cbd candy strawberry

CBD Candy with strawberry flavour

Cannabidiol, the main ingredient of CBD hemp oil, is no longer a ‘public secret’. By now, more and more people have experienced for themselves how CBD Oil can be effective for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. But what if you prefer to add a little flavour to your daily supplement? Or if you’re looking for a quick and easy alternative for traditional CBD Oil? Well, you should try our CBD Candy full of cannabidiol, added vitamin C and delicious strawberry flavour!

CBD Oil or Candy: a matter of taste

CBD does not have a characteristic flavour of itself: what you taste in our CBD Oil is the organic olive oil we use as a ‘carrier’ for the active ingredients. Olive oil has a natural and characteristic earthy taste that reminds us of Mediterranean food and sunny vacations. Many people like the flavour, but in the end, it’s all just a matter of taste.

For those who don’t like the taste of CBD Oil, however, our CBD Candy supplement offers a wonderful alternative. Every piece of candy contains 5mg premium quality cannabidiol; but since they are made using natural fruit powder, they carry a refreshingly sweet strawberry flavour. That means you can rely on CBD Oil’s effects, only with great fruity flavour and improved ease of use that will put a smile on anyone’s face!

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CBD Candy: natural support strawberry flavour and vitamins

CBD Candy contains the same high-quality cannabidiol you’ll find in our full spectrum oil, refined to an isolate product. This is the purest form of CBD, without any of the other cannabinoids or terpenes you’ll find in our full spectrum oil. This isolate extract is mixed with natural fruit powder, after which we add some vitamin C to complete the product.

Of course, an added touch of vitamin C is always welcome; especially for anyone choosing supplements to support their natural balance. But there is more to this addition: vitamin C helps speed up quick absorption of CBD the second you put a piece of candy in your mouth. That makes swallowing them with water unnecessary. CBD Candy dissolves in the mouth, making it a fast, easy, and very tasty supplement for any occasion.

Always have your CBD supplement handy

CBD Candy are very practical to use. It’s not just because of their smart composition and great taste that makes them a treat to take every single day. They also come in a classy, convenient, and sturdy metal container that makes them easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re going to work, to school, or on holiday, you’ll want everyone to know you have your CBD Candy with you. They’re fun to share as well, because that way, you can show everyone your natural way to keep your body balanced.

One tin of CBD Candy contains a total of forty fruit flavoured CBD treats containing 5mg premium cannabidiol each. Every piece is marked by the official SupMedi cross logo. Their soft pink colour announces their strawberry freshness even before they melt in your mouth. Best of all, CBD Candy treats are 100% vegan, halal, and lactose free to suit just about any diet.

All the uses of CBD Oil with our latest Candy supplement

The cannabidiol in a CBD Candy offers the same full potential for natural wellbeing as CBD Oil does. That means you can use CBD Candy for everything you would use hemp oil supplements for, including:

cbd candy strawberry

Try CBD Candy for yourself!

CBD Candy is an innovative supplement that you simply have to taste and experience for yourself. They’re convenient to use for anyone, but especially so for children aged 4 or above. If you don’t want to turn giving drops of CBD Oil into a daily struggle, try giving candy instead – you may find the kids asking for more soon. As will you, by the way, once you get a taste of their lovely summer strawberry flavour!


cbd oil anger aggression

CBD Oil for anger management and aggression

Anger and aggression are complex emotions. They can arrive in sudden, powerful surges that are hard to control. If you have ever experienced an anger outburst or a fit of aggression, you’re not the first. Angry and aggressive tendencies are common in our busy societies full of triggers and high stress environments. Still anger can have serious and unintended consequences. This is why many people look for ways to keep their emotions in check. This blog explores the potential of CBD Oil to control your anger and aggression.

What can CBD Oil do against aggression and anger?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural cannabinoid compound produced by hemp plants. Just like the cannabinoids produced by your own body, CBD can interact with our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is responsible for regulating a broad range of important physiological processes that keep the body running.

The endocannabinoid system uses cannabinoids to do so. These compounds act as messengers, relaying signals that cause cells to adjust their activity. This enables the ECS to influence processes such as digestion, blood pressure, rhythms of sleep and waking, and our emotions. If the ECS loses its balance, problems can arise. It can upset your emotions and increase the likelihood of angry outbursts.

endocannabinoid system

People who struggle with aggression and anger issues often have fluctuating catecholamine levels. Catecholamines act as neurotransmitters. They are important for proper neural functioning and affect emotions, learning, motor functions, and hormonal regulation. By means of the ECS, you can try using CBD Oil to influence these neurotransmitters, which could help gain greater control over angry and aggressive emotions.

Consequences of catecholamine unbalance

High or low catecholamine levels can cause problems including poor anger management and emotional outbursts. Three of the most important catecholamines are:

  • Dopamine;
  • Adrenaline;
  • Noradrenaline

Although these substances are similar in structure, they fulfil different roles in the body.


Dopamine is critical for motor function and affective learning. If dopamine levels drop below a critical threshold, concentrating and cognition become compromised. Excess dopamine levels complicate information processing.


Adrenaline drives our fight or flight response. A lack of adrenaline can cause depression, fatigue, and lack of focus.

Too much adrenaline can cause feelings of severe stress, headaches, sleeping problems, hyperactivity, and a sense of restlessness.


Noradrenaline is similar in function to adrenaline and is also involved in stress responses. Optimal noradrenaline levels support good memory, concentration, and mood. If noradrenaline levels rise too high, concentrating becomes difficult and anxiety may set in.

cbd olie hennepolie wietdruppels boosheid

Can CBD Oil affect anger and aggression?

When you become angry, several things happen at once in your body. You initiate a fight or flight response as adrenaline and noradrenaline levels rise rapidly. This builds a sense of tension and excitement both at the physical and psychological level.

If your ECS is out of balance and your stress hormone levels run too high, it is easy to get caught up in such a rising state of fight or flight anger and aggression. You won’t need much to trigger an emotional outburst. Fortunately, CBD Oil has natural calming, soothing properties that can help control the anger and aggression in cases like these.

Studying CBD Oil for anger and aggression

In recent years, CBD Oil has been getting a lot of scientific attention – and with good reason, we might add. Studies indicate that its naturally soothing, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties have lots to offer for various conditions. CBD supplements can be a source of natural support for a range of mental, physical, and emotional problems.

This accounts for the potential benefits of using CBD Oil to support anger and aggression management. Its relaxing properties can help to stay calm by keeping mental and physical tension within tolerable limits. CBD can give you just the support you need to keep it cool and maintain your grip on those angry impulses.

Research into CBD Oil for anger and aggression is still in its early stages. However, initial results indicate that CBD can be a very positive contribution. In 2001, Niederhoffer et al. investigated the relationship between CBD and adrenaline and noradrenaline levels. Their study demonstrated that CBD managed to reduce adrenaline in rodent subjects.

External events are often enough to trigger sudden angry feelings, and even fits of rage. Still, anger and aggression issues can also result from mental conditions including depression, excessive stress, and anxiety. Such conditions can have a lasting impact on neurotransmitter and hormone levels in the body.

Using CBD Oil to manage aggression and anger issues can improve the regulation of hormonal and neurotransmitter production and metabolism. This in turn can have positive effects on levels of anandamide (the ‘bliss hormone’) and serotonin, both of which produce a sense of satisfaction and acceptance of situations that might otherwise make us angry. If your emotional state gets nudged in the direction of such a calm, stable state, it often becomes easier to keep angry, negative impulses in check, even in challenging situations.

hennepolie cbd olie boosheid agressie

New breakthroughs in studying CBD Oil and anger?

In 2019, while studying the effects of CBD Oil on anger and aggression in mice, a Brazilian research team made a remarkable discovery. At São Paulo’s Ribeirão Preto Medical School, male specimens were first isolated for a ten-day period. Subsequently, they were subjected to a test in which an intruder (another, unfamiliar mouse) was let into their accommodation.

