CBD Dosage and Tolerance

The proper CBD dosage

The benefits of CBD have been written on many online sites, and you probably have exhaustively read them.
The same case applies to the various forms of CBD products and how to take each of them. However, there is still an unclear topic up to date – the proper CBD dosage.
It is for the same reason that we need to clear the air about how you can dose CBD to enjoy any of its associated merits to the fullest.
Before we dig deeper into details, we have to mention that there is no standard dosage of CBD. That said, if you see a write-up about the best CBD dosage, know that best in that context is relative.

There are, however, several factors that help in coming into conclusion that a precise dosage can work pretty well. These are:

  • The extent of the medical condition
  • The metabolism rate of the sufferer
  • Age
  • The concentration of Cannabidiol in the product.

Well, “So, what criteria do I use to determine the proper dosage of Cannabidiol?” You may be asking. We are at this juncture going to narrow everything down just for you.

1. Get in touch with a doctor

Before starting to think about taking CBD, it is fantastic to consult your physician first. That way, you will be able to know your accurate metabolism rate and professional advice about how your body can perceive the introduction of CBD.

2. Let your metabolism and weight determine the estimation

Your metabolism rate and body weight go hand in hand in determining the right CBD dosage.
For instance, if you have a slow metabolism and you would like to boost it so that you can lose some weight, the amounts of CBD should be relatively high.

Do you see the connection between the two?
Secondly, if your body mass is more, you undoubtedly need some more CBD to up your metabolism.

You can use a CBD dosage calculator to help you in estimating how you can achieve a nearly-perfect CBD dosage.

3. The extent of the condition should act as a guide

Struggling with some problems like mental disorders and chronic pain prompt you to devise ways to alleviate the issues as fast as possible.
That said, you can’t compare the amount of CBD needed to combat chronic pain with the amount necessary to do away with a headache.
The severity and seriousness of the medical condition can, therefore, help you in determining to take a smaller or high dose.

4. Start with small CBD amounts

This is among the best, yet practical way to determine the right CBD dosage. What typically happens when you decide to start small is that you go on adding the dosage gradually until you reach a point where you feel it is indeed the proper CBD dosage that works.
After using the CBD dosage calculator, take the suggested amount of CBD depending on your body weight and muster its amount.
If you don’t feel better, make sure you add a few drops in the next serving. That should continue until you are in your best form.
When you feel well, that can then get referred to as the proper CBD dosage for you.

The takeaway

Now that there are many other different types of CBD products other than CBD oil, it is fantastic to note that you should repeat the same process before settling for your final dosage.
That could be the case with CBD tinctures and CBD vape oils. When it comes to CBD capsules, it’s easier and better since these capsules harbor the exact milligrams of CBD as written.
Edibles and gummies could be easy, but they can’t be as the case with CBD capsules. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about overdosing CBD since the compound is generally safe.
The severest side effects after taking CBD are that you can suffer from sleepiness. This type of drowsiness disappears fast, though.


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