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When You Don’t React To CBD As Expected

You’ve decided to use CBD products because you hope it will alleviate certain symptoms, like stress or anxiety, or because you’d like to lose weight. Sometimes, however, you don’t react to CBD the way you had expected. Perhaps you notice no change at all in the first few days, while you had hoped for a quick improvement. Why don’t you get any results? And is there something you can do about it? Here, you’ll find out why you’re not feeling the CBD effect (yet).

Why You Are Not (Yet) feeling The CBD Effect

Many users of CBD (cannabidiol) are very satisfied with this remedy. It’s extracted from the cannabis plant, but in contrast to THC, it doesn’t get you high. On the other hand, it often can help improve all kinds of symptoms, ranging from stress, PMS, anxiety, pain, nervousness and losing weight.

But CBD doesn’t always lead to results (right away). Here are the reasons why:

Give The CBD Effect Some Time

Are you using CBD for a couple days only, without any discernible CBD effect? It’s possible that haven’t been using it long enough. It can take one or two weeks before you’ve accumulated enough CBD in your body, and sometimes it can take even longer. If you don’t notice any improvements, it’s still recommended you try it a little longer. After 10 days of no results, you could try to up the dosage in small increments every time you take CBD.

You Are Using Poor Quality CBD

Not every CBD product is the same, and there are major differences in quality between producers. This could be the reason you’re not reacting the way you anticipated. The CBD in your current oil or tablets could, for example, contain too few active compounds, which may be the reason it doesn’t do much for you. Contaminated products will also produce a sub-par CBD effect.

This is why when you buy a CBD product, you should pay attention to the amount of CBD it contains and whether the supplier is reliable. All SupMedi CBD products are produced from the finest raw material, with regularly laboratory testing and quality checks implemented throughout the manufacturing process. This is very important to be able to guarantee high quality products.

CBD can restore your biological balance.

CBD reaction expectations

Not Taking The Right Dosage

Unfortunately, CBD is not like paracetamol, where you take a tablet and your headache vanishes. CBD is different, you don’t really know right away how much you need. When you take CBD, you have to find out for yourself what the right dosage is. It takes time to try to find out how much you need. When you haven’t figured that out, it’s possible you might not yet get the results you wanted.

It’s advisable to slowly increase the amount of CBD you take. Start with a couple of drops (or tablets) a day and increase slowly until you notice your symptoms are diminishing. In the end, you may find you need a lot more CBD than someone else or, on the contrary, less. That really isn’t a problem. But this shows how important it is to take the time to find the dosage that’s right for you.

False Expectations About The CBD Effect

You probably heard some enthusiastic stories about CBD from friends or family. They told you about how well it works for stress or sleeping problems. This could be the reason you wanted to try it for yourself. Some people get immediate results and they get rid of their symptoms very quickly. But these kinds of stories create unrealistic expectations.

Because everyone is different, anyone can react differently to CBD. Your situation is completely different from your neighbour or colleague, so you shouldn’t expect the same results. For example, someone who suffers from stress symptoms, might feel completely relaxed after taking some CBD-oil. On the other hand, someone else might still feel stress, but realizes it’s more manageable. It may not be what you had expected, but it’s a fact that your results can be very different from someone else’s.

As you can see, there are multiple possible reasons why you don’t react to CBD products, (yet) that produce the right results for you. It’s recommended you try to be patient, adjust the dosage if necessary and also your expectations. It’s entirely possible  that in the end, CBD is the right remedy for you.ff

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