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CBD Oil For Physiotherapy

Getting the right kind of physiotherapy at the right moment can be a tremendous relief. Physio can help us handle chronic pain and recover from (sports) injuries or surgery. Whether by massage, exercises, advice, or use of aides, physiotherapy can improve your freedom of movement and reduce or prevent pain. Many problems that are addressed by physiotherapy involve some form of prescription medication, often painkillers of some kind. However, recent findings show that CBD Oil has its uses in physiotherapy, too.

How CBD Works

CBD is a hemp-based cannabinoid that can help increase the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatment. Research demonstrates that CBD (cannabidiol) has certain properties that can help promote the body’s natural recovery. This potential is due to the cannabinoid’s ability to cooperate with the body by means of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS always strives to maintain the body’s internal balance. We all encounter life events that disrupt our sense of balance; whether these be stress, injury, disease, or moments when it all becomes too much. The ECS influences all sorts of processes, including pain perception, inflammation, rhythms of sleep and waking, hunger, and emotion. The endocannabinoid system uses compounds called endocannabinoids produced by the body to send messages to cells. This allows the ECS o regulate a wide range of bodily processes. In addition to these endocannabinoids, though, it can use CBD to send the same messages. The body recognises and accepts this hemp compound as if it were its own.

Studies have shown that CBD can have positive effects on pain, inflammation, metabolism, the immune system, and our mood. These effects could make CBD Oil useful for physiotherapy, too.

cbd oil for physiotherapy

How CBD Oil Could Be Helpful In Physiotherapy

There are lots of reasons for visiting a physiotherapist. People often associate physio with (sports) injuries such as a sprained ankle, a bad back, or painful joints caused by a bad posture at the office. Nonetheless, physiotherapy is often recommended for recovery and chronic pain as well. Treatments usually aim to reduce pain and restore mobility.

Physical therapy is also used to control chronic pain or reduce disability and other physical conditions. In such cases, the goal is often to learn how to cope with specific limitations to maximize freedom of movement. That involves guided training to build strength and improve coordination and stamina. That can give people the means they need to regain control over their lives, and to stay active in spite of potential disabilities. CBD Oil can support the effectiveness of various types of physiotherapy.

How To Use CBD Oil For Physiotherapy

Most physiotherapists are unlikely to get you a prescription for CBD at this point. However, you can decide to use CBD supplements as a patient, either before or after treatment. This cannabinoid is available in various forms if you want to support your physiotherapy with it.

CBD Salve Or Cream

CBD Salve and CBD Cream are used directly on the skin as CBD topicals. These CBD products can be very helpful for treating injuries and chronic pain or inflammation as seen in arthritis, fibromyalgia, or carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance. Creams and salves can also be a great idea after an intense physiotherapy session, however. Physio massages are not always meant to be comfortable. Sometimes, the pain can grow worse temporarily, and that is when a nice rub of CBD Salve can really help ease the pain locally. This can be repeated several times a day if you like.

cbd oil physiotherapy salve
CBD Salve for topical relief

Physiotherapy And CBD Oil Or Tablets

CBD Oil and CBD Tablets can be great support for physiotherapy, too. Instead of treating conditions topically such as with salves, these supplements reach every part of your body. Oral use of CBD allows it to affect your entire nervous system, your immune system, your circulation, pain, and emotions. CBD Oil or Tablets can also be combined with salve if necessary.

So how do you use CBD Tablets or CBD Oil for optimal physiotherapy support? One way of doing so is taking a dose of CBD one hour to thirty minutes before your appointment. This allows the cannabinoid to reach the bloodstream and lets you benefit from its analgesic effects. Tablets work by placing them under your tongue and letting them dissolve. Effects usually become noticeable after 10 to 20 minutes. The same timeframe applies to oil dripped under the tongue. Of course, you could also decide to take CBD after your session, to reduce any pain or discomfort for the remainder of the day.

If you are receiving physiotherapy treatment on a regular basis, such as for chronic pain or long-term injuries, your best option is to take CBD Oil structurally, on a daily basis. That will build a stable CBD level that allows optimal effects over extended periods. You are quite likely benefit from the effects well beyond your physio sessions alone.

Natural Physio Support

So if you are dealing with chronic pain and your are receiving physiotherapy, CBD Oil or other cannabidiol supplements can be a real source of natural support. If you want to try them out for yourselves, you have plenty of choice available, from CBD Oil and Tablets to a broad selection of CBD edibles. Don’t worry: after an intensive session, you deserve a bit of a healthy treat for a reward. Consider trying CBD Gummies, for instance, or a lovely cup of fresh CBD Coffee or CBD Chocolate.

If you are using pain medication, always consult your doctor about trying CBD supplements. Cannabidiol is known to interact with certain types of medication, including painkillers. And if you notice that CBD Oil or other supplements help you with your physiotherapy, don’t forget to let your therapist know – they may be able to help other patients with it in the future!


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