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Is CBD Healthy, And What Exactly Is Good Health?

The question whether CBD Oil is healthy is more complicated than you may think. To answer the question, we first need to agree on what exactly amounts to good health. Is it purely a matter of being sick or not? Does health mean feeling well and being in shape? And if so, what do these words really mean? CBD is a cannabinoid produced by cannabis plants. Although CBD is not psychoactive, this substance can help support our health in many different ways. It can influence your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. That means CBD could be very good for your overall health, with natural contributions to all aspects of healthy living.

Being Healthy: What Exactly Does That Mean?

Health is a small word with an enormous impact. Being healthy is essentially about feeling good about your life in all of its facets. That means health is related to physical wellbeing as well as to its mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual counterparts. No single facet is more important than the others; ideally, they should all be balanced together. That explains why we ought to pay attention to our health across all of these aspects of life.

So can we get healthy by using CBD Oil? CBD is a cannabinoid, able to work together with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is part of our body. Although most people are not familiar with this recently-discovered system, it is every bit as vital for survival as, say, your immune system or the metabolism driving your digestion. Perhaps it is even more important, in fact, since both these systems and more besides are regulated by the ECS. The endocannabinoid system makes sure that all of these systems work in concert: a natural balance called homeostasis.

CBD (cannabidiol) is like a messenger, able to order cells to work harder, for instance, or tone down the signals they give to other cells. That is how CBD can help us calm down or relieve pain, to name just a few of its abilities. Having said that, we can take a detailed look at how CBD can have positive effects on various aspects of our overall health.

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Is CBD Healthy For Your Body?

Physical health amounts to the state in which all of your body’s systems and structures are functioning as they should. Any instance of disease, pain, irritation, inflammation, or injury reflects a disruption of the body’s balance. Symptoms can be either external or internal. In all of these cases, you are (temporarily) not in full health.

Regardless of whether you choose oil, gummies, or tablets, CBD supplements can help relieve specific symptoms. CBD is an analgesic that can help relieve a painful back or a headache through its analgesic capacity. In addition, CBD has anti-inflammatory potential. That makes CBD a popular supplement among people suffering from conditions varying from eczema to arthritis and Crohn’s disease. It can help fight inflammation and reduce painful swellings.

When your skin is the cause of your discomfort, CBD Argan Cream and CBD Argan Salve are good options for tackling skin problems and chafed, dry skin. CBD Skincare products can also help relieve sunburn and allergic reactions like those triggered by the oak processionary caterpillar. These are all examples illustrating how CBD can help support a healthy body.

Is CBD Also Healthy For Your Brain And Emotions?

Being mentally and emotionally healthy means feeling calm and at ease, centered on your own strength. Your emotions are stable, although of course, everyone gets sad, upset, or tense sometimes. These emotions pass, however, allowing you to recover quickly. Your brain is fit, and you are balanced mentally and emotionally. That emotional health strongly determines whether you feel happy or not. Sadly, feeling happy is not the everyday reality for many of us.

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Healthy emotions: stable and balanced.

Problems involving mental and emotional health are not always easy to detect. Besides, it is up to each of us to decide for ourselves whether we feel healthy or not. Someone who is often anxious may consider that completely normal and healthy behaviour, seeing no need to change or seek help. The question remains, though, whether you are content with your emotional health, or feel restrained by your symptoms instead.

CBD allows you to gibe your emotional and mental wellbeing a bit of natural support. The soothing potential of CBD enables it to help you sleep well at night and calm down your racing thoughts in case of stress. You will still fell your emotions, but CBD helps soften their sharp edges. Cannabidiol can even help improve your mood in case of depression. The big advantage of this natural supplement is its lack of side-effects or risks of addiction. Always be careful when you’re already taking medication, however; consult your doctor on whether CBD is a good option in your specific situation.

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Is CBD Healthy For Your Social Wellbeing?

Humans are social animals, and we need other people for our happiness and wellbeing. Your social health depends on the quality of your relationships, and on the type of relationships you engage in. It also reveals something about how you deal with people around you and whether you are good at maintaining friendships. No matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert; everybody needs some degree or relationships with other people.

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Are you satisfied with your social contacts? If you find being around others challenging, that is usually because anxiety is holding you back. Social anxiety or performance anxiety can make us feel inferior, triggering negative thoughts and lowering our self-confidence. Here too, CBD can help reduce your anxiety. It can reduce the impact of fearful thoughts, allowing you to escape from mulling and negative thought patterns. CBD will not grant you instant confidence like some superhero, though. However, feeling more relaxed will make it much easier to enjoy your social surroundings. That is how CBD can be healthy on a social level, too.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health cover everything related to our sense of meaningfulness. Meaningful living can be based on religion, but the norms, the values, and the satisfaction you get from your job, your hobbies, and your relationships can do the same job just as well. Spirituality is all about the meaning you inscribe into your own life.

The influence CBD can have on your spiritual health expresses itself in subtle ways. And yet, a spiritual sense of fulfillment can be absolutely essential for a healthy life. Since CBD can improve your mood, it can play a crucial role in achieving spiritual health. Sometimes, you’re just too stressed out, too tired, or too sad to spend time on activities that add colour and meaning to your life. Think of visiting relatives, meditation, outdoor hikes, or hobbies like painting, for example. You may find that CBD gives you just that little nudge in the right direction you need to invest your energy in these activities, allowing you to care for your spiritual health in turn.

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As you see, CBD is a natural supplement allowing you to support your health in all of its many facets. Whether you prefer to do so using CBD Oil, CBD Tablets, CBD Gummies, or other CBD Edibles is entirely up to you. Enjoy healthy living with CBD!

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