The expected response was open hostility, in which the resident male would attack the newcomer. However, mice that had received CBD displayed less aggressive behaviour, represented by fewer attacks on the visiting rodents. “Our investigations show that cannabidiol can indeed curb aggression”, as local professor Francisco Silveria Guimarães explained.

As it turned out, mice that had not received CB attacked newcomers within two minutes of arrival on average, carrying out 20 to 25 attacks in total. Mice that did receive CBD (5mg/kg), however,  would only start attacking after four minutes, carrying out only 10 attacks in total. Mice in the 15mg/kg CBD group were even less aggressive. They would only attack after 11 minutes, with an average of just 5 attacks per trial.

Silveria Guimarães explains the effect of CBD Oil on anger and aggression by its ability to activate two separate cell receptors. One, called the 5-HT1A receptor, is responsible for the effects of serotonin. The other is the CB1 receptor, which is essential for the effects of endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced by our own body).

CBD oil aggression anger management

Improved anger management with CBD Oil?

Anger and aggression can have a negative impact on daily life, relationships, work, and even health. If you, your child, or even your pets have issues with aggression and anger management, it could be worthwhile to explore how CBD Oil can help. It is safe for everyday use, as indicated by World Health Organisation WHO, even for children aged four or above.

Try CBD Oil and order yours online

If you want to experience for yourself how Full Spectrum CBD Oil or similar supplements can help you keep anger and aggression issues in check, our online store has a fitting product to go with any personal taste and lifestyle. Our CBD Tablets, for example, are easy to use without water. That means you can take them anywhere you go, whether at work, in school, or wherever the day takes you. CBD Nutrition such as coffee beans, oatmeal, or chocolate with added cannabidiol lets you create daily moments of CBD pleasure – a delicious way to help you preserve that state of mental calm!



cbd oil dandruff

CBD Oil against dandruff

Dandruff is an unpleasant condition of the skin of the scalp that manifests as flaky, irritated skin. Its visibility is part of the burden, as skin flakes end up showing on the clothes you wear. CBD Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities, which are used to control various skin conditions. This blog explain the potential benefits of using CBD Oil to improve skin condition and to keep dandruff under control.

What is dandruff?

People affected by dandruff have scalp skin tissue with higher cell division rates than usual. Normally speaking, skin cells divide once every two weeks. In case of dandruff, this occurs at double the usual pace. Skin cells are unable to fully mature over such a short time span, and so they harden and cluster together, after which they are shed. That is when dandruff becomes visible in our hair or on our clothes.

People struggling with dandruff often indicate that they have irritated, itchy scalps. This is easily explained by the presence of overactive suet glands, which is likely to produce itching. By itself, dandruff is not a health risk, although it can be a source of constant irritation and anxiety as people worry that others will notice it. Moreover, if left untreated, dandruff can eventually lead to hair loss.

What causes dandruff?

The true causes of dandruff are not yet fully known to science. External factors, such as environmental stress and dry air, are likely to play a part. Seborrheic eczema can also be a contributor, as this skin condition causes excessive cell division in dermal tissues, too. This underlying skin condition is marked by dandruff as well as by irritated skin behind the ears, on the eyebrows, and around the nose.

Yeast is another suspected cause, triggering dandruff over the winter months and gradually disappearing as summer approaches. Yeast cannot doesn’t handle heat and bright sunlight well, and so the symptoms subside until the cold months return. Fungal infections are another potential cause of dandruff.

If you want to find the exact cause of your own dandruff, consulting a dermatologist may give you some clarity. Dandruff is usually treated with special shampoos, but CBD Oil appears to be a natural alternative option that may well be worth a try. This plant-based supplement has anti-inflammatory and calming properties while it helps the skin restore its natural balance.

cbd oil hair dandruff

Scalp skin balance with CBD Oil for dandruff

Understanding how CBD Oil could help treat dandruff requires a basic understanding of how this plant compound works. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid obtained from cultivated hemp plants. Your own body produces its own cannabinoids, which are similar in purpose and biochemistry. Cannabinoids can interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the cell receptors in our body.

The ECS is tasked with preserving our internal balance. It does so by regulating processes such as our sleep and waking rhythm, immune system, and emotions. To do so, the ECS uses cannabinoids including cannabidiol. CBD is capable of interacting with cell receptors found in the skin. Endocannabinoids have been found in hair follicles, which explains how CBD Oil can have a positive impact on hair condition and scalp health, including by helping control dandruff issues.

How can CBD Oil help fight dandruff?

CBD Oil can affect the skin in several ways, with particular emphasis on the scalp that helps explain its potential to reduce or even stop the signs of dandruff.

Cell production regulation

As mentioned, dandruff revolves around excessive skin cell division. Somehow, the production of new skin cells is disrupted. This problem is often countered by using salicylic acid against dandruff and eczema, but this substance is a known irritant. CBD Oil, by contrast, provides a natural means of reducing excessive cell production as seen in dandruff.

A 2007 study demonstrated that cannabinoids play an important part in generating new skin cells. CBD Oil is capable of activating specific dermal receptors that can slow down cell production, which can greatly benefit people affected by either psoriasis or dandruff.

CBD Oil to stop dandruff itching

Itches are a common problem for people coping with dandruff. And an itch will only make matters worse by producing a vicious cycle. Dandruff makes the scalp itch, but scratching will only promote suet production, which in turn causes more itching and aggravate dandruff symptoms.

CBD Oil can have a soothing effect on itches. It can interact with specific receptors that influence the itch response. On top of that, its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce skin irritation.

cbd oil scalp dandruff

Slowing down suet production

If the skin of your scalp produces too much suet, dandruff is the likely outcome. Excess suet also causes greasy skin, which may become a hotbed for yeast and fungal growth. This illustrates the importance of keeping suet production balanced.

Many people use shampoo for greasy hair to regulate this mechanism, but such shampoos tend to dehydrate the skin, causing dryness and more irritation. Moreover, this incites the skin to produce yet more greasy suet in an attempt to protect itself. This is another potential vicious cycle to avoid.

CBD Oil can help restore the balance needed to control dandruff symptoms. Research shows that this cannabinoid can help regulate suet production. Applying CBD Oil directly to the skin signals suet glands to decrease productivity, which can counter acne and greasy skin as well as dandruff issues.

CBD against fungal infections

Fungal infections are another potential cause of dandruff. Fungi and bacteria are a natural presence on any healthy scalp. However, if certain fungi grow out of control, the resulting infections can cause itching, irritation, and dandruff. Applying CBD Oil can help fight fungal growth and calm down irritated skin.

cbd argan cream

How do you use CBD Oil against dandruff?

If you are struggling to control dandruff, CBD Oil may help. In fact, Full Spectrum CBD Oil can be used against dandruff in several ways. One of these is applying the oil directly onto the scalp. You can also use it in the usual way by dripping the oil underneath your tongue, since it will reach the ECS in the skin via the bloodstream too.

Order your CBD Oil against dandruff online

Using CBD Salve or CBD Cream is also a good option. If you have irritated, inflamed, or itchy spots on your scalp, you can use these soothing, nourishing CBD skincare products topically. Apply these products in the evening before going to bed to let them work overnight. If you want, you can wash them out in the morning. These skincare products contain not just CBD, but organic argan oil and added vitamins too, making them effective for general skin restoration in addition to dandruff control. Enjoy radiant, supple, and balanced skin all day long!



cbd oil jet lag

CBD Oil for jet lag

Oh, the joys of travel! A change of scenery, lovely weather, and new impressions to take in: seeing the word can be wonderful. Unfortunately, globe trotting usually comes with air travel. Flying long-distance can take you to a destination in another time zone, and that comes with the physical discomfort of jet lag. So how can CBD Oil help you reduce the impact of jet lag? Find out below!

What is jet lag?

