CBD And The Keto Diet: Lose Weight And Burn Fat 2.0

Is it smart to take CBD when you’re on a keto diet? The keto diet is an entirely new way of thinking about food. It involves eating far less carbohydrates and far more fats. The keto diet is a popular approach to losing weight, but it has advantages for athletes and diabetics, too. Both the keto diet and  CBD affect your appetite. That makes them both interesting if you want to lose weight, which could translate into health benefits. They might even be able to work together mutually reinforcing their positive effects. If you want to know more about the combined benefits of a keto diet and CBD Oil, tablets, or other supplements, then by all means, continue reading!

How The Keto Diet Affects The Body

Bread, pasta, rice, cookies, potatoes, crackers, chips, pizza… The list of an average person’s daily carb intake is pretty impressive. Some 40 to 70% of our diet consists of carbohydrates. Under normal circumstances, carbs are our main source of energy. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars, which serves as fuel for your muscles, your brain, and the rest of your body.

Carbs come with a number of distinct drawbacks, however; especially when you eat a lot of them regularly. If your carbohydrate intake exceeds your need for fuel to burn, your body stores what’s left over as fat. Saving it for a rainy day, so to speak – only those rainy days never seem to come, and so you just keep storing more fat. In addition, sugar and carbs tend to cause fluctuations in your blood sugar level. That will spark a craving for food, making you eat more sugar and setting you up for your next energy dip and a hunt for new sugar. You end up caught in a vicious circle, making you overeat and gain weight fast.

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This explains the recent surge of interest in the keto diet. Sticking to a ketogenic diet involves eating a bare minimum of carbohydrates (5%). Instead, you crank up your intake of fats (75%) and protein (20%). By denying your body its primary fuel source, you are forcing it to switch to an alternative source: body fat. This process is called ketosis. Your body breaks fat molecules down into what we call ketones. The big advantage here is obvious: instead of storing fat, your body will start burning it.

Advantages Of The Ketogenic Diet

Switching to a keto diet involves a considerable lifestyle change. Nonetheless, people who succeed at that switch report feeling no hunger even though they are losing weight. Keto is also an interesting diet or lifestyle change for diabetics. As it turns out, the keto diet keeps blood sugar levels more stable, which can counter the build-up of insulin resistance.

CBD And Keto Diet Boost Each Other’s Effects

Sticking to a keto diet and taking CBD could be a good combination. CBD and the ketogenic diet are able to boost each other’s effectiveness, allowing for better results than CBD or keto alone could achieve.

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Keto, CBD, And Losing Weight

Increasingly, experts agree that the keto diet is worth a try for those who want to lose weight. As your body switches to fat as its primary fuel source, the fat that is directly available gets burned first. As you make that switch, though, your body distinguishes between different types of stored fat. Roughly speaking, your cells can store two kinds of fat tissue: brown fat and white. White fat tissue is stored whenever you have a calorie surplus in your system. Iy is stored around your belly, hips, bum, and other prominent parts of your body. It is also stored around your internal organs, which is particularly risky in terms of health. White fat tissue increases your chances of heart and vascular disease, for instance.

Burning More Body Fat

There is another type of fat tissue, however: brown fat. Its main function is to provide body warmth by burning fatty acids and glucose. This is why having more brown fat tissue than white can promote the amount of calories you burn. That in turn helps lose weight faster. Here, we see a major benefit of adding CBD to your keto diet. Studies indicate that CBD can stimulate transforming white fat into brown fat. This could mean that CBD helps ease the breakdown of fat for energy supply. That would allow CBD and your keto diet to work together. CBD would turn your unhealthy white fat into brown, and then keto would make you burn more of that easy-access brown fat in turn.

The result: less unhealthy white fat stacked around your organs, and more brown fat that burns easily as a rapidly accessible fuel source. Of course, the fact that CBD can help reduce your appetite is a welcome added benefit for anyone trying to lose weight. And that’s not even considering the added effect of trying CBD and the keto diet in combination with exercise and sports…

Keto Diet, CBD, And Sports

The keto diet is rapidly gaining ground among athletes, too. If you want to get ‘dry’, ‘ripped’,  or ‘shredded’, i.e., if you want maximum muscle definition and minimum fat to cover it, keto could help speed up the process. Trying the keto diet along with CBD for athletic results has an added advantage. It can speed up muscle recovery after workouts and help prevent muscle aches before they arise. So sports and CBD are a great combination, and so are CBD and the keto diet. Use that knowledge to your benefit and take a refreshing CBD Ice Tea or a bag of tasty CBD Gummies to the gym for added effect!

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How shredded do you want it?

Metabolic Regulation

The keto diet prompts your body to start burning body gat. This way of eating causes a drop in production of the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin. As a result, you will feel fully fed for longer, with less of an urge to snack between meals.

In addition, CBD affects your metabolism. This cannabinoid influences your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which in turn governs processes related to your appetite. CBD can bring balance to your overall metabolism and your sense of hunger, which makes an interesting addition to the ketogenic diet. In fact, CBD can even make the switch to your new way of eating easier.

CBD And Keto Diet Help Against Inflammation

Eating processed foods has come under scrutiny recently, for various reasons. Processed meats in particular are associated with severe health risks, but many types of ready-to-eat and ultraprocessed foods can cause serious illness. Processed foods increase the likelihood of inflammation, for instance. If these inflammations become chronic, they can gradually undermine your health without you noticing. Eventually, they can cause severe health issues including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Both the keto diet and CBD supplements have anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body counter chronic inflammation.

Cytokines are proteins that cause inflammation, and they are naturally produced in our body’s fat tissue. CBD supplements have anti-inflammatory properties. A body in a state of ketosis also tends to suppress cytokine production. That implies combining CBD and the keto diet could be a powerful option to combat inflammation. It would allow your body to recover from chronic inflammation before it can escalate. Ultimately, CBD and the keto diet could make you feel more energized, fit, and vitalized.

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CBD And The Keto Diet: A Smart Combination

We conclude with a final similarity between the keto diet and CBD: both are relatively new discoveries. While that means many people are interested in giving them a try, it also means that science has not finished studying either subject yet. That’s why we are careful not to make overly wild claims about their benefits yet. Thankfully, a good deal of research is underway in both areas, so more interesting study results are bound to emerge soon. Until then, there seems to be plenty of reason to give the combination of CBD and the keto diet a try. After all, the hardest step of any diet is the first step, so why not start today? Just hop over to our webshop and pick the perfect CBD product to support your keto diet!

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