CBD For Horses With Severe Mud Fever

Mud fever is a kind of rash that affects horses. It is a nastier type of eczema as we see in people. It is mainly found in the pastern and heel area or on the legs of the horse and it often develops when the animal has a low resistance. However, CBD appeared to be an unexpected lifesaver for our horse with mud fever.

What Is Mud Fever And How Can You Recognize It?

Mud fever can be recognised by the sores/scabs in the pastern area on the horses leg. This part of the leg is often a bit swollen. It can also spread to the higher parts of the legs. Mud fever is persistent and extremely annoying for the horse. Some horses are bothered daily by this their entire lifes.

Mud fever often occurs when the horse’s stable is too dirty or too damp, but even in the case of ‘chronical mud fever’, cleaning the stable and the legs of the horse doesn’t help. In that case it’s really important to check the horses health: maybe the horse is missing certain substances, which results in a low resistance.

Internal And External Mud Fever

There are two types of this disorder: internal and external mud fever. The external kind could be caused by an insect bite, scabies mite or a fungal infection. The internal type can occur when the horse’s resistance is low, poisonous plants, sickness and/or medication.

Horse Indy

Sport horse Indy suddenly had four swollen legs. Owner Chantal immediately panicked! Because this had happened before and that time Indy needed the heavy medicine Prednison. That was fysically so demanding that Indy couldn’t compete in the sport for over seven months. This every horse owner’s worst nightmare. 

‘Elephant Leg’

The legs were very swollen, but the sores in the pastern area were not too bad. This indicates an ‘elephant leg’, which in turn can lead to inflammations in the lymphatic vessels, caused by intruding bacteria and this can result in sepsis. Moreover, the fluid can’t get away. So with Indy, the mud fever was internally and externally. It almost looked like it worked its way inside.

Swollen leg mud fever horse CBD

Clean And Dry Stable

Chantal is taking care of Indy very well. The stable was clean and dry, the food was still the same and he seemed to be in perfect health. At the moment Indy is on level Z1, and taking him out of his sport routine again, because of the Prednison, would be devastating.

Give CBD A Try: No harm, No foul

Chantal decided to ask SupMedi for help. She heard a lot of good stories about CBD, which appeared to work very well against inflammations without any side effects. Chantal thought it was definitely worth a try. The vet agreed too. We could give CBD to Indy during one week and if the mud fever wouldn’t be gone by the end of that week, he would need Prednison after all.

CBD Dose In Horses

We decided to give 500mg CBD per day to the horse. That’s around 1mg per kilo of body weight. That dose is pretty high, but we figured it would be better to start high and if it would be succesful, we could reduce the dosage until we reached the desired result.

How Can You Give CBD To A Horse?

We mixed the 500mg of CBD with linseed oil to make it a bit more attractive to the horse and Chantal used a syringe to put it in the mouth of the horse every morning. After two days they already saw positive signs. The sores were still visible, but the swelling was already gone!

CBD A Miracle Cure?

We can’t establish CBD Oil as a miracle cure, but it can help with many problems, that’s for sure. SupMedi CBD Argan Ointment contains 150mg CBD and can help for example with the recovery of sores.

CBD oil and hemp oil
Try our CBD Oil!

So, what happened with Indy? Sport horse Indy finished the prescribed course of five days and then he switched to a daily dose of 250mg CBD, which is slowly being reduced to a sustaining dose. We recommend that a horse should be examined by a vet at all times, but CBD can be a solution for mud fever. A full blood panel can give insights into possible high or low blood levels, which could also cause problems in the animal.

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