Every living organism has a natural rhythm of night and day, called the biological clock or 24-hour cycle. In fancy terms, we call this a circadian rhythm: ‘circa’ means approximately, and ‘dies’ is Latin for day. This rhythm determines when we sleep and when we are awake, as well as regulating a host of body processes like our heart rate, body temperature, and hormonal production.

Travelling to another time zone will not ruin your circadian rhythm right away. If your body gets enough time to adjust while travelling, consequences are usually minimal. However, taking a plane and soaring across multiple time zones at breakneck speed can seriously confuse body and mind. That’s because your body thinks you are still in the time zone you left behind – jet lag ensues.

Jet lag symptoms:

  • Sleeping problems: inability to sleep or exhausted at the wrong moments;
  • Cognitive problems: stress, amnesia, and concentration issues;
  • Anxiety and unstable moods;
  • Gastrointestinal issues: heartburn, constipation, or diarrhoea;
  • Pain and inflammation: muscle and headaches.

cbd oil jetlag

What can you do against jet lag?

There is a rule of thumb you can use to estimate the duration of your jet lag: every time zone you cross takes one day of recovery. This illustrates how jet lag can easily become problematic when flying around the globe for an important business meeting.

Try to adjust your sleeping cycles in the days before your flight. Whatever you do, never board a plane feeling tired. Have plenty to drink in-flight and try to get some rest while in the air. A mask to cover your eyes and some earplugs can help you fall asleep. Trying not to smoke and passing on alcoholic beverages helps too, as both caffeine and nicotine are known to disrupt circadian rhythms. Get up and move around the plane every now and then, or do some stretching exercises if you get the chance.

How can CBD Oil help you recover from jet lag?

CBD Oil can help your body overcome the symptoms of jet lag. It does so by working with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) we have in our body. The ECS is tasked with maintaining our internal balance as our environment changes. To do so, the ECS is connected with many of the important processes that keep our body running smoothly. By influencing the ECS, CBD can produce physiological results that can help counter jet lag, such as better sleeping, improved mood, pain and inflammation relief, and a calming effect on the stomach and bowels.

Let’s start with some basics. To find out what CBD can do for your body, and how it does so. Cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD, is just one of many different cannabinoids found in hemp plants. In contrast to THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, which ensures that CBD Oil will not make you ‘high’.

Our body produces compounds called endocannabinoids. ‘Endo’ means inside, so these are cannabinoids we generate from within. CBD from plants is also recognised by the body, allowing it to influence our physiology and produce calming effects. CBD Oil can also provide pain relief and improve quality of sleep, to name but a few potential effects. CBD can do all of this by interacting with our ECS. That makes CBD Oil a natural source of plant-based support to be used in challenging situations – such as jet lag, that is!

cbd oil jetlag

CBD Oil for better sleeping after jet lag

If you are affected by jet lag and you find falling asleep difficult, or if you keep waking up at night, CBD Oil may be able to help you by its soothing effects that can help your body to relax. This makes it easier to fall asleep, as well as to sleep through the night without waking up before the alarm rings. These effects can all help you deal with jet lag faster.

Jet lag can also cause fatigue during the daytime, which can be a real nuisance if you’re either travelling for business or if you have to get back to work straight after your return. In addition to helping improve your sleep, CBD Oil can also help you wake up more focussed and stay alert throughout the day – very useful in case of jet lag!

CBD Oil for less stress and improved concentration

It turns out that jet lag can increase production of cortisol, also known as the ‘stress hormone’. Cortisol is essential in determining our fight and flight responses in case of stress. High cortisol levels, however, can cause feelings of anxiety and negatively affect your memory and ability to concentrate.

Research has demonstrated that CBD can help regulate cortisol levels. CBD also appears capable of containing the body’s severe response to stress. Moreover, CBD Oil can increase production of hormones such as serotonin. Serotonin is used to treat depression. This enables CBD Oil to help control jet lag from multiple angles: improving your mood and reducing stress, thus allowing you deal with stressful situations you encounter on your (work-related) travels and after you return home.

CBD oil airplane travel jetlag

CBD Oil to counter anxiety and lift your mood

Anandamide, another compound produced by our own body, is an important endocannabinoid. Low anandamide levels can make you feel anxious and moody as well as intensifying your stress responses. Both anandamide and CBD increase resilience to stress and reduce anxiety levels.

Research has shown that CBD inhibits production of the enzyme FAAH, which is responsible for metabolizing and breaking down anandamide. In short, CBD reduces FAAH blood levels, allowing anandamide to last longer. This in turn can elevate your mood and lessen the impact of jet lag effects.

CBD Oil for digestion

If you have to spend a long time on a plane and jet lag sets in, your stomach and bowels can become upset. Heartburn, constipation and diarrhoea can result. Research indicates that CBD Oil can have a positive influence on digestion, which can come in handy in case of jet lag.

The reason for this effect is the ECS, which plays an important part in the gastrointestinal process. CBD an affect the ECS and add its natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and soothing qualities to the state of the digestive tract. This allows CBD Oil to help calm down an overactive stomach and gut, which is another potential benefit whenever jet lag becomes a burden.

CBD Oil against pain and inflammation

Sitting in an airplane seat can cause muscle stiffness and pain. You can try to reduce this by getting up and walking up and down the aisle every now and then. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to do in a packed airliner.

So how can CBD Oil help out? Several studies have pointed out the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. In addition, it can act as a muscle relaxant and painkiller. CBD Oil can help relieve aching muscles and headaches, for instance: typical signs of a nagging jet lag effect.

cbd oil abroad jet lag fly travel


Can you bring CBD Oil on your travels?

No matter how ideal CBD Oil seems as a remedy for jet lag, there are some restrictions on bringing it with you on an airplane. CBD Oil is not fully legal in all countries. CBD Oil is easily confused with cannabis oil, which is often illegal. Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains traces of THC, which can get you in trouble at customs checks. That means you should always read up to find out what local regulations apply to CBD supplements in your destination country!

To rule out the chances of accidentally bringing minuscule quantities of THC with you, the safe option is to choose CBD Tablets when going abroad. These are made using CBD isolate, which contains only cannabinol and no other cannabinoids such as THC. These supplements are even suited for passing doping and drug tests, so in theory, they should be safer to bring along on your travels. Still, CBD itself may be a controlled substance in the country you plan to visit; and in that case, we advise not bringing any CBD products whatsoever. At any rate, it is best to inquire after local laws on cannabinoids and supplements before deciding to bring CBD Oil against jet lag and any other issues you may use it for.

Which CBD product is best for me?

Of course, your ideal CBD supplement is a very personal choice. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains all the active ingredients found in hemp plants. This adds an important dimension to its potential due to the entourage effect. The various ingredients work together to mutually boost and influence each other’s potential even further. Nonetheless, we have a full range of isolate-based CBD Tablets and CBD Nutrition products that are great for taking with you on your travels.

Find your ideal CBD Oil product for jet lag

Still, whether you pack your suitcase with CBD Oil or another suitable supplement, you now know that cannabidiol can be your best friend whenever jet lag threatens to ruin your journey!

cbd oil urine loss incontinence

CBD Oil against urine loss and incontinence

Incontinence is a lot more common than you might think. It´s a very unpleasant problem, with more than just physical discomfort. Urine loss and its implications can also lead to emotional suffering. Your social life and relationship can be severely affected and you may develop feelings of anxiety or shame: the problem is not age-related and it can affect anyone. What can CBD Oil do against incontinence and how can it help your bladder to function better? Find out here!

How does a healthy bladder function?

The urine produced by the kidneys, flows through the urethra to the bladder. The bladder is surrounded by layers of muscle tissue that stretch to hold urine. A bladder holds the urine that arrives from the kidneys. When the bladder is full, your brain will receive a signal: you have to pee. In order to urinate, the bladder muscles squeeze and two valves will open, so the urine can flow out.

What is incontinence and what can cause it?

