CBD by SupMedi – An Honest And Responsible Choice!

SupMedi is a responsible choice for anyone accepting only the highest quality in CBD dietary supplements.

Our years of experience in cultivating, selecting, and processing the best hemp variants in the world is your guarantee for a naturally pure and high-grade CBD product. We are proud to have all our CBD products tested by a certified laboratory; the only one to provide its services to the Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellbeing, and Sports.

The Philosophy Behind SupMedi

At SupMedi, we combine the best of two worlds to develop the best in natural genetics. We are experienced and specialised in growing and processing excellent natural products. We work with an honest source as our natural foundation, and we have our products tested in fairness by an independent certified laboratory.

All of our work is supported by a solid foundation of scientifically substantiated expertise in plant biology and genetics. Every day, the SupMedi team works hard to cultivate and improve the finest strains of only the best hemp species. This enables us to keep surprising our expanding group of customers with the very best that Mother Nature and modern science can offer!

To Get The Best CBD Products, Just Having Green Fingers Is Not Enough

By using high-grade hemp extracts and natural additives such as pure olive oil, we keep SupMedi CBD supplements as close to their natural origins as possible. Our natural philosophy is backed up by the latest scientific insights. To this end, we cooperate closely with ProxyLabs laboratories. Here, our CBD products are subjected to careful examinations in a strict testing regime.

This is how we ensure that our products are pure, containing only those substances that are making CBD a trusted natural dietary supplement for more people every day: from an honest source to an honest product in your own hands.