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CBD Produced Using Yeast

Scientists managed to produce CBD without involving a single cannabis plant, but with yeast. And we’re not talking about synthetic CBD from a test tube here. They have manipulated nature in such a way that a fungus is producing CBD and THC. CBD without cannabis – how on earth did they pull that off? Read on to find out!

cbd without cannabis
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What Exactly Is Yeast?

Almost everybody has heard of yeast in his life. It`s used to bake bread for example. And without yeast, it`s impossible to brew beer, because during this process the yeast converts sugars into alcohol and CO2. But what not everyone knows, is that yeast is a living organism. It is a member of the fungus kingdom.

Biotech Yeast

There are special biotech companies that develop different kinds of yeast to be able to produce different kinds of enzymes. Those enzymes are then used in different ways, in food or even in detergents. A similar step has now been taken in order to produce CBD and THC. The production of CBD needs a special kind of yeast. That yeast has now been developed by adding genomes of the cannabis plant to the DNA of yeast.

What Is The Use CBD Without Cannabis?

At this moment we get our CBD from the cannabis plants. That works well, but there are some real challenges. It is a natural product, so there are many variables. For example, cannabis plants don`t always contain the same amount of CBD. Besides this, a lot of other substances can be found in the plant. Furthermore, the grower can also use pesticides. And you wouldn’t want those to end up in a food supplement!

Here at Supmedi, we are very strict about checking where our CBD is coming from, in order to be able to guarantee the highest quality. If you are using biotech yeast to produce CBD, you can bypass these challenges. It makes it possible to produce high quality CBD in a factory.

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When Will CBD Without Cannabis Be Available?

It’s impossible to tell. We’re really unsure how profitable this method of producing CBD will be, because it’s also unclear how much this production method is going to cost. For the time being, Supmedi will keep on using the cannabis plants as the main suppliers of our CBD.


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