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THC Or CBD: What Helps You Sleep Better At Night?

These days, CBD Oil is an often-used way to improve quality of sleep. But THC, the other famous cannabinoid, is also known to make people drowsy. So which of the two is a better way to help you fight insomnia? When it comes to poor quality of sleep, several causes qualify as potential underlying reasons. We know that stress is a major factor, affecting the sleeping patterns of many people around the world. Still, pain or anxiety can disrupt sleep as well. Since both THC and CBD have calming qualities that could help you fall asleep and sleep through the night. So which is the better option? In this blog, we explore whether THC or CBD is a better way to help you sleep.  

The Differences Between THC And CBD For Better Sleep

Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids; both come from the cannabis plant. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive properties. CBD is regarded as a potential means to help counter a staggering range of conditions; including PMS, fear and anxiety, stress, pain, and sleeping problems. The diversity of these applications is due to the way CBD affect many different parts of the body. Both cannabinoids (THC and CBD) work in concert with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This important system is spread out all throughout the body, regulating vital processes such as patterns of sleep and wakefulness, digestion, and memory. This explains why cannabinoids can affect so many different processes and symptoms.

As said, trouble sleeping can have many different causes. You may feel restless because of stress, for instance, causing you to mull and worry. You could also feel afraid, anxious, or simply all worked up inside. Pain can seriously disrupt sleep, too. Hormonal changes can also lead to poor quality of sleep, as happens with PMS or menopause. At other times, it may be impossible to pinpoint just what is keeping you awake at night. However, since both THC and CBD can have soothing and analgesic effects, either cannabinoid could prove effective regardless of the cause.

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THC And Sleep

As most people know, the most common source of THC is cannabis, or in more popular terms, weed. THC-rich cannabis is altogether different from the hemp we derive our CBD from; the latter hardly contains any traceable concentrations of THC.

In the Netherlands, cannabis with THC is available from legal coffeeshops. Increasingly, other countries such as Canada and parts of the US use ‘dispensaries’ for the same purpose. Smoking weed or eating cannabis-infused edibles containing THC is an option for tackling sleeping problems just like CBD is. In fact, many people use cannabis precisely to help them feel drowsy and more relaxed. Research points out that weed can help you fall asleep more easily, and sleep tighter too. That could also help against stress in turn. Studies are even underway to assess use of cannabis by people suffering from PTSD. They may be less affected by the intense nightmares commonly associated with their condition.

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Downsides Of THC

A word of warning is in place here, however. You should avoid becoming too dependent on using THC to help you sleep. Not so much for fear of physical addiction, but rather because you might grow dependent on the habit. Another downside of THC is the possibility of waking up with a foggy sensation lingering in your head. Of course, on top of that, smoking cannabis is harmful for your health; particularly for your lungs.

Another thing to be aware of is the different kinds of cannabis that exist. Indica cannabis strains, for instance, tend to relax the body, whereas sativa strains are known for their activating high. So if you do decide to give cannabis a try to improve your sleeping, you’re free to do so in the Netherlands at least; but try to pick the right variant. Incidentally, there are also cannabis strains that contain very little THC and high concentrations of CBD. Professional coffeeshop or dispensary staff should be able to advise you on your options.

How CBD Could Help You Sleep Better

CBD can be taken in the form of different supplements, including CBD Oil, CBD Tablets, and even CBD Chocolates. The calming potential of CBD makes it a suitable candidate for trying to reduce stress, anxiety, or restlessness. That could make it easier to calm down racing thoughts, allowing your body to relax in turn. That is how CBD can help you fall asleep more easily, as well as enjoying deeper and longer sleeping sessions. As it turns out, CBD can extend the amount of time you spend in non-REM sleep; a particularly deep stage of the natural sleep cycle. Spending enough time in this phase is very important. It gives your body time to repair tissues and regulate healthy blood pressure levels. This in turn shortens your REM sleep stages: a positive effect that can help reduce symptoms of depression.

If pain is what keeps you awake at night, then CBD can be a real ally as well. CBD can be used with many different kinds of of pain, and has natural analgesic properties. It can also help counter inflammation. CBD could also help if your sleeplessness is caused by hormonal fluctuations. CBD helps restore balance to your endocannabinoid system, which can help with hormonal issues such as menopause and PMS.

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Other Useful Compounds In CBD Supplements

As you probably know, SupMedi CBD supplements are lab-tested to ensure that they contain no noticeable traces of THC. However, our CBD products contain many other cannabinoids and other natural compounds that can help improve sleep and a calm mind, or alleviate pain and stress. Examples include cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC as well as a host of flavonoids and terpenes. In addition to their unique properties, all of these compounds can reinforce each other’s effects by what is called the entourage effect. As you can see, that’s all the more reason to give our CBD supplements a try if you want to sleep better and wake up rested.

CBD Or THC To Help You Sleep Better?

The question remains, then: is CBD or THC more effective to help you sleep better? Both cannabinoids appear useful for tacjkling sleeping problems in their own way, although THC comes with more disadvantages than CBD. THC has a fairly strong soothing effect, whereas CBD is somewhat more subtle. If you smoke cannabis, you may fall asleep pretty quickly. You are of course free to choose what suits you best, although obviously, the big advantage of CBD is it’s lack of psychoactive effects. That makes it safe to use (even during the day) without impairing your ability to function. SupMedi CBD is available in many different forms. Check our product range now, and decide what you’re taking to bed with you tonight.

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Whatever you choose, SupMedi wishes you a good night!    


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