How To Get The Best Effects From CBD – A Deeper Guide

We can unanimously agree that whenever we purchase any product, we want to see ROI (Return on Investment). The same case applies to everyone who buys a CBD product. You are here probably because you would like to see every cent counting. That said, this article pinpoints how you can get the  best CBD from effects. We are going to lay the basis of our discussion on a critical keyword – bioavailability of CBD.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is a subcategory of absorption and is the fraction of an administered dose of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation, one of the principal pharmacokinetic properties of drugs – Wikipedia. When it comes to the CBD context, while maintaining the same meaning given by Wikipedia, we are going first to see the forms of CBD products. These comprise:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Concentrates
  • Capsules
  • CBD e-liquids.

To get the most effects out of the forms of CBD mentioned above, you have to know the frequency of the absorbable CBD into the bloodstream or any other part of the body. That said, the bioavailability of CBD is the frequency at which any form of CBD gets absorbed into one’s bloodstream. To get the most out of CBD, you undoubtedly ought to ensure that the bioavailability is at par.

Achieving Higher Bioavailability For The Most Rapid Effects

Well, user preference plays a critical role in determining how one can get different bioavailability rates. The fastest way to bring in the highest CBD bioavailability is via introducing Cannabidiol (CBD) directly along with the bloodstream. That can be achieved via injecting oneself with CBD directly in the veins. However, most users don’t go that route. They, under most circumstances, prefer to choose the methods listed below. We are going to list them according to their bioavailability levels – from the fastest to the slowest.

1.    Vaporizing CBD

This is a trendy buzzword in the Cannabidiol world as of the moment. It typically involves taking CBD as a vapor directly into the lungs via the help of a vaping device. The CBD vapor has a fast absorption rate along with the bloodstream, which makes it the next consumption method after injecting oneself with CBD. The vapor reaches the lungs, thus ends up giving the user the effects associated with the consumption of CBD almost instantaneously.

Most pieces of research state that the bioavailability of CBD while using the vaporization method is anywhere between 34% and 56%. You get intense effects of CBD after a short period, thanks to the high bioavailability rates of CBD in vapor form.

2.    Sublingual Method

The sublingual consumption of CBD involves placing a CBD product like let’s say CBD oil on the sublingual gland beneath the tongue. The CBD gets into the bloodstream immediately after it reaches the sublingual vein. Nonetheless, you can’t compare the sublingual method with the vaporization method. The given bioavailability ranges are anywhere between 12 and 35% while using the sublingual method.

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3.    Oral CBD Consumption 

A good number of CBD users swear by the oral use of CBD. It involves taking CBD in the form of capsules, CBD-infused beverages, or edibles. These ought to first be digested so that the Cannabidiol can be filtered out. Researchers show that the bioavailability of CBD while taking it orally, can’t go past 20%, thus making it the least in the list.

Don’t be shocked to fail to find the topical application method of CBD. CBD topicals like creams, ointments, and jellies don’t maneuver their way into the bloodstream, thus making it impossible to rank their bioavailability.

In Summary

Interestingly, a CBD product with high bioavailability brings in the most effects within the shortest time, yes, but the results take the least time to remain in the body. For instance, the oral consumption of CBD products takes the most time to bring in the effects due to the low bioavailability rates but guarantees the longevity of CBD effects in the body. To get the most effects from CBD, you can see it from two angles…getting the results fast, but having them vanish swiftly, or getting the effects slowly due to low CBD availability, but having them remain in the body for long. The user preference is the ultimate determinant.


Always seek out a professional for medical advice and always do your own research!


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