When hearing the word incontinence, many people think it has something to do with ‘peeing your pants’. Incontinence is, in fact, ‘the involuntary loss of urine’ and it’s a common problem. In Western countries, 15% of all people suffers from incontinence. Although incontinence or urine loss is often associated with elderly people, it can occur in all ages and affects both men and women.

Urge incontinence

Urge incontinence occurs when the urge to pee is very strong and unexpected, which makes it too difficult to reach the toilet in time. The bladder can be extra irritable and is sometimes called ‘overactive’. The bladder muscles contract very suddenly, causing all the urine to flow from the bladder. This can turn your day into a constant struggle against your own bladder in order not to lose urine.

Urge incontinence can be caused by bladder disorders such as urinary tract infection (UTI) or an enlarged prostate as well as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s medically impossible to establish a cause for urge incontinence.

Stress incontinence

Stress incontinence is also called overflow incontinence. As the word suggests, the bladder doesn’t empty itself completely, but your bladder leaks small amounts of urine during activities that cause pressure on the belly. Things like coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy things or exercise are examples of activities that can cause sudden pressure on the belly. With this form of incontinence, the bladder’s sphincter muscles do not function properly.

cbd oil urine loss

What are the physical and emotional implications of incontinence?

The involuntary loss of urine is a very unpleasant problem. Aside from the shame you may feel, physical issues may occur. For example, the loss or urine can lead to skin problems. Urine irritates the skin quickly and can cause redness or an itchy skin.

Apart from the nasty inconveniences and physical implications, there can also be a great impact on the quality of daily life. Some people tend to leave their house less often, because they are afraid they will lose urine in public. Tensions arise and even anxiety can occur, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence. Incontinence can also lead to relationship problems or problems in the sexual sphere.

How can you treat incontinence with regular medication?

Conventional medicine has several options for treating incontinence and urine loss, but the associated side-effects make a natural supplement like CBD Oil an attractive alternative.

Urge incontinence

The medication that’s being used to treat urge incontinence is anti-cholinergic agent. This relaxes the overactive bladder muscles, so the bladder can hold more urine, which delays the urge to urinate. Furthermore, the medicine also inhibits the involuntary contraction of the bladder muscles.

Side effects: dry mouth, coughing, nausea, dizziness and headache.

Stress incontinence

Duloxetine is a medicine that causes the bladder sphincters to strengthen. This reduces the unwanted loss of urine.

Side effects: gastrointestinal problems, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, headache, fatigue and drowsiness.

Overactive bladder muscle

Botulinum Toxin A is sometimes administered to people with overactive bladder muscles. The medication is injected, in very small amounts, directly into the bladder wall. This paralyzes the nerve that controls the bladder muscle, to prevent the muscle from contracting too strongly and sudden. This should ensure that you need to urinate less frequently and that the bladder is more capable of holding the urine.

Side effects: swallowing difficulties, drooping eyelid, ear infection, pain, virus infection and muscular weakness.

Luckily, then, it seems as if cannabidiol from natural hemp plant origins can be used to treat urine loss issues without such unpleasant side effects.

CBD oil urine loss incontinence

CBD Oil, urine loss, and incontinence

First, let’s take a look at how CBD can team up with your body. Then we will explain how CBD Oil can help with specific bladder problems and incontinence.

CBD Oil and the ECS

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a compound found in the hemp plant and it’s one of the many cannabinoids the plant produces. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid, CBD isn’t psychoactive, so it doesn’t make you high.

All important processes in your body are controlled by the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The task of the ECS is to keep all other systems in your body in balance and to ensure important processes keep running smoothly. Scientists discovered that there are endocannabinoid receptors all through the body. They are situated in, among others, the brain, the skin, the bones, the immune system, the liver, in muscles, blood vessels and in the guts. In fact, the ECS is a system that affects almost every part of the body.

CBD is recognized by your body as a cannabinoid, so it can work together with the receptors of the ECS. In that way, CBD can have a big influence on many important processes.

CBD Oil and the bladder

All over the bladder, the tissues and muscles around it, are endocannabinoid receptors. Research showed that CBD can be effective for an overactive bladder muscle.

How can CBD Oil help people with incontinence?

Interestingly, CBD Oil can help control both the social and physical consequences of urine loss and incontinence. That means you can now use a natural, plant-based supplement to keep these common discomforts from ruining your day!

cbd oil incontinence urine loss

CBD Oil to relax body and mind

When you suffer from urge incontinence, your bladder muscles are too active. These muscles contract at an unexpected, and probably inconvenient, moment.

CBD Oil has soothing properties. Just like the regular medication, CBD can help to relax the overactive muscles of the bladder, so the bladder can hold more urine. CBD can also help to prevent the sudden and unexpected contraction of the bladder wall.

Do you suffer from social anxiety, because you´re afraid someone will notice your incontinence problems? CBD Oil can help you when suffering from the implications of incontinence. The oil can help to relax your body and mind, so it gets easier to interact with others. You worry less, your emotions can settle and you get the feeling you can trust yourself and your body again.

CBD Oil against skin irritation caused by incontinence

Urine loss can lead to skin irritation. The skin in the intimate area is very sensitive and some substances in the urine can quickly cause redness, itchiness, pain or even infections. We don’t recommend to use our CBD Skincare Products for the the intimate zone, but thankfully, CBD Oil has another way to help your skin!

CBD can influence all important physiological processes by working together with the ECS. This means CBD can also influence the functioning of our skin cells. Shortly put: CBD can help to relax your skin from within your body, so the complaints of the skin irritation will quickly get relieved.

full spectrum hemp bladder control

The natural benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil is safe to use. The WHO (the World Health Organization) has stated in 2017 that cannabidiol isn’t addictive or harmful if used regularly. Besides this, CBD has no psychoactive effects. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains only a very small amount of THC – less than 0,03% – which is not remotely enough to get you high.

Regular medication that is prescribed by the doctor to relieve incontinence problems, can have severe side effects. Generally, CBD Oil doesn’t cause side effects. Still, keep in mind that every human body is unique and everyone can respond in a different way to a certain substance. There are some mild side effects you could encounter when using CBD Oil: dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness and loss of appetite.

Usually you don’t have to worry about this. It can be a sign that your body has to get used to the CBD. Lower your daily dose for a couple of days and see if it helps.

Which CBD Product is right for you?

As said, every human being is different, both physically and in terms of preferences. Luckily, we have a full range of first-class CBD supplements for you to pick your perfect personal match. Will you choose our Full Spectrum CBD Oil, or would you rather go for the convenience of CBD Tablets, or try our delicious CBD Nutrition?

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Whichever supplement you choose, you can rely on the natural quality of SupMedi CBD. We use only the finest ingredients and have all our products tested for purity in independent laboratories. Feel free to explore the possibilities of CBD for your body and to discover which CBD product and individual dose is right for you!


cbd oil ticks lyme disease

CBD Oil, ticks, and Lyme disease

With summer on its way, tick populations boom around the world. That’s bad news, because these little critters can carry a dangerous pathogen with them: Lyme disease. What is Lyme disease and how can CBD Oil help against the symptoms of tick infections? This blog explains.

What is Lyme disease?

Dutch statistics on ticks are quite alarming. Every year, some 1.5 million people get bitten (just under 8% of the population), and around 27,000 of them get Lyme disease. One in every five ticks is infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which is transmitted to humans by infected ticks. Ticks come into contact with the bacteria through the blood they drain from birds and rodents. If infected ticks go on to bite one of us, they transmit the disease in their saliva.

Unfortunately, detecting Lyme disease is not always easy, even though starting treatment early heavily affects how the disease develops.

hemp oil tick bite marijuana drops

How do you recognise tick bites and Lyme disease symptoms?

Initial symptoms

As mentioned, Lyme disease starts with a tick bite. However, chances of accurate diagnosis are diminished because not everyone realises they have been bitten. There is one very clear sign that reveals Lyme disease, however: a ring-shaped rash around the bite location (erythema migrans). Sadly, though, the rash is not always clearly circular: not everyone displays the characteristic ‘Lyme ring’.

