Top 5 misconceptions about CBD explained

There are quite a number of misconceptions about CBD. These originate from the fact that sometimes it’s unclear how CBD is made, what it contains and how it can benefit you. Some people will not use it because of these misconceptions. That’s a shame, for it can have a positive influence on your health. Here you’ll find some clarifications of the most common misconceptions about CBD.

1. It’s illegal to use CBD – CBD is illegal

Sometimes in the Netherlands, laws and regulations are illogical. CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant and because it contains the compound THC (which is prohibited by the opium act), production of CBD is also prohibited. That is why CBD Products are usually produced in other countries.

But CBD itself is not illegal. It doesn’t contain any psychoactive compounds and doesn’t cause a mind altering high. It’s not prohibited to be used in the Netherlands. CBD is considered a food supplement and you are allowed to sell and buy it.

CBD illegal - misconception

2. CBD comes from cannabis

This can be the case, but usually CBD is obtained from the hemp plant. Both the marijuana and the hemp plant belong to the cannabis family. However, the big difference between the plants is the amount of THC they contain. This is the compound that causes a high. While marijuana plants can contain as much as 20% THC, for the hemp plant this is less than 0,2%. That is the reason CBD usually is extracted from the hemp plant. CBD does not contain THC or only very small quantities. If CBD products contain higher percentages of THC, they are not allowed to be imported into The Netherlands.

3. CBD gets you high

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about CBD. Though it is quite the contrary: CBD is safe to use and it will not get you high. CBD is extracted from a plant that is part of the cannabis family and this indeed contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The influence THC has on your body, is completely different from CBD: it produces a high and it has an impact on your brain, your emotions and how you see the world.

CBD and THC both are cannabinoids, but products with CBD do not make you feel high. CBD does influence your body and mind, but its effect is totally different than that of THC. It supports your body, so that certain systems will function more efficiently. CBD helps you relax, reduces stress and improves your sleep. It can also help alleviate hormonal complaints.

THC is the cannabinoid that does make you feel high/ stoned. This is a product you can find in any Amsterdam coffeeshop. CBD does not make you high, unless you have a combination of both cannabinoids in your purchased product, but you won’t find these at as they are still illegal in Holland to sell as an extraction
CBD doesn't make you high

4. It doesn’t matter which CBD product you choose – All CBD is the same

It certainly is advisable to pay attention to the quality of the CBD product you want to buy. There are companies that sell CBD products, that contain ingredients which aren’t properly listed on the packaging. Furthermore, it’s possible to buy CBD oil, that doesn’t even contain CBD.

Here at Supmedi we only sell CBD of high-quality hemp extract. We also have all our products verified and tested meticulously and extensively. We work together with Holland Biodiversity and Proxy Laboratories. This way we ensure we can always supply CBD products of very high quality. If you plan to buy CBD, make sure you get it from a reliable supplier.

You can use CBD in different ways. So before you buy, first consider how you would like to use it. For example, you can choose CBD-oil. This available containing various percentages of CBD. You can take the drops by dripping them directly under the tongue using a pipette.

Because the taste of the oil is quite strong, you can also choose CBD tablets. These too, are available containing various percentages of CBD. You can let these melt in your mouth, and will probably not be troubled by the taste. As SupMedi’s Melt Tablets have a subtle citrus taste thanks to the vitamin C. The effects of CBD oil however, are more rapid, because the intake of CBD through the mucous membrane of the mouth is very fast. In our web shop you can buy food and drinks with CBD as well. So please check the characteristics of a CBD product and see if it is fitting for your situation.

CBD Collection - BEST CBD by Supmedi

5. CBD is addictive

It is a fact that CBD has no addictive properties. Many people think that CBD is addictive, because it is obtained from the cannabis plant. It is however no drug and doesn’t have the same effects as THC. You will not become addicted or become dependent on it. So when you stop using CBD, it will not cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms.

As you can see, all these misconceptions about CBD can be cleared up. So in conclusion, it’s safe to say you can safely use CBD. Choose any form of this natural remedy from our webshop to help bring balance to your body and mind.