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CBD Against Scars: Blogger Marilyn Tests CBD Argan Cream

In this review, blogger Marilyn shares her experiences with using CBD against scars. Marilyn is a critical writer and very much at home in the world of beauty and skincare, so you won’t impress her with just any cream. Luckily, though, SupMedi doesn’t produce ‘just any cream’… In her blog below, you’ll find out how just a few days later, she had to admit CBD Argan Cream had more effect than she’d ever imagined. Time to adjust her opinion on natural skincare!

Blogger Marilyn Tests CBD Against Scars

If there’s one thing I’ve never believed in, it’s natural medicine.

I’ve always been convinced that whenever you’re dealing with inflammation, a spot that won’t heal, you simply go to the doctor. They’ll give you some antibiotics to treat the inflammation, and the affected spot will simply heal.

In Shock

A few months back, I was told I have skin cancer. I’m still in shock as I write this post. I never expected this would happen to me. There was this spot on my breast: I thought it was just a mole, but the hospital tests proved that I couldn’t have been more wrong. One week later, I had it removed, and a sample was sent back to the lab for further testing. Thank goodness it all turned out to be clear: believe me that I’ve never been more relieved in my life. They cut deep into my skin, but in the end, they just put on a band aid and sent me home.

Insecure About My Scar

One week later, the spot still hadn’t healed completely. So I started to grow a bit worried, because it looked inflamed to me. I went to see the doctor that same afternoon, and he prescribed me some antibiotics. By then, the spot was so inflamed that antibiotics were definitely needed. Eventually, the antibiotics managed to end the inflammation, but the scar remained. It look hideous and messy to the point where it made me feel insecure.

From Skeptic To Fan In Just Three Days

CBD Argan Cream against scarsI’d read stories about CBD salve before, but I always thought “it’s not for me”. All that changed when I got to know SupMedi. As soon as I told them my story, they let me test a whole range of beauty and skincare products. So I started using CBD Argan Cream.

I started out skeptical, because I honestly thought it was nonsense: using natural products to treat a spot that won’t heal? Yeah, right. And yet. After three days of using the cream, I couldn’t deny noticing clear results. The spot that refused to heal and recovered in such an ugly way is now a nice and smooth scar that you don’t even notice at first glance. I’m amazed to hear myself admit the SupMedi’s CBD Cream actually contributed, and I would honestly recommend it to anyone.

It’s bizarre how I thought using natural products with CBD against scars wouldn’t work, but here we are. The opposite turned out to be true, and I’m happy to admit that it actually works!

CBD Against Scars And More

cbd against scarsObviously, CBD skincare is useful for more than just spots that won’t heal. Your own skin can use CBD in all sorts of ways against blemishes, dry spots, scratches, scrapes, and more. SupMedi CBD Argan Cream also works very well when applied to your face. That’s not only due to the restorative effect of CBD; added vitamins provide additional nutrition for your skin as well.

If you still have your doubts, check this before & after picture: one taken before using CBD against scars, and one after. I know it’s incredible, but it’s true nonetheless!

Oh, and while we’re at it: the CBD products I got to sample and review came with more than just the cream… Personally, I’m pretty stoked about the bag of sweet and fruity CBD Gummies I received. It gets even better though: they sent me a whole box of CBD 24/7 Chocolates to sample! I can assure you that after my first positive experience with CBD skin cream, trying the same thing covered in 70% dark chocolate was just too good to resist…

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