There are other Lyme-related symptoms that reveal an infected tick bite. However, these symptoms are ambiguous; they could just as easily be signs of a flu or inflammation:

  • Fever and shivers;
  • Headaches;
  • Pain throughout the body;
  • Neck stiffness;
  • Swollen glands

How is Lyme disease normally treated?

Lyme disease is usually treated wit antibiotics. Sometimes, two or three repeated treatments are needed to get rid of the bacteria. Still, plenty of people keep struggling with decidedly unpleasant symptoms, even after receiving multiple heavy antibiotics treatments. This condition is called Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS).

What happens if you don’t treat Lyme in time?

If the infection received timely and appropriate treatment, Lyme disease usually does no lasting damage. Sometimes, however, late diagnosis allows the infection to spread throughout the body, after which it goes into ‘hiding’. Even though you appear to have recovered (or if you still think it was just a flu), you could be in trouble. Years later, serious symptoms may resurface.

lyme disease cbd oil ticks
Tick bites can have major consequences…

Permanent health damage after treatment

Some people stay affected by Lyme symptoms for the rest of their lives even after receiving antibiotics treatments. Research has made it clear that 10% of all recovered Lyme patients are still experiencing symptoms: PTLDS. Many people find these symptoms similar to those of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. Associated symptoms include:

  • Skin rash;
  • Extreme fatigue;
  • Physical pain: joint aches, stiff painful neck, muscle pain;
  • Memory issues;
  • Nerve pain and inflammation;
  • Sleeping problems

How can CBD Oil help against Lyme disease by tick bites?

It appears as though CBD Oil can help against Lyme disease through its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and soothing properties. Skin-related symptoms such as itches and rashes can also be reduced by CBD Supplements. You can find out how this works below.

CBD Oil and the ECS

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis or hemp plants. Contrary to the best-known cannabinoids, THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects: it cannot get you high.

CBD Oil can have various effects on your health. This is because CBD works together wit your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex system tasked with keeping all physiological processes in your body balanced. The system comprises a multitude of receptors situated throughout the body. CBD is able to influence the ECS by stimulating these receptors, thus affecting bodily processes such as immune responses, pain perception, and sleep. We’ll explain how CBD Oil can help against Lyme disease after tick bites.

cbd oil lyme disease

CBD Oil against (chronic) pain

Many people affected by PTLDS experience physical pain. CBD Oil has pain-relieving properties. Cannabidiol molecules bind to receptors of the ECS, allowing CBD to influence pain stimuli entering nerve cells. By desensitizing cells to pain signals, CBD can have analgesic effects.

CBD Oil against fatigue and sleeping problems

Research has shown that Lyme disease can severely disrupt sleep patterns. This leads to fatigue, which can be countered using regular sleeping pills, or by CBD supplements as a natural alternative option.

CBD has soothing effect on body and mind alike. Feeling calm allows you to fall asleep faster and increases the likelihood of sleeping through the night. Here too, the ECS pays a key part. Sleep is governed by specific receptors called GABA receptors. Whereas regular sleeping pills and tranquillizers activate these receptors, CBD has proven capable of stimulating these very same receptors, too.

CBD against inflammation

Another serious potential consequence of Lyme disease is encephalitis: inflammation of the brain. Its symptoms include headaches, fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, hallucinations, impaired speech, and loss of consciousness.

Inflammation anywhere throughout the body triggers the release of cytokines. These cytokines further escalate the inflammatory response, which can intensify the symptoms. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines. That means CBD Oil may help reduce inflammation associated with Lime disease following tick bites.

CBD and Lyme disease skin symptoms

Our skin is our main line of defence against harmful external influences. Research indicates that CBD Oil can benefit the skin in various ways, as CBD helps the ECS guard the balance in the cells and tissues of the skin. CBD Oil can help improve the resilience of the skin.

Skin problems are commonly caused by inflammation. Multiple studies have demonstrated that CBD can help the body regulate, reduce, and prevent inflammation. This anti-inflammatory potential can also promote reduction and prevention of itches and rashes. That in turn makes CBD Oil a good option for use against skin problems caused by Lyme after tick bites.

hemp oil cannabis skin skincare

Does CBD Oil produce side-effects?

Doctors tend to prescribe regular medication for the symptoms listed above; usually painkillers and tranquillizers. These drugs tend to produce mixed results. They do not work well for everyone, and moreover, they often come with serious side-effects.

The same cannot be said of CBD supplements. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that CBD is not addictive, and that daily use of such supplements is not harmful. Some people experience mild side-effects, but these are limited in scope and impact. Examples of rare side-effects include dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, and decreased appetite.

These side-effects are quite harmless, and they are usually indications that your body needs to adjust to CBD Oil. It is usually enough to lower your dose for a few days and wait for the side-effects to go away.

Consult your doctor

If you’ve been out for a stroll in the woods, or spent the afternoon playing I the grass with your dog, always check for any ticks you may have brought along with you. It’s fairly easy to do in the shower – make sure to check the dog as well once you’re dry. Always consult a doctor if you’ve been bitten by a tick. Do the same if you notice one of the signs of Lyme and you don’t trust it.

If you have (had) Lyme disease and you’re still affected by the consequences, CBD Oil can prove helpful in more than one way. Do note, however, that CBD can interact with certain types of medication. That’s why anyone taking medicines should consult their doctor before using CBD supplements.

CBD oil tick lyme disease

SupMedi CBD Oil and Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a serious condition that unfortunately affects many people, but fortunately, CBD Oil seems able to bring some relief.

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Our CBD supplements range is a diverse collection of high quality products. If you’re looking for natural ways to relieve pain, inflammation, or sleeping problems, try our CBD Oil or CBD Tablets and experience what hemp extracts can do for you.

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cbd oil back pain

CBD Oil against back pain

Back pain is a deeply unpleasant condition that unfortunately affects many people. We tend to spend much of our lives seated with too little exercise, which increases the risk of back problems. Although most cases of back pain can be treated with regular painkillers, long-term use of analgesics is not advisable. CBD Oil can be a good alternative for managing back pain: it is a natural compound that can help ease the pain, counter inflammation, and relax muscles. Read on to find out how CBD Oil can help ease back pain.

Why is an aching back so problematic?

Nearly all of us go through episodes of back aches at some point in life. Common causes include sports injuries, lifting heavy weights the wrong way, or an underlying medical condition. Back pain can occur anywhere in the dorsal region, and can manifest as an acute or chronic problem.

Acute back pain is brief by definition; it usually fades in a matter of days or weeks. Chronic back pain can persist for weeks or months on end. On average, adults aged 35 to 45 are most affected by back aches, although anyone can be affected at any age.

Chronic back pain can bring your whole life to a standstill. Temporary back aches can be a nuisance too, even though it is rarely harmful. It can severely restrain your daily life, whether at work, taking care of the kids, or otherwise. Often, back pain is a great reminder of how often we use our back – it can really disrupt your daily routine.

Back aches can be caused by conditions such as spondylosis, kidney stones, tumours, spina bifida, age-related wear, or fibromyalgia. Of course, you could also get it in the wake of a car accident, as a consequence of bad posture, or an injury.

If back pain is keeping you from living your life the way you want to, painkillers such as paracetamol are the usual solution. Prescriptions for chronic back aches usually include anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen or muscle relaxants. Physiotherapy can prove helpful too, such as by regular massages or specific exercises.

cbd oil back pain

How can CBD Oil help ease back pain?

In recent years, CBD Oil has become something of a go-to natural remedy for use with a range of health issues. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids produced by hemp plants.

CBD Oil is absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing it t influence various physiological processes. It does so by working with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which strives to maintain our internal balance. It uses endocannabinoids produced by our own body to do so.

