Cannabis can improve behavior caused by dementia

We really need a medicine for dementia in The Netherlands and in other countries of the world. In The Netherlands one in five people suffer from dementia. In women it’s even one in three. Due to ageing, the expectation is that the number of patients with dementia will grow. For this very reason it’s necessary that a cure will be found, which helps with certain problems. Studies have shown that CBD can help to improve behavioral problems caused by dementia. You can read more about this in this blog.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a disease which occurs in elderly people and causes them to gradually lose their memory. But dementia affects a lot more than this. The term dementia is a collective term for over 50 brain disorders. One of the most well-known is Alzheimer’s. Besides this, there are a lot of types with complicated names like vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia. What all these disorders have in common is that fact that the brain is affected. Brain cells or inter-cellular connections can be destroyed. As a result many problems can occur. Usually, at some point the patient can’t take care of himself anymore. Eventually, death occurs.

Characteristics of dementia

The characteristics of dementia can vary widely. Loss of memory is the most well-known symptom. But unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Daily routines like making a sandwich or preparing a cup of coffee become almost impossible. Besides this, the following symptoms can occur with varying degrees:

– Losing track of time and place
– The language function is damaged: a person gets stuck in the middle of a sentence
– People become forgetful (the famous keys in the refrigerator)
– Lack of judgement: people can suddenly start to spend a lot of money
– Eyesight worsens
– Behavioral change: mood can change quickly (anxiety, paranoia, depression)

Behavioral problems caused by dementia can be improved with the use of CBD

Scientists of the University Hospital in Geneve have been able to prove that CBD and THC can mitigate behavioral problems caused by dementia. Ten women with severe behavioral problems caused by dementia received – during the study – CBD and THC for two months, in the ratio 2:1. This concerned arount 18 mg of CBD and around 9 mg of THC. A dramatic improvement was seen. After those two months the women showed a 40% drop in behavioral problems. Besides this, the stiffness of their bodies was reduced a lot. The nursing staff said that it was easier for them to transport and take care of the women. Also, the contact with the patients improved. Another advantage was that the patients needed less opiates, so their constipation decreased. And all this without side-effects!–_udC4NM7uYOsFYRcgyCEa9fY0Qpzj7MdSV2uGZD5PrElhTs