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Using CBD For Horses: A Range Of Possibilities

As more people discover the potential of CBD Supplements, we gradually find out what this natural hemp substance can do for the animals we love. In this blog, we’ll explore how CBD for horses could offer natural benefits for these majestic animals, and for the people who work, live, and ride together with them.

Using CBD For Horses

People love horses, that’s a fact. Historically, humans and horses have been working and living together for many thousands of years. Today, modern farming rarely uses raw horse power anymore, but recreational horsemanship has boomed exponentially. All over the world, people enjoy riding, grooming, and caring for their equestrian friends. Is it such a great match because horses and humans have so much in common? Perhaps.

Biologically, we are much more like horses than you might expect. That means a horse can suffer from many of the same illnesses found in humans. Does that sound like bad news to you? Well, think again! Because we are so much alike, our horses can benefit from CBD’s natural effects just like we can. Using CBD for horses could improve their health, shape, and mental fortitude in an all-natural way. CBD Supplements are produced using pure, plant-based hemp. That’s great for anyone who prefers natural horsemanship. Rest assured that SupMedi CBD Oil contains pure, lab-tested CBD and no substances that affect your horse’s mental state: CBD cannot get your horse high! CBD was officially labeled non-doping by the WADA, so competition riders don’t need to worry about disqualification. What’s more, CBD could help treat a whole range of equestrian conditions, without the negative side-effects that regular medication usually brings.

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Natural CBD Supplements for our natural friends

How CBD Can Help Horses And Riders

In previous blogs, we have discussed how CBD can help horse riders deal with competition stress in a natural way. We have also seen how CBD Supplements can help treat horses with mud fever, but there are many other conditions where cannabidiol could prove effective. Below, you’ll find a list of health issues where the plant-based power of CBD could be a very effective remedy without unwanted side-effects. Let’s give our natural friends the natural care they deserve!

Why Using CBD For Horses Can Be So Effective

Horses have much more in common with us than just their love for riding in the forest or galloping on the beach. Like many other species, horses have the same endocannabinoid system (ECS) that humans do. This system regulates the internal balance of a horse’s body, by keeping thousands of different processes in tune with one another. The ECS uses so-called endocannabinoids: compounds produced by the body that are very much like the phytocannabinoids found in hemp plants. Scientists have discovered that plant-based phytocannabinoids like CBD can affect the ECS in the same way that endocannabinoids do. That is why CBD supplements derived from hemp can help restore the balance in a horse’s body, just like it can do for you and me.

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Horses deserve health and happiness, too!

The endocannabinoid system also explains why CBD can be effective against so many different symptoms and conditions. The ECS reaches all the way through the body, affecting almost all organs and systems that make up the anatomy of a horse – or a human being, for that matter. Below, you’ll find a brief summary of typical horse health issues where CBD might prove helpful.

Using CBD For Horses: Possible Applications

CBD Against Pain

CBD is known to have analgesic potential, meaning that it can be used to counter (chronic) pain. Horses are vulnerable to all sorts of injuries, especially if they have to perform in dressage or other competitions. Even minor injuries can cause pain that affects the performance of your horse. CBD can be used to reduce the pain, which if effective could result in greater freedom of movement, a happier horse, and reduced risk of further injury due to bad posture. This explains how using CBD for horses in pain can be a natural option that’s worth a try.

CBD Against Inflammation And Arthritis

Another common application of CBD Supplements is in the treatment of inflammations. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the impact of inflammations on your horse’s well-being, health, and competition results.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential is especially promising for horses suffering from arthritis and other chronic inflammation syndromes, including bowel inflammations. Using CBD for horses that are prone to inflammation may also have preventive benefits, to save you from having to cancel that show or competition due to last-minute injuries.

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CBD Against Colic

Colic is a well-known health issue in the equestrian world. Colic can cause severe abdominal pain, and may even prove fatal if left unchecked. Its exact cause is unknown, but the prime suspects are bacteria present in the horse’s guts. Since CBD can help maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the intestines, it could help reduce the risk of colic occurring. More importantly, it can prove helpful in reducing the bloating of the abdomen and in countering the pain caused by this symptom. As you can see, CBD could work against colic in more than one natural way.

CBD Against Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

The intestines of healthy horses are full of beneficial bacteria that help break down grasses and other plant parts of the equine diet. However, if a horse has the wrong type of bacteria in its gut, infections can easily arise. Since CBD can help boost the general immune system of your horse, its natural defences against bacterial infections can increase, reducing the chance of the infections causing gastric ulcer syndrome, a condition affecting about half (!) of all horses today.

CBD Against Stress And Anxiety

Finally, CBD has been investigated for its capacity to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Most of the research conducted involved human test subjects. However, as humans, we share the same endocannabinoid system. There is a very real chance that CBD can reduce anxiety and stress in horses, too. As horses are typical prey animals, they are sensitive to environmental stress. We all know that grooming or riding a jittery horse can be a nerve-wracking experience. This is even more true on big events like shows and competitions.

CBD, Stress, And Equestrian Sports

Of course, the last thing you want on days like those is a frightened, jumpy horse. Using CBD for horses in the runup to events could help prevent equine stress. That means you could be improving your horsemanship and riding results while helping your horse stay calm and relaxed. But don’t worry: you can rest assured that a stress-free horse will help you keep your cool when you ride it, too!

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Want To Give CBD For Horses A Try?

If you are interested in using CBD as a natural supplement for your own horse, we suggest you try our 10% CBD Oil. This supplement is easy to mix in with regular horse feed for ease of use. Since horses are large animals, finding the right dosage can be difficult. We suggest starting out with a few drops first, and then gradually increasing the dosage until the symptoms go away. If you have any doubts, please contact our team or consult your veterinarian.

Happy riding for you and your four-legged friend!

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