How CBD May Help Against The Oak Processionary

Across Europe, we increasingly come across the oak processionary (Rhaumatopoea processionea). Particularly throughout the summer months, many people come into contact with an oak processionary – at their cost. This processionary caterpillar, as the species is also known, can cause severe itching and irritation for people and animals. Removing these animals and their nests proves extremely difficult. Fortunately though, there is something you can do after you encounter them. CBD helps against the inflammatory response triggered by oak processionary hairs. In addition, it soothes and restores the skin. Here, you’ll find out how CBD Argan Salve and other products containing CBD help against the oak processionary.

Itching Caused By Oak Processonary Caterpillars

The main complaint caused by the oak processionary is irritated skin. This severe itching is in fact not caused by the caterpillars as such, but by their microscopic hairs called ‘setae’. If they feel threatened, launching these hairs is an oak processionary’s defence mechanism. Upon contact with the skin, the hairs trigger dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin involving rashes, irritation, and itching; terribly severe itching, in fact. The doctor’s advice? Simple: don’t scratch! That’s easier said than done, however. Luckily, CBD helps against the oak processionary: not by chasing the critters away, but by soothing your skin and helping it recover.

CBD against oak Procesisonary moth
Feeling Itchy Yet..?

What To Do Against Oak Processionary Itches?

The hairs of the oak processionary are spread through the air, so you don’t even need to touch a caterpillar to be hit by them. Dermatitis response often starts under the armpits, across the torso, on the inside of the arms and in the neck. The first thing to do is to remove the hairs. The easiest way to do this is by using a piece of tape, which will stick to the hairs and draw them out of the skin. This will prevent the itch from getting worse. After that, it is time to apply CBD Argan Salve to soothe the skin.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects

CBD (cannabidiol) has a range of different effects. A key property of this plant-based substance is its anti-inflammatory capacity. The itching and skin irritation caused by the oak processionary caterpillar is in fact an inflammation response of the skin itself. This explains how CBD can help to quickly lessen the itch. It will reduce the urge to scratch, preventing you from further damaging your skin as the irritation lessens. This is good news for adults, but even more important when children are concerned. Children aged four and above can use CBD. This is for the better, as children spend lots of time playing outdoors, increasing the likelihood of running into oak processionaries. Moreover, children find it even harder not to scratch than adults. That is why particularly with children, CBD helps against the oak processionary.

CBD Argan Salve Can Soothe, Calm, And Restore Your Skin

Although all of our CBD products can help reduce the inflammatory response, CBD Argan Salve offers the best solution for skin irritation caused by an oak processionary. The cannabidiol and organic argan oil combined in the salve soothe and calm the skin, helping to quickly reduce any itching. Moreover, its natural ingredients promote a speedy recovery of any damaged skin. This healing effects is further amplified by the natural vitamin A in CBD Argan Salve. Vitamin A (retinol) improves skin structure for thorough repair of any potential damage.

CBD argan salve helps against the oak processionary
First Aid For Itches And Irritation.

Three Ways In Which CBD Helps Against The Oak Processionary

Anti-inflammatory, soothing, and restoring. These three qualities of CBD Argan Salve are why CBD helps against the oak processionary. That’s why it’s always wise to bring some CBD Agan Salve along wherever you are, especially during the summer months. Consider it your first aid in case of skin problems, with naturally restorative properties. CBD also provides fast and effective relief in case of scratches, abrasions, dry skin, and sensitive spots. In this article you can read more about the many benefits that CBD offers for any skin type. We wish you a fantastic summer, with as little itching and irritation as possible!


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