Vegetal cannabidiol is recognised by the ECS just like its own endocannabinoids. This enables the compound to put its analgesic and anti-inflammatory potential to effect. It also has calming properties. These characteristics allow CBD Oil to help ease back pain in several ways.

cbd hemp cannabis oil back ache

Pain relief for back aches

If you have ever experienced back pain, you will know how crippling and annoying it can be. You’ll usually notice it as soon as you wake up and try to get out of bed. You find that one spot in your back refuses to cooperate; stretching doesn’t go well, and bending over or turning around sends flashes of pain up and down your spine.

The pain can be stinging, or manifest itself as a dull or burning sensation. Multiple studies have demonstrated that CBD Oil can ease the pain caused by various conditions, including arthritis and headaches. Neuropathic pain is a specific area where CBD may prove very effective.

The link between CBD Oil and back pain has not been studied extensively so far, but its effectiveness with similar pain issues make it a likely candidate for treating back pain, too. A 2020 case review showed that CBD salve can bring relief for both acute and chronic back aches.

The analgesic properties of this cannabinoid are due to its influence on receptors that process pain stimuli. One major advantage that CBD has over normal painkillers is its lack of severe side-effects and addiction or tolerance risks. That makes it safe for long-term use.

CBD Oil helps muscles relax during back pain

Musce relaxants can also help control various kinds of back aches. Such drugs help the muscles of the back relax after cramping up as a result of an injury. This can help improve flexibility and freedom of motion while reducing pain and irritation.

The ECS is involved in relaying signals to the muscles. CBD can use the ECS to signal the muscles to relax. This capacity makes CBD a viable option for controlling conditions such as MS. It can help reduce spasticity characteristic of the disorder.

One of the effects of CBD is the regulation of the body’s own cannabinoids. This allows it to control production of substances like anadamide (the ‘bliss molecule’) involved in sleeping, our experience of pain, and our mood.

We still have much to learn about anandamide and its specific purpose. However, CBD’s anandamide production influence is thought to be one of the foundations of the relaxing and pain-relieving potential of cannabidiol.

cbd tablets oil back pain

Countering inflammation

Prescriptions for an aching back often include anti-inflammatory drugs. Some are over-the-counter type medication, but most of them have negative consequences after prolonged use. Regular drugs against inflammation are known to cause ulcers, high blood pressure, dizziness, or gastrointestinal issues.

CBD Oil can also help counter inflammation seen in back pain, both of the acute and chronic type. This is due to CBD’s capacity to curb the body’s excessive inflammatory responses. The main advantage of doing so is that CBD has far less severe side effects that are quite rare in occurrence. That makes CBD Oil an interesting alternative to the synthetic anti-inflammatory drug doctors prescribe for back pain.

Here too, anandamide is a key compound. Anandamide has powerful anti-inflammatory properties of its own, as research has shown. This allows CBD to counter inflammation from multiple angles to reduce pain, swelling, and redness.

back pain cbd oil

Protecting intervertebral discs

Wear of intervertebral discs in the spine is one of the main causes of back problems like chronic back aches. Preventing such damage can help reduce the risk of this type of back pain.

A study involving rodents demonstrated that CBD is capable of drastically reducing intervertebral disc damage, thus protecting them from wear and keeping them in shape.

Should you try CBD Oil for back pain?

Are you burdened by an aching back and looking for a natural way to counter the pain? You should try and see whether Full Spectrum CBD Oil can ease your back pain, as this plant-based supplement has several interesting characteristics that could work for you. You could also try CBD Tablets, which are ideal to take with you for fast and easy use anywhere, anytime. In addition, Full Spectrum CBG Oil that combines CBD with its fellow cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG) could help you control your back pain. This compound has powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of its own.


Choose your supplement


As you can see, CBD Oil and similar hemp supplements offer natural yet powerful alternatives for regular back pain treatments. Order our high quality supplements online today and find out for yourself if cannabidiol can help get this painful condition off your back.

cbd oil erectile dysfunction

CBD Oil and ED (erectile dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction is not a topic many people like to discuss openly. Yet in spite of this, 52% of all males aged 40 to 70 are affected by the issue. According to the Urology Care Foundation, experiencing occasional problems with having or maintaining an erection is quite normal. If the problem occurs frequently, however, identifying its causes is prudent. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with medication, but many men would prefer a natural alternative. CBD Oil could offer just that, as it may help address the psychological and physical causes underlying erectile dysfunction symptoms.

What is erectile dysfunction?

The official criterion for erectile dysfunction (ED) is failing to have or maintain an erection 75% of the time. This is often a deeply distressing problem that can have serious consequences for your relationship and self-confidence. ED may be a temporary problem caused by short-term stress or mental issues. Some men, however, keep suffering from erectile dysfunction for extended periods of time.

Upon close inspection, having and maintaining an erection is a complex physiological process involving the brain, muscles, nerves, hormones, and circulatory system. The penis itself is a sophisticated organ consisting of three parts: the glans, the corpus spongiosum, and the corpus cavernosum. The shaft  of the penis is made up of erectile tissue. This is a collection of minuscule tubes that swell up with blood in a state of arousal. This is what makes up the stiffness of an erection.

The process also involves muscles. Smooth muscle tissue regulates the flow of blood. These muscles cannot be consciously controlled like the muscles of the arms or legs. A state of sexual arousal causes these muscles to relax, allowing more blood to flow into the penis.

CBD oil erectile dysfunction

Causes of ED

Erectile dysfunction involves an inability to achieve or maintain an erection. This can be caused by physical as well as mental factors.

Mental causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Stress;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Obesity;
  • Heart conditions;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • Sleeping problems;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Diabetes

As you can see, ED can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Fortunately, medication and lifestyle changes can help treat the symptoms. In addition, CBD Oil (cannabidiol) can be a potential solution for erectile dysfunction problems, due to its ability to influence mood, blood pressure, inflammation, and other processes. These potential benefits are discussed in detail below.

ED treatment options

If you have taken the step to discuss ED issues with your doctor, they may suggest several options for treatment. Firstly, lifestyle-related issues (such as stress or obesity) usually call for adjustments to patterns of living. Your doctor could advise you to exercise more, for instance, or to adjust your diet, or to cut down on smoking and drinking.

Prescription drugs are also an option. These work by increasing blood nitrogen monoxide levels, which makes it easier for the smooth muscle tissue of the penis to relax, while simultaneously improving blood supply. Examples of such drugs include Sildenafil (Viagra), Avanafil, or Vardenafil.

Naturally, certain cases call for psychological counselling, as is often the case with depression, anxiety, or stress-related problems. Discussing sex-related problems with a therapist can prove helpful. Sexual therapy can be a source of relief. As a last resort, surgical solutions for ED are available, including penis pumps or implants.

hemp oil cannabis drops erectile dysfunction cbd impotence

Can CBD Oil help counter erectile dysfunction?

Science is just beginning to fully grasp the link between CBD and ED. Looking at the natural properties of cannabidiol, however, CBD Oil seems well suited to address some of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological foundations of ED

Multiple studies have demonstrated that CBD has a positive influence on anxiety and stress. It is even used to treat PTSD. It can also provide relief for depression and other mental problems. If you are facing erectile dysfunction issues that could stem from mental problems, CBD Oil may just be the solution you are looking for.

Hormonal imbalance

Erectile problems can also be cause by disruptions of our hormonal balance. Crucial hormones involved in having and maintaining an erection include testosterone and thyroid hormones. Low levels of these hormones can trigger ED. CBD has the ability to influence our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is charged with preserving our internal balance by influencing a multitude of physiological processes, including hormonal secretion. CBD Oil can enable the ECS to restore our hormonal balance, reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction as a result.

Erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and CBD Oil

Diabetes is another common underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. Persistent high blood glucose levels resulting from insulin resistance can damage the body’s circulatory system. This includes the blood vessels necessary to produce an erection. This can reduce the flow of blood to the penis. So how can CBD prove helpful here? The link was established when scientists recently discovered a connection between insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.

