How CBD Could Improve The Health Of Your Brain

CBD is a vegetal substance derived from the hemp plant. This so-called cannabinoid is being used by more and more people for a variety of health concerns. CBD can help maintain the biological balance of the body and the brain. It has long been claimed that the use of cannabidoids such as CBD damages the brain. Yet scientific evidence increasingly points in the opposite direction. Various studies show that CBD can actually help the brain to be and stay healthy. This has to do with the encocannabinoid system. research on the relationship between CBD and the brain points to some interesting possibilities. In this article, we explain what CBD can do for the brain.

CBD And The Brain

About 20% of all the energy we use as humans goes to our brains. No wonder, because everything in our body is regulated by our brain. From thought to movement, from breathing to learning; consciously and above all unconsciously. In addition to all the other tasks that the encocannabinoid system (ECS) performs, it is also responsible for taking care of our brains. For example, the ECS regulates good blood flow to the brain, so that there is sufficient oxygen and nutrition. The ECS can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, CBD could be a protective factor for the brain, as research shows inflammation is a major cause of brain tissue breakdown.

The cells of our body are continuously damaged by outside influences. Free radicals play an important role in this process. Because cannabidiol can act as an antioxidant, it can provide additional protection to our cells – and therefore also to the nerve cells in our brain. CBD can also make a positive contribution to the brain in this way.

cbd and the brain

Neural Plasticity

An important property of our brain is the so-called neural plasticity. This means that our brain changes structure as we learn new things. Nerve cells are involved during learning. Our brains also adapt when a problem arises. If one part of the brain stops working due to a cerebral infarction, our brain tries to use other parts to keep everything working properly. The more successful this is, the more chance there is that there are no negative consequences of the cerebral infarction. Research into Alzheimer’s disease, for which there are still no drugs available, is also exploring the possibilities of CBD and the brain in light of neural plasticity. Researchers suspect that Alzheimer’s brain plasticity is limited by the so-called beta-amyloid plaque. This is a type of protein strand that hinders the plasticity of nerve cells. CBD appears to be able to counter the formation of this plaque via ECS.

Improved Recovery After Trauma And Protection Against Disease

As early as 1998, a preclinical study showed that CBD may have a protective function for the brain. This means that it can potentially protect the brain against diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. There is additional evidence. A 2011 study (to which well-known researcher Raphael Mechoulam contributed) showed that the amount of endocannabinoids (endogenous substances very similar to the cannabinoids in the plant) increases with trauma to the brain.

Thus, the ECS is put into high gear to restore the brain. CBD has a positive influence on this. So it can be safely concluded that it is wise to take CBD regularly, even if you care about your brain. CBD doesn’t get you high like THC, even though it’s extracted from the hemp plant. This plant substance therefore appears to be an important candidate in the search for a healthy mind in a healthy body. Follow-up research should now show what the use of CBD for the brain can offer us in the future.



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