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CBD Oil for your hair

If you are blessed with a scalp full of beautiful hair, you’re probably taking care to keep it in good shape. Your hair is a defining feature of your looks. If hair starts greying, grows thin, or disappears altogether, this can be very hard to accept. Most people want gorgeous hair, and we come up with the wildest solutions to solve our hair problems. Sadly, many of these solutions don’t work as well as we hope. So what can we do to prevent having to watch our hair washing down the drain one by one? Luckily, we have CBD Oil to help us by its potential for positive effects on the health and looks of our hair.

Is CBD Oil good for your hair?

We all lose hair every day, which is perfectly normal. The average person loses between 50 and 100 hairs every day. People suffering from clinical hair loss (alopecia) face much heavier hair loss. Various factors can contribute to loss of hair:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Hormonal changes (as during pregnancy or menopause);
  • Stress and tension;
  • Physical or emotional trauma.

There are options for treating hair loss, both for men and for women. Doctors can prescribe medication that may prove helpful, or you could try your luck with self-care solutions such as ayurvedic medicine. You could also opt for a hair transplant. Research indicates, however, that CBD (cannabidiol) can promote hair growth following hair loss. It can also offer a preventive perspective for the skin of the scalp and the hairs that grow on it. Below, you’ll read just how CBD Oil can help keep your hair in good condition.

cbd oil hair

Does CBD Oil counter the causes of hair loss?

CBD Oil can help after hair loss occurs, but it appears that it can work preventively, too. Once you understand how CBD can influence so many different bodily functions, it is easier to see how it can help keep your hair in shape.

Hair loss by stress and hormonal changes

Hormonal fluctuations and stress are among the most common causes of hair loss. Women affected by severe hormonal disruptions during pregnancy or menopause can easily lose hair during such times. If such causes are responsible for your particular hair loss, CBD Oil may well prove helpful for you.

CBD interacts with nerve cell receptors, which are burdened with regulation of hormones. This enables this cannabinoid to restore our internal hormonal balance. This property may help reduce loss of hair while simultaneously encouraging growth of new hair.

Stress is another common negative influence of the health of the scalp. Stress can cause nutrient deficits that limit hair growth potential. CBD is known for its calming properties, which can help you cope with stress. It can also help reduce anxiety, which makes it easier to relax. If you manage to cut back on stress, you’ll enable your body to use all available nutrients, which may well manifest as a lush growth of healthy, shiny hair.

Scalp skin problems

If you are dealing with problems affecting the skin of your scalp, such as eczema for instance, you could try using CBD as well. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can prove beneficial for the skin of the head. Regardless of eczema’s severity, an irritated scalp (including itches, pain, and flaky skin) will negatively affect the growth of hair. CBD can prove helpful in several ways. It has immunomodulating characteristics that can help balance the immune system. It can also curb skin inflammation, which in turn can promote hair growth.

CBD can help relieve symptoms for various other skin condition, too. This plant-based cannabinoid can regulate production of fat, which can have positive effects on dandruff as well as for greasy or dry hair. Tackling all these problems at once is key to promoting the growth of healthy hair.

Preventing hair damage

You may not consider it on a regular basis, but your hair is constantly exposed to many harmful external influences such as pollution, dust, and UV radiation. These can affect the basic building blocks of your hair, making it look unhealthy and lifeless. Intensive hair care can also damage your hair, including harm done by styling devices and specific products. CBD Oil is a wonderful natural alternative for anyone looking to repair their hair. It has can help moisturize, smooth out, and soften hair to keep it supple while cleansing hair and the skin of the scalp at the same time. Moreover, the antioxidants in CBD Oil can help protect your hair against harmful influences.

CBD Oil encourages growth of new hair

Do you have thin hair, or balding spots? CBD Oil can help promote the growth of new hair. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which help trap moisture inside the hair structure and nourish the scaly surface of hairs. That makes massaging some CBD Oil into the skin of the scalp a good conditioning routine. Studies show how this helps dry skin absorb nutrients, while promoting the growth of new hair at the same time.

Another means by which CBD Oil can help encourage new hair growth is by improving blood flow in the skin. Better circulation around the hair follicles allows for improved transport of nutrients and removal of waste products. These improvements have obvious potential for better hair growth.

cbd oil hair loss

CBD Oil for your hair: is it worth a try?

Anyone affected by dry, damaged hair or bald spots should know that giving CBD Oil a try can lead to real improvements. The same applies to maintaining a full, healthy beard, or to hair that lost its shine and vitality. CBD Oil is fit for topical use, applied directly to the scalp. However, regular oral use is also an option. Its active components interact with your own body’s endocannabinoid system, which branches out all throughout the body, including the skin around your hairs. That means CBD can be effective wherever it is needed most. The fact that CBD in hemp oil can work in so many different ways makes it a great natural choice for any healthy hair and beauty routine!



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