Does CBD Oil Work Against Migraine?

Even today, the use of CBD oil can be a disputed topic that causes resistance. Doctors may be uncooperative, sometimes even considering CBD use to be some kind of hype. One of the founders of SupMedi and producer of CBD oil, thinks it is high time for this state of affairs to change. ‘There is a deeply unjustified negative climate when it comes to CBD use.’

A CBD Oil Taboo

‘A few years back, my mother was once again suffering from a severe episode of migraine. I had heard about CBD oil before, so I told her to ask her general practitioner about it. Prescription based, that is. My mother was a bit embarrassed about it, and didn’t dare to ask her doctor about the possibilities of CBD. She had the notion that this was simply cannabis oil we were talking about. As it turns out, many people still have this opinion. CBD and THC oils are often confused as well. The big difference is that CBD oil will not get you high… Incidentally, my mother has been using our CBD for years now, and she turns to it for relief whenever her migraine returns.’

Combating Migraine With CBD

Melissa continues her story: ‘There’s a lot more to migraine than just headaches. For my mother, it came with just about all the symptoms in the book: notably, splitting headaches, accompanied by severe nausea. CBD is one of the few things that works straight away, countering all the symptoms at once. The cannabidiol suppresses the pain, but it restores serotonin levels at the same time, which causes the nausea to go away. All in all, CBD is an excellent analgesic.’

CBD Oil And Insurers

Another problem many people with migraine face is hypersensitivity to light and sound. Here too, CBD oil brings relief. All in all, if anyone asked me whether CBD helps against migraine, I would tell them yes a hundred times over. It is about time for insurers to look into the matter. Many people are startled by the old-fashioned position of insurance agencies when it comes to CBD. Still, that’s another topic deserving a blog article of its own.’