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The Very Best In CBD Winter Skincare

With plummeting temperatures, staying in with the heat up, harsh winds blowing outside, and bone-chilling rain falling, winter and autumn weather are bad news for your skin. That is why the fall and winter months make proper CBD skincare so important. Indoors, the air can become very dry, but as soon as you step outside, bitter winter breezes lash your skin. All things considered, the cold months of the year bring many challenges for your body’s first line of defence: your skin.

Nourish, Nurture And Protect Your Skin In Winter

As the days grow shorter and colder once more and fall turns into winter, giving your skin the care it deserves becomes essential. We often overlook how our skin is constantly exposed to the elements and all sorts of environmental factors. It’s more than wind and rain alone; dry air inside our homes and offices does its part, too. And winter conditions mean we spend more of our days indoors. No matter how snug and comfy that heating feels, it also dehydrates the air around us. This lack of humidity can dry out the skin in turn.

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Winter weather calls for added protection.

In winter, air humidity levels drop outside as well as indoors. That affects the condition of your skin’s outer protective layer; a fatty ‘shield’ helping your body trap the moisture it needs. As a result, your skin becomes less supple, feeling dry and flaky to the touch. The first spots where you’ll notice this are usually your hands and face, as these are most exposed without the cover of clothes.

Tips For CBD Skincare In Winter

Nourishing Cream Or Salve

It’s easy to feel how your skin dries out in winter. Perhaps you have no need at all for oily creams in summer, but as the seasons change, so do your skin’s needs. Colder weather can make your skin yearn for skincare products with stronger nourishing effects. CBD skincare products can help keep your skin supple and soft to the touch, preventing problems before the occur.

  • CBD Argan Cream contains nourishing, moisturising argan oil as well as vitamin C. This organic oil penetrates deep into the skin, replenishing lost moisture. In addition, CBD can help against inflammation and irritation of the skin, which pose greater risks in wintery weather;
  • CBD Argan Salve provides luxurious care that helps recover your skin from dryness and irritation. The argan oil included in the formula covers the skin in a thin protective layer. This salve has all the ingredients to keep your skin in shape throughout the cold season;
  • CBD Hand Cream was designed especially for hands that are fully exposed to winter conditions. The skin of your hands absorbs the cream with ease, allowing it to soften their touch from the inside out.

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Throughout autumn and winter, your skin needs a bit of extra attention. Nourish. moisturise and protect it whenever you need to, and be sure to choose the natural ingredients of CBD skincare. Dry skin is less able to protect itself from harmful outward influences. That’s why you should know that CBD cooperates with the cells of your body to support your defences. With appropriate CBD skincare, you can help prevent serious irritation and inflammation before they get a chance.

Careful With Hot Showers And Baths

You know the feeling: winter can make you feel chilled to the bone, longing for nothing less than a nice, hot bath or shower. Sure, all that steam and warm water will help raise your temperature. Just don’t overdo it, because all that hot water can dry out your skin in no time at all. Especially if your skin is dry to start with, that long hot shower or soaking session can be a bad idea. You might be better off using lukewarm water instead. Whatever you do, though, be sure to use shower or bathing products that nourish the skin well. Another smart move is using a nourishing cream after taking that shower or bath: you’ve guessed it – CBD Argan Cream would be just the thing!

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Heat up? Hot shower? Take good care of your skin!

Extra Attention For Your Hands

In cold and dry conditions, your hands can dry out fast. Burdensome cracked and parched skin will result, as will other problems. One good way of keeping the sensitive skin of your hands healthy is a regular treatment with a nourishing, oily cream like CBD Hand Cream. You can boost the cream’s effects by wearing thin cotton gloves after applying it. This allows the cream to penetrate deep into the skin where it can work its magic. In the morning, you’ll be waking up with hands that are silky soft to the touch.

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Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Paying attention to the outside alone is not enough to keep your skin in top condition. Hydrating should come from within, too. That’s why you should make sure to drink plenty of fluids; and remember that coffee and tea alone won’t cut it. Always put a glass of water on your desk, and try to drink two litres of it every day.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are another important building block for healthy skin. Omega 3 fats help improve the protective layer covering your skin. You can easily add more omega 3 lipids to your diet by adding an extra splash of extra virgin olive oil to your dishes, or by eating plenty of fatty fish. And you know what else contains that olive oil? That’s right: our CBD Oil of course!

CBD Argan Cream winter

Be Kind To Your Skin This Winter With CBD Skincare

The cold months of the year pose an extra challenge to your skin. That’s why you ought to make sure you keep your first defence against winter weather in prime shape until spring returns. Using the nourishing, nurturing, and protective properties of CBD Skincare is the way to go this winter. Of course, your best option is choosing laboratory-proven quality with our pure and natural CBD products. They are your secret to keeping your skin in prime shape until the sun is ready to come out again.

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