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The Best Way To Store CBD Oil

The expiration date of a bottle of CBD oil is listed on the packaging, but what is the shelf life of an open bottle? CBD oil is a natural product and over time it will expire. But when you use the right way to store CBD oil, you can make sure its usefulness lasts for as long as possible.

Shelf Life Of CBD Oil

You can only preserve CBD oil for a limited time. When the bottle has not yet been opened, you can adhere to the expiration date: until that time, the CBD oil is safe to use. Usually, closed bottles can last up to one or two years. However, when you open a bottle, the oil will not maintain its potency forever. It’s recommended to use the CBD oil within six months. A good way to remember when you opened a bottle, is to write down the date on the label.

It’s not possible to see or smell that the oil has gone bad, but even so, the quality of the oil will have degraded. To get the same results with this oil, you could up the dosage, but it’s advisable to just open a new bottle. To make sure your CBD oil stays fresh and effective for as long as possible, it’s important to store it properly and safely.

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Storing CBD Oil

When you buy CBD oil, it’s supplied in a small, glass bottle with a pipette. Some producers, like SupMedi, make their bottles out of glass that offers UV protection. This is a great help in protecting the product against the influences of UV light. Whether your CBD oil comes in a bottle made of glass with UV protection or not, you should always store the oil in a cool, dark place. Also, make sure you keep it out of reach of children.

Sunlight has a negative influence on the quality of CBD. Light and warmth speed up the degradation of the cannabinoids, which naturally diminishes the effectiveness of the oil. It can also be the reason that CBD is converted into CBN (cannabinol). This compound isn’t dangerous for you, but the process results in a lower percentage of CBD in the oil. That is why it’s recommended to store the bottle out of reach of direct sunlight.

The best temperature to store CBD in, is around 17 degrees. You can store a closed bottle in the refrigerator, but you shouldn’t do that with an opened bottle. The oil will become syrupy and could clump together in the pipette, which could make it hard to use. A good place to preserve an opened bottle, is for example a pantry or a kitchen cabinet.

Another thing to make sure you do, is to always put the cap (with the pipette) back on the bottle. If you don’t do that, the oil will constantly be in contact with oxygen, which will cause it to degrade more rapidly.

Other Products With CBD

There are more CBD products available, like CBD tablets. For these products, the advise for storing them is practically the same. Make sure you always keep them stored in a cool, dark place, out of reach of sunlight. This way you ensure they remain of high quality as long as possible. Also, take care to keep CBD products out of reach of children.

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