromyalgia? We did the research for you.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

The short description of this disease is `pain in the connective tissue and muscles`. Sometimes fibromyalgia is also named soft tissue rheumatism. The pain goes hand in hand with sleep disorders, anxiety, headache, memory impairment and depression. About two in one hundred adults, mainly women, suffer from fibromyalgia.

How Can CBD Against Fibromyalgia Have An Effect?

As we have described before, CBD can help to sleep better and it is a very effective pain killer. This can probably explain why there are so many reviews on the internet of people that use CBD as a homeopathic medication for fibromyalgia. We want those people to have these positive effects, but as always, we base our information on science.

cbd against fibromyalgia

CBD Studied At Leiden University Hospital

Clinical studies conducted at Leiden University Medical Center, show that medical cannabis with a high THC-level does work. Medical cannabis with a high CBD content also took part in the research. The scientists are clear. According to their findings the patients didn’t benefit directly from the CBD variant. Whether CBD could help diminish the symptoms of fibromyalgia by indirect means is an altogether different question, however.

Research On CBD Against Fibromyalgia Needed

As is often the case, thorough research shows that people benefit from cannabis. That in this case it does not seem to be CBD that does the good work, we find less relevant. In our opinion, this result requires more research. If it were demonstrated that using CBD  against fibromyalgia could relieve symptoms by natural means, then that is definitely a gain for a lot of patients.


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