How to Get the Right Dosage of CBD in Your Festive Edibles?

During the holidays, it’s a lot of fun to make tasty snacks, and of course, you can also make CBD edibles yourself. However, it’s important to pay attention to the right dosage of CBD in your festive edibles. Luckily, you don’t need very complicated calculations for this. In this blog, we explain how to make delicious CBD edibles yourself with the correct dosage of CBD.


Enjoying Homemade CBD Edibles

Do you enjoy making tasty snacks during the holidays? This time of year, you can indulge in baking cakes, making chocolate, or preparing glühwein. Whatever you make, it’s a good idea to add a dose of CBD Oil to your treats. CBD is a supplement that’s well-suited to be taken with food.

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a compound found in the hemp plant. This plant contains a large number of active substances (cannabinoids) that can help support our health. CBD has calming, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties. The compound works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system has the important task of keeping your body in balance. It can adjust various processes, such as emotions, memory, resistance, and the sleep-wake cycle.

Sometimes processes can become disturbed, and then you can use CBD oil. Since CBD can influence cells through the ECS, it can help alleviate pain or reduce inflammation, for example. Therefore, it can be useful for sleep problems, pain complaints, anxiety or stress, and mood issues.

If you have health complaints, you can, of course, use CBD oil. But CBD edibles are also a good way to get your daily dose of CBD. These can be easily purchased, for example, in our CBD edibles shop. But it’s also fun to make them yourself. You can incorporate CBD into smoothies, cookies, chocolate, and even salads. But whatever you decide to make, it’s important to ensure a correct dosage of CBD in edibles.

The Right Dosage of CBD in Edibles

When making edibles, you naturally want to consume a certain amount of CBD, usually your daily dose and not more than that. Therefore, when preparing edibles with CBD, it’s important to ensure you know exactly how much CBD goes into a snack. Let’s say you’re baking cookies. How much CBD will end up in one cookie? Read below how to approach the preparation and dosage of CBD in edibles you’re going to make yourself.

In this example, someone uses 20 mg of CBD per day. When making CBD edibles, you also need to consider what kind of edibles you plan to make. Are you making a large cake or individual cookies? In both cases, you should try to estimate how much of your edibles you will eat in a day.

If you’re making a cake, you’ll typically use about 200 grams of flour, along with eggs, butter, sugar, and perhaps vanilla or cocoa powder. Then you add CBD oil. But how much? Such a recipe is usually good for 12 slices of cake. If you plan to eat one slice of CBD cake each day, you need to add 12 times your daily dose. If you usually take 2 drops per day, that’s 24 drops. To be sure that your recipe yields 12 slices, it might be helpful to bake this cake once without CBD oil.

You can use the same principle for cookies, chocolate, or brownies with CBD. Then you need to know how many cookies or pieces of chocolate your recipe will yield. And determine in advance how many of your tasty snacks you want to eat. Do you allow yourself more than one piece? Then make sure to adjust the dosage. If you make 20 pieces of chocolate and eat one per day, you need 40 drops of CBD for all the chocolate (with a daily dosage of 2 drops per day). If you want to eat two pieces of chocolate each day, then halve the dosage and use 20 drops in the chocolate. This way, you get exactly the right dosage of CBD in your edibles.


The Most Fun Way of Taking CBD

CBD edibles are actually a great way to take CBD. You can enjoy a tasty snack and get your daily dose of CBD, a natural product well-suited to support your health. And that can contribute a lot to your resistance, especially in this cold, harsh time of year. Additionally, other ingredients in the food, such as fats, can help CBD be better absorbed by the body.

Edibles are also ideal for many people because CBD oil has a fairly strong taste. When you incorporate the oil into a tasty snack, you don’t have to worry about that taste. If you like cooking, you can endlessly vary with CBD edibles. In addition to sweet, you can also make savory snacks, from dips to pasta with tomato sauce or a healthy salad dressing with CBD. So make your delicious CBD edibles (with the correct dosage of CBD) not only around the holidays but also beyond.

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