How CBD can help with losing weight

Most Cannabidiol  (CBD) users have admitted severally that this chemical, yet natural compound from the cannabis plant, helps them in weight management.

Shockingly, most of those were using pharmaceutical drugs in the quest to lose weight but kept on getting slow or no results at all.

So, does CBD work in losing weight? Is it a marketing gimmick? If it works, how does such happen? For a clearer understanding, let’s delve into details.

CBD and its impact on appetite

Every activity in one’s body starts from the brain. Planning to eat and realizing that one has no appetite at all is as a result of the brain’s neurotransmitters.

So, every mammal has a unique organ referred to as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The system, having cannabinoid receptors, produces its cannabinoids, scientifically called endocannabinoids.

The cannabinoid receptors get further divided into CB1 and CB2.

Most of the CB1 receptors are located in the brain region and interact well with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that gets its users high.

On the contrary, most of the CB2 receptors are present along with the immune and Central Nervous System. Researchers also claim that some CB2 receptors are present in the brain region but not as many as their CB1 counterparts.

When one takes CBD targeting to lose weight, it binds with those CB2 receptors in the brain. After ingesting food, the same CB2 receptors relay signals to the stomach.

These signals help in suppressing hunger to minimal levels. That way, one’s appetite gets affected, thus making them eat lesser food.

Reduced appetite, in the long run, means one undoubtedly has to lose weight.

How ECS necessitates weight loss

We have to make one thing clear. CBD and THC come from cannabis, yes, but they have different effects on weight.
You may have heard that recreational marijuana users eat more, thus gain weight fast, which is, of course, true.
When THC in marijuana interacts with CB1 receptors in the brain region, the user ends up feeling hungrier, thus increasing their appetite.
On the contrary, CBD aids in the weight loss journey by suppressing appetite, as explained above.
The endocannabinoids of the ECS, coupled with the bond between CBD and CB2 receptors, necessitate weight loss by metabolizing unhealthy fatty lipids into beneficial brown fats.
At the end of it all, those lost fats give the consumer a leaner body.

What does research say about CBD for weight loss?

Well, as a careful person, you may be curious to ascertain whether there is any piece of research that backs whether CBD can aid in cutting extra weight or note.
Most of the pieces of research conducted on CBD were done on animal models like rats. The same can get replicated to humans due to the presence of the ECS in all mammals.
For example, research conducted on rats in 2012 showed that rats that took food-induced with Cannabidiol kept on consuming lesser food as days progressed.

Additionally, there was a 2016 study conducted on obese people. There were two lots whereby some were given CBD-infused food while the others were not.

The conclusion was that those who ate CBD-rich food have faster metabolism rates and reduced appetite. They ended up losing a recommendable number of pounds.

Taking CBD for losing weight

A medic is the first person to turn to before you decide to start with using CBD. That is typical because everyone has different metabolism rates, and it’s among the factors that can determine the right dosage of CBD.

After their piece of advice, you can take CBD as:

What to know before you buy CBD products

After reading this article, you may be in the haste to go and start the CBD for losing weight journey right away.

However, you should be extra careful. There are unscrupulous CBD sellers out there who purport to sell CBD products, while in the real sense, they are not pure CBD products.

What follows is a mere disappointment since you won’t realize any impact on your weight. Before you purchase a CBD product, be sure to conduct due diligence to avoid getting duped.


Although CBD can improve weight loss. You should seek out a professional as well. Do your own research always!


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