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Can You Call CBD A Superfood?

There are many success stories about CBD, so you could consider CBD to be a superfood. There are no set requirements for what is or isn’t a superfood. But there’s no denying that CBD has many health benefits. What can the hemp plant and CBD in particular do for your health? Is CBD superfood? You can read about it in this blog.

When Can You Call Something A Superfood?

As mentioned before, it’s not officially established what can and can’t be labeled a superfood. Though it’s a fact that these vegetables, fruits, grains and other types of food, contain exceptionally high amounts of healthy nutrients. When you eat (or drink) them, they’ll help support your health.

Not only are we talking about vitamins, but also about antioxidants, fibers, amino acids, proteins, minerals and other compounds, that are important to the body. These superfoods are not just healthy, they actually signify an improvement of your health.

How Superfoods Benefit Your Health

Because of the large amount of micro nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and such, superfoods can boost your health:

  • They help protect against diseases, like cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and so on.
  • Superfoods can alleviate symptoms that come with aging.
  • They help protect your cells against free radicals

Of course, which superfoods you (regularly) eat, determines the possible health benefits. But whatever superfood you choose, your body certainly will benefit from the valuable nutrients it contains.

Can CBD Be Called A Superfood?

Do you wonder if CBD (cannabidiol) can be called a superfood? You could also ask a different question: why wouldn’t you call it a superfood? It can certainly contribute a lot to both your physical and mental health. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which, in principle, you could also call a superfood.


The plant contains many cannabinoids (more than 100), compounds that, just like CBD, can influence our endocannabinoid system (the ECS). This system has a regulatory function in the body.

Each of these cannabinoids has a slightly different effect in the body. There hasn’t been done sufficient research, but all these compounds together, strengthen the effects that each has and they have an all round positive influence on the ECS. These are examples of cannabinoids in the hemp plant: THC, CBG, 8-THC and CBN.

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Macro- and micronutrients

The hemp plant also contains various valuable amino acids, enzymes, proteins, fatty acids, fibers, nitrogen compounds, ketones, fenoles and vitamine A. This list of macro- and micro nutrients leads to the conclusion that you could certainly call the hemp plant a superfood.


Furthermore, the plant also contains a large amount of terpenes. These are aromatic molecules, that give the hemp plant its famous flavour and scent. It’s estimated that the plant contains more than 200 different terpenes, some of which entail quite impressive health benefits.

These are a number of the most common terpenes:

  • Myrcene: Inhibits inflammation and alleviates pain
  • Pinene: Has potent antimicrobial qualities
  • Limonene: Healing effects on the digestive tract
  • Humulene: Protects against cancer
  • Linalool: Calming effects when feeling stressed or anxious

CBD Superfood Benefits

It’s true that CBD in oil or tablets is something different from the raw hemp plant, so can you call CBD a superfood or not? People who use it, speak highly of the positive effects CBD has on their well-being. This could be:

  • The analgesic effects (headaches, menstrual pain)
  • Calming effect and helps with fearful thoughts
  • Improves the mood
  • Helps when you have trouble sleeping
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause
  • Improves your concentration
  • Inhibits inflammation

If you think that a supplement can’t be a superfood, you should consider that in theory at least, any food can be a superfood. Cinnamon, turmeric and ginger can also be a superfood, all three of them are spices that are good for your health. Also wheatgrass, of which you can make juice, is considered a superfood. Likewise, the extracts of mushrooms (like for example chaga or maitake) are often called superfoods.

Judging by the many positive effects that cannabidiol has on your health, calling CBD superfood seems perfectly appropriate. You can experience these effects by trying CBD oil or CBD tablets. If you’re looking for some truly superb foods, go for our CBD Bars, CBD Kombucha and Ice Tea. And if you want a truly superior experience, then treat yourself to a naturally responsible delight with our CBD 24/7 Chocolates

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