Yoga, Meditation, And CBD Against Stress

The moments of stress you experience are probably too numerous to count. It’s very important to do something about that, because stress can cause mood swings and headaches. Long-term stress can even cause more serious problems, like hypertension, depression and eventually even cancer. The solution to relieve stress is within reach: a combination of yoga, meditation and CBD can be very effective against stress.

Stress Epidemic

Our current time is characterized by a fast-paced economy, with a constantly high pressure to perform. It is not surprising that stress-related problems are (for years now) on the rise. Realistically, the stress epidemic is probably not going to be reduced. But you can still arm yourself. Start the day with a simple routine of yoga, meditation and CBD. This will help you to manage the stress and work on a healthy lifestyle. But before we can do this, we first need to know more about what stress can do with our body.

What Does Stress Do To Us?

Our brain reacts to stress with physical, emotional and mental signals. Scientists call this the ‘fight or flight reaction’. It means that if our brain categorize a situation as dangerous or uncomfortable, it sends signals to warn you to be alert. For example: it’s in the middle of the night and you have the feeling someone is following you. This makes you feel anxious, so you start to walk faster.

Stress Signals: Too Many And Irrelevant

In a biological sense is stress very useful: it warns you to be careful in a (potentially) dangerous situation. The problem is that the body ‘thinks’ that a situation is dangerous way too often. And if that happens wrongfully a dozen times per day, you can eventually develop serious problems.

The Endocannabinoid System?

Yes, the endocannabinoid system! In 1995 a group of scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system in the human body. It is a web of receptors in our brain and in our vital organs. The good news is that these receptors interact exclusively with cannabinoids. That’s where the system got its name from. And to state the obvious: CBD is a cannabinoid.

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Additional Research Into CBD

Various studies have shown later that CBD can provide relieve in different kinds of stress-related problems. Most receptors in the endocannabinoid system are located in the brain, right there where the stress levels are being established. CBD communicates with these receptors. Additional research has shown repeatedly that CBD reduces stress signals. We can’t emphasized this enough: CBD is not psychoactive. So it can’t get you stoned!

Yoga: Not Really A Hype Anymore

CBD is discovered recently, but yoga not so much. In fact: yoga dates back over 5000 years. So it’s safe to say that the novelty has worn off. Yoga has spread worldwide and nowadays it is associated with Hinduism. Health experts believe yoga has a positive influence on the concentration, balance, posture, sleep and stress.

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Meditation Against Stress

When talking about yoga, meditation is just around the corner. Yoga and meditation are often combined. The trendy mindfulness responds to this. Meditation is all about focus on a certain action or object, like the breath or a burning candle. While meditating, you’re supposed to be fully aware of your mental, physical and emotional state. Eventually, it improves your concentration and stress resistance.

Yoga, Meditation And CBD: The Ultimate Combination Against Stress

All things considered: the combination of CBD, yoga and meditation is potentially the ultimate defense against stress-related problems. Where meditation and yoga need persistence, CBD is very easy to take in many ways. Overcome stress and go for inner peace!

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