Many studies have demonstrated that CBD can be an effective natural anti-inflammatory supplement. This makes it useful, potentially in combination with regular medication, to reduce the symptoms of diabetes, which could help limit damage to veins and arteries.

High blood pressure

CBD Oil has also been investigated for its potential in controlling high blood pressure. CBD has the potential to help lower blood pressure, which can support a healthy circulation. This could make CBD Oil a highly effective means of treating erectile dysfunction.

cbd olie full spectrum erectiestoornis

Better sex life through CBD Oil for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can have a lasting impact on metal wellbeing and on relationships. Discussing ED with your doctor to find an effective treatment is highly advisable. CBD Oil or CBD Tablets could be your natural ticket to reducing erectile dysfunction symptoms. Cannabidiol is a natural, non-psychoactive supplement that will not get you ‘high’ or impair your performance at work or otherwise. CBD supplements are safe for long-term use, but make sure to consult your doctor first if you are already using medication. CBD is known to interact with specific kinds of (prescription) drugs.

Order your CBD supplement here!

Let’s face it: sex is important. A rewarding and satisfying sex life is good for your health, and moreover, it is a source of joy for you and for your partner. If CBD Oil can help you keep erectile disfunction problems under control, you are bound to improve your wellbeing and your relationship at the same time!


use cbd oil what for

What can you use CBD Oil for?

There’s a fair chance that you’ve heard about CBD Oil at some point. After all, lots of people use it on a daily basis. You may have heard someone explain how their sleep improved since they started to use CBD Oil. Maybe someone claimed to be less affected by stress or anxiety, pain, or fatigue. CBD is a highly versatile supplement, with soothing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties to name but a few. Below, you’ll discover what you could use CBD Oil for yourself.

Why choose CBD Oil?

If you are affected by pain, sleeping problems, or infections, you have plenty of regular drugs and treatments to choose from. Even though regular medication can be very effective, however, it can cause all sorts of unwanted side-effects. This is why many people today prefer natural alternatives. One such alternative is CBD (cannabidiol), a natural dietary supplement that more people discover every day.

This compound. Obtained from hemp plants, is able to interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is tasked with maintaining the natural state of balance throughout the body, which explains why it can affect so many different physiological processes.

The ECS affects our sleep patterns, digestion, and immune system, for instance. CBD is a cannabinoid, and similarly to the cannabinoids produced by our own body, it can work with the ECS to restore homeostatic balance.

CBD can bring relief for psychological as well as for physical conditions, including:

What do people use CBD Oil for?

Judging by the list above, or leafing through our expanding blog collection, you might wonder whether there is anything for which you can’t use CBD Oil. CBD works together with your body to uphold its naturally balanced state. It does o by countering problems ranging from inflammation to pain and from sleeping well to coping with stress: the list of possibilities just seems to go on and on. Researchers still find new applications for cannabidiol almost on a monthly basis.

hem oil cannabidiol cannabis drops

CBD Oil for chronic pain

Pain can be a debilitating factor in our overall quality of living. People suffering from chronic pain often need painkillers just to make it through the day. CBD Oil has the advantage of being safe for long-term use, with few side-effects if any.

People also use CBD Oil to relieve symptoms of migraine, fibromyalgia, and joint pain. Still, CBD oil can also be used for non-chronic and acute pain, such as menstrual pain or sports injuries, for example.

Experience relief of stress, tension, and burnout syndrome

CBD Oil can have calming effects both on a physical and a mental level. Whereas stress causes mental unrest (anxiety or racing thoughts, for instance), it can also express itself physically by an accelerated pulse or tense muscles. CBD can help ease those racing thoughts while simultaneously promoting relaxed muscles. It can be helpful for several kinds of anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, burnout syndrome, and (job) stress.

Inflammation and (chronic) inflammatory disease

Inflammation is the body’s natural response whenever tissues are damaged or external infections occur. Symptoms usually include redness, swelling, and pain. CBD Oil can be used for both acute and long-term inflammation.

People use CBD Oil for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Studies demonstrate its potential against arthritis, IBS, allergies, and many more inflammation-related conditions.

cbd oil full spectrum

Sadness, anxiety, and depression

People increasingly use CBD Oil to counter feelings of sadness, depression, and anxiety. They notice how this natural supplement helps them feel more at ease. CBD has the major benefit of not suppressing your emotions as many regular drugs do, and it does not come with risks of addiction or dependency commonly associated with antidepressants and anxiolytics.

Why people use CBD Oil for sleeping problems

Stress and anxiety often prove to be the underlying cause of poor sleeping behaviour. It can be hard to let go of the day’s events at night, fostering a sense of agitation that prevents you from falling asleep or keeps waking you up at night. CBD is a great natural alternative to tranquillizers and sleeping pills. It promotes a sense of peace and quite in the mind and the body, making it easier to doze off and to sleep through the night.

Immune system boost

If your immune system is not functioning as it should, you’re more likely to catch a cold or flu, or feel tired and uninspired. Having a strong immune system helps us feel fit and healthy, ready to make the most of every new day.

Research has demonstrated that CBD Oil can help regulate the immune system. If your immune system overreacts, CBD can curb the response. If it is not active enough, CBD can boost your natural defences. This two-way  effect is known as the immunomodulating potential of cannabidiol.

Why use CBD Oil for diabetes?

Diabetes impairs cellular capacity for reacting to insulin. This raises blood glucose levels, which can trigger inflammation throughout the entire body. CBD can work with the ECS to influence cellular sensitivity to insulin. This makes CBD Oil a likely candidate for natural diabetes treatments.

High blood pressure and cardiovascular problems

Heart conditions and high blood pressure can have serious health implications. CBD oil may prove helpful in keeping cardiac and vascular problems under control. Many heart conditions are linked to inflammation issues, including hypertension, stroke, and coronary artery disease. It even appears as though we can use CBD Oil to protect ourselves against heart disease linked to arrhythmia.

cbd argan skin

Skin problems and wrinkles

You can also use CBD Oil as a natural part of your skincare routine. If you are affected by eczema, cuts and scratches, itches, dry skin, or irritated spots, CBD can have soothing, nurturing, and nourishing effects. CBD Argan Salve or CBD Cream can bring fast relief and restoration for your skin.

Allergy, asthma, and hay fever

What allergy, hay fever and asthma all have in common is their cause: a severe response by the immune system to an external stimulus that is not supposed to produce such a response. This triggers inflammatory reactions throughout the body that can cause all sorts of problems.

You can use CBD Oil as a natural option for each of these conditions. It can help by reducing inflammation, and by rebalancing your immune system.

Brain health

We all want to age in good health. But how do you go about taking good care of your brain? You can use CBD Oil for supporting your cerebral health and fitness, due to its neuroprotective capacity. Studies indicate that CBD can slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It can also have positive effects on Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Moreover, people use CBD Oil for reduction of the impact of autism and ADHD symptoms.

Sports, muscle pain, and fitness

Exercise is good for you, and you can use CBD Oil if you’re looking for a natural performance boost. After a good workout, CBD can help you recover faster to prevent muscle aches. Improved focus and better sleeping can help you make the most out of every gym visit or run you manage to squeeze in. During exercise, CBD can help you stay sharp and alert, so no matter whether you’re a pro or just working out for fun and stamina, CBD Oil has a use for every athlete.

Improved performance at school or work

Although you may not realize it, many people use CBD Oil for optimal work and school performance. The stress relief and improved focus potential of cannabidiol are important reasons for taking supplements to class or the office, especially when an important presentation or exams are around the corner.

Is CBD Oil safe for everyday use?

