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Relaxed And Happy Pets With CBD

Of course, we all choose the best when it comes to our personal wellbeing, but your pets want happy, relaxed, and healthy lives, too. Animals are every bit as capable of suffering from stress and pain as we are. You could opt for giving your pets CBD instead of the regular painkillers or sedatives prescribed by vets. This natural supplement can help our furry friends stay fit and fulfilled, just like it can help their owners. Actually, with World Animal Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reward our pets with CBD!

Animals Feel Stress Too

Did you think only humans can experience stress? Think again! Although many people – including pet owners – feel stress is reserved exclusively to humans, this is certainly not the case. This misconception is based on miscommunication and misunderstandings. You may not recognise the signs of stress in your pet’s behaviour, because animals can react to stress in unexpected ways.

Pets are highly sensitive to the mood in their home. If you are stressed out or worried yourself, there is a very real chance that your pet picks up the emotion. In fact, your own stressful behaviour can become a source of stress for the animals around you. Changes to everyday life can also be highly disruptive to the peace of mind of your dog, cat, ferret or rabbit, to name but a few popular pets. Moving house, getting divorced, and welcoming a baby to the family are other well-known sources of severe pet stress.

CBD For Animals In Pain

Moreover, animals can be in pain without you knowing it. Pets have a reputation for not showing their pain to others, unless you know exactly what to look for. Cats, for examples, are masters at hiding their discomfort. Pets can also become deeply unhappy when you’re away from home. Spending lots of time on your own is distressing for the animals we have bred to be our close friends and companions, whether they are dogs, cats, or other animals. Pets can express their distress by becoming restless and agitated, or apathetic and withdrawn. But surely, we don’t want our dear companions to be stressed out or in pain? They have the same right to a happy and peaceful life as we do, after all! If you’re looking for the experiences of other loving pet owners, check out this shortread about Funky the guide dog and how CBD helped her through difficult times.

treating pets with cbd
Guide dog Funky and her CBD Oil.

Supporting The Health Of Your Pets With CBD

CBD is a supplement that can contribute to animal wellbeing. It works for all animals because they all have what is called an endocannabinoid system (ECS), just like we do. The ECS is a biological system that tries to maintain homeostatic balance in the body. Taking CBD supplements is a natural way to support your ECS, or that of your pet, when it struggles to keep us in perfect equilibrium. This is how CBD can help you and your pet live a healthy, fit and happy life.

You can opt for countering loneliness and sleeping problems, or bringing pain and stress relief for pets with CBD. Research shows that cannabidiol can have a calming effect. Does your pet suffer from aching joints, due to advanced age or injuries? If so, CBD might be the ideal animal-friendly analgesic for your buddy. Likewise, animals finding it difficult to be home alone, or afraid of traffic noise, the postman, or fireworks could benefit from CBD’s effects, too.

Natural CBD Oil
Reward Your Pets With CBD Oil!

Rewarding Pets With CBD: The Best Pals Deserve The Best Care

Our pets are our pals; dear and close friends that can be a real source of companionship, support and comfort. You may be living on your own, but if you have a cat, you’re never alone. All the cuddles, love, and attention pets give us are just priceless. Who doesn’t know that feeling that nobody understands you – except for your pet? Don’t we all love how our dog hears us out when we tell about the bad day we had at the office? And what about the joy of returning home to be greeted by the thrilled antics of your cat or rabbit, or the tail-wagging joy of your dog?

Thank Your Pets With CBD On World Animal Day

Your pet is always there for you, ready to give you love, attention, warmth and affection. Therefore, with World Animal Day just around the corner, isn’t this the perfect time to reward your pet with CBD? A few drops of CBD Oil make for a fitting and exclusive present to show that your pet is your best furry friend. If you’re looking for added benefits, you should know that treating pets with CBD comes without the side-effects typically associated with regular painkillers and sedatives.

CBD is easy to administer. If your pet allows it, dripping a few drops of CBD Oil into its mouth works fine. Another option is adding a few drops to your buddy’s favourite food or treats. Choose a low CBD percentage by starting out with 4% CBD Oil, and work your way up from a single drop per day. From there, gradually increase the dosage until you notice an effect. In principle, you can give CBD to animals of any species excluding insects (who sadly don’t have an endocannabinoid system); from dogs, cats, hamsters and horses to birds, rabbits, and even reptiles like snakes and lizards. It’s your own way of saying ‘thank you’ in a completely natural way!



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