CBD supplements only produce mild, if any, side-effects. If such side-effects occur (which they usually do not) these are often quite incomparable to those of regular medication. The World Health Oganization WHO has confirmed that CBD is safe to use. Ever more countries decide to legalize sale and use of CBD products, which only adds to their quality and safety. Add to this the mounting anecdotal evidence from people sharing success stories of what they use CBD Oil for, and the conclusion seems obvious. If you are using medication, however, remember to consult your doctor first, just like you should for other supplements.

Our supplements do not contain noticeable quantities of THC, another hemp plant compound. We make sure by having our products tested at independent laboratories. This ensures that you cannot get ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ from your supplement. That means you can use CBD Oil even if you have a demanding job, need to take care of the kids, or go for a drive in your car.

We advise not to use CBD Oil while pregnant or breastfeeding, nor for children below four years of age. Beyond that, anyone – male or female, young or old – can use CBD Oil for improving their natural balance, with all the benefits that may entail.

Want to experience the use CBD Oil for yourself?

The above symptoms and conditions outline the most common reasons for which people use CBD Oil. There are many other potential applications, though, including epilepsy, MS, addiction, and menopause, to name but a few – and more uses are discovered all the time. Don’t just accept your conditions and problems, but see if CBD can help you, too. We guarantee only premium supplements based on high quality hemp extracts, lab-tested for quality and purity. You can order them safe, fast, and easy from our online store, so let nature convince you and experience the effects for yourself! Our blogs explore even more areas for which people use CBD Oil. Meanwhile, we’ll be watching the latest developments closely, because science has just begun to unlock the vast potential that cannabidiol can offer!


Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil in 5% and 10% formulas comprises the full range of natural cannabinoids and other vegetal hemp compounds. We also have supplements in convenient tablet format, special CBD Skincare products, and delicious CBD Edibles. Pick your ideal match for a personal taste of how you can put CBD Oil to good use!



cbd oil fertility

Can CBD Oil improve fertility?

It’s not a given for everyone to have a baby or to conceive. Fertility problems are more common than you might think, but for many people it’s a difficult subject to talk about. Involuntary childlessness can cause stress, anxiety and even depression. Relationship problems between two partners can also arise. How can CBD Oil help? Is it possible that CBD Oil can improve fertility? Read on!

What are fertility problems?

What does it mean when you have ‘reduced fertility’? The term ‘sub-fertility’ is the inability to conceive within one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. 1 in 6 couples are confronted with fertility problems. Either male infertility or female infertility can cause the problem. We’ll review the most common causes:

Female causes


Age is the most important cause of reduced female fertility. Female fertility normally peaks around age 24. After 30 the chances of pregnancy diminish slowly, with pregnancy occurring rarely after 50. Age also strongly affects the quality of the eggs. This means the chance of conception decreases, while the egg quality also diminishes. This can lead to an increased risk of miscarriage.

Menopause usually occurs around the age of 50. From the moment a woman stops ovulating, a spontaneous pregnancy becomes impossible. Unfortunately, menopause starts early in some women. This means some younger women are unable to get pregnant in a natural way.

Other causes

A regular cycle lasts between 21 and 35 days. If your cycle is irregular – so, shorter than 21 or longer than 35 days – it could mean there is an ovulation problem. This can be caused by:

  • Hormonal abnormalities
  • Early menopause
  • Being underweight (BMI <18)
  • Being overweight (BMI >30)
  • Medical treatments (like chemotherapy or heavy medication)
  • Genetic disorders
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis

Male causes

The quality of the sperm depends on the amount of sperm cells, their shape and mobility. The quality of the sperm does not determine the chance of a pregnancy, because even low quality sperm can lead to a pregnancy. It could mean that it takes longer to conceive, though. Other causes for reduces male fertility can be:

  • Cryotorchidism: when one or both testes fail to descend
  • (Partly) absent vas deferens
  • A previous inflammation of one or both testicles or epididymides
  • Medical treatments (like chemotherapy or radiation)
  • Genetic disorders

Unexplained infertility

In around 25% of the couples who are involuntary childless, a medical cause for the reduced fertility is never found. This is called idiopathic subfertility, or unexplained infertility.

cbd oil fertility
Getting pregnant is not easy for everyone.

Does CBD Oil affect fertility?

CBD Oil and the ECS

CBD Oil collaborates with the endocannabinoid system in our body: the ECS. The most important task of this system is to keep your body balanced. The ECS can do this by ensuring that various psychical and mental processes keep running smoothly.

There are cannabinoid receptors all through the body: in your skin, organs, bones, brains, etcetera. CBD can interact with these receptors. By doing this, CBD can help keeping all important processes in the body balanced.

Can CBD Oil improve fertility?

There are also cannabinoid receptors in the female reproductive system and in sperm cells. This is why scientists and researchers believe it’s possible that CBD Oil can have a positive influence on the reproductive system and sperm cells. Like all the other functions and processes in the body that CBD can stimulate and improve, this could very well be the case in fertility too.

It is thought that the endocannabinoids (or endogenous cannabinoids) can stimulate the functioning of the ovaries and can ensure that the fertility of the sperm cells increase. Because CBD can stimulate the production of endocannabinoids, it may well be that the positive properties of CBD Oil can help you to conceive!

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Can CBD Oil reduce fertility?

It is common knowledge that marihuana can have a negative effect on male fertility, but there hasn’t been found any concrete evidence yet that CBD Oil has a positive or negative effect on fertility.

A couple of studies have been done, but more research is necessary. This is what we do know:

A study on mice showed that the hormone anandamide inhibits the development of embryos. CBD Oil stimulates the production of this hormone, which suggests that CBD could have a negative effect on the embryo during the first phase of the pregnancy. It could also mean the hormone reduces the entire fertility. However, none of this has been proven yet.

Another research showed that cannabinoids in general can lead to a reduction of the functioning of sperm cells. Unfortunately, no research has been done into CBD in this matter.

How can CBD help you conceive?

It is important to remember that CBD has a lot of different positive properties. It can have a soothing effect, improve your mood, it can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. If you can’t conceive because you suffer from another condition, CBD Oil may well be able to help you to relieve those symptoms. Of course this goes for both men and women! This way you can both feel better in your own skin and can CBD Oil have an indirect influence on your fertility!

Anxiety, stress and depression

CBD Oil seems to be very effective against stress and anxiety. CBD Oil, together with the ECS, ensures the brain to react different to stress and anxiety. This way, CBD can bring more balance, so you can experience more peace, tranquillity and happiness in life.


CBD Oil has soothing properties. CBD can calm your body and mind, so it gets easier to fall asleep and it can help you to stay asleep throughout the night.

Excess weight

Your body produces a hormone – Ghrelin – also called the ‘hunger hormone’, that sends a signal to the brain when you feel hungry. CBD can block this signal and by doing this, the feeling of being hungry is ‘shut down’. In this way, CBD Oil can support you when you want to lose weight.

(Chronic) pain, hormonal fluctuations en inflammation

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder which influences the ovulation, so a woman suffers from a hormonal imbalance. This can make it very difficult to get pregnant.

In the case of a hormonal imbalance, CBD Oil can, together with the ECS, restore the balance.

Another condition that can get in the way of conceiving, is endometriosis. It’s a disease in which the tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grows outside of the uterus. This can cause scar tissue and inflammation, but also a lot of (chronic) pain.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains a variety of substances, with a lot of different properties that can help to reduce inflammation. Besides this, the versatile and natural hemp supplements can help to relieve pain!

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Consult your doctor!

There are different theories about the relationship between CBD Oil and fertility. More research is needed to be able to make more definitive statements about this relationship.

In this stage there’s no evidence that CBD has positive or negative effects on fertility. The only thing we know is that CBD Oil can help to relieve symptoms or complaints of other conditions, so you feel better in general.

Some doctors don’t recommend CBD Oil to couples who are facing problems getting pregnant. It’s always important to talk to your doctor before you start to use CBD Oil, especially when you’re already using other supplements or medication!

Important: are you pregnant? We advise against the use of CBD Oil during your pregnancy and breastfeeding!