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CBD Oil is often being used by people who are suffering from pain, stress or depression. And if it benefits people so much, could CBD Oil help our dear dogs? Can you give CBD Oil to your dog, or can that be dangerous? We are positive and in this blog want to tell you why!

What is CBD Oil and how does it work?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid produced by hemp and cannabis plants. Obviously, CBD is an important compound of CBD Oil, but THC isn’t! This means the oil can’t get you high, which is good to know when you want to give it to your dog.

There haven’t been done any specific studies into CBD Oil and the way it can help dogs exactly. However, we know more and more about CBD Oil and how it can influence and support the human body. It all comes down to the ECS: the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates all processes in the body, makes sure that everything runs smoothly and your body stays nicely balanced. Pain, appetite, sleep, mood and stress are examples of such processes. So CBD Oil can indirectly influence the ECS, by activating or inhibiting the system’s receptors.

What does all this have to do with our dogs? Well, all mammals have an ECS! In other words, your faithful four-legged friend can also enjoy the benefits of CBD Oil, just like human beings. How? Discover it in this blog!

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Can CBD Oil be dangerous for dogs?

Before we tell you how CBD Oil can help your dog, we would like to be clear about the possible dangers of CBD Oil for dogs.

Research shows that CBD is generally safe for dogs.

Still, some mild side effects can occur, like a dry mouth or drowsiness. This is mostly the case when you take high doses of CBD Oil and these effects will probably disappear within days.

It also turned out that CBD Oil can interfere with certain types of medication. CBD Oil can actually influence the metabolism of medicines and supplements. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t feed your dog CBD Oil, maybe it only takes some adjustments. In some cases CBD Oil could possibly replace the drugs! Either way, it is very important to consult your vet and talk this through!

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How can CBD Oil help your dog?

CBD Oil is a safe and natural remedy which can help dogs when they suffer from pain, joint problems or anxiety. Although no studies have been done on dogs yet, there is some supporting evidence for every positive effect on different conditions.

Joint problems and pain

Unfortunately, many (older) dogs are faced with joint problems, arthritis or hip dysplasia. The quality of the cartilage decreases, so the bone ends will scrape along each other, which can cause a great deal of pain and stiffness, but also joint inflammation.

CBD can work as a natural anti-inflammatory, by collaborating with the ECS. CBD can bind to the CB1-receptors of the ECS, so the immune system gets stimulated to inhibit inflammation. The same goes for pain stimuli: it appears that CBD can be a great painkiller for dogs with arthritis. The dog’s brain becomes less sensitive for pain signals, so the pain gets less.

cbd oil for dogs

Epileptic seizures

Around 5% of all dogs suffer from epileptic seizures. Regular epilepsy medication isn’t always that effective and can damage your dog’s organs. That’s why researchers became very enthusiastic when they discovered that CBD reduced the seizures in 89% of the dogs!

CBD can reduce the number of seizures, as well as the intensity, by its cooperation with the ECS. Epileptic seizures are probably caused by abnormal electric signals in the nervous system. Because CBD can bind with the receptors in the brain, scientists think that the functioning of the nervous system gets stimulated. More research is needed to find out exactly how this works with dogs!


No less than 50% of all adult dogs gets cancer. Cancer is a tough disease, for both people and dogs, certainly with treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.  Researchers are always looking for new ways to fight cancer, but also to relieve the pain and nausea that comes with it.

And there is some great news! Several studies have discovered a lot about CBD in relation to cancer and tumours. CBD can:

  • Inhibit the growth of tumours.
  • Extend the life of animals with cancer.
  • Make cancer cells more sensitive to treatment and improve the effectiveness of regular cancer treatment.
  • Kill cancer cells by shutting down the cell’s energy production.
  • Relieve nausea and pain caused by cancer or chemotherapy.

None of these researches have been done on dogs. But since these effects are found in both humans and test animals, it’s very likely that also dogs can benefit from CBD Oil.

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Many dog owners turn to CBD Oil when their dog is anxious. Anxiety can be expressed in different ways: being scared of loud noises, fear of abandonment, aggression or jumpiness. These fears can cause a lot of stress in dogs. Obviously you can buy regular tranquilizers, but CBD (almost) doesn’t cause side-effects and can work very well against stress and anxiety!

Many people know CBD Oil has relaxing properties and use it to relieve pain, anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that not only human beings can benefit from these effects! How this works exactly isn’t really clear yet, but CBD seems to play a role in the serotonin regulation. This hormone regulates the mood, social behaviour, sleep, digestion and appetite.

What is really important to keep in mind, is that CBD Oil plays an indirect role in reducing anxiety. Regular medication for dogs work in a different way to reduce fear. So, more research is needed, but if you notice a positive change in your dog when you give him CBD Oil, then why not?

How can you give CBD Oil to your dog and how much do dogs need?

Discovering the ideal daily dose for your furry friend can be tricky. The concentration of CBD is indicated in milligrams on every bottle of CBD Oil.

Is your dog in pain? Various studies have shown that the average dose of 0,25 milligram per pound of body weight, twice a day, works best. It’s best to start with a lower dose and keep doing this for a couple of days. Does your dog seem to have more energy and less pain? Then you’ve got the right dose. Otherwise, raise the dose a little, until you notice the positive effects you want.

When you want to reduce your dog’s anxiety, you can use a very low dose of CBD Oil. Start with 0,125 mg per pound of body weight and check if that works.

If you’re looking for a general guide line: 1 drop of 5% Full Spectrum Oil per day for a small dog (which is obviously a relative concept). Big dogs can start with 2 drops of 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil per day.

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Which CBD Product is most suitable for dogs?

Most dogs don’t mind the taste and smell of Full Spectrum CBD Oil, so you can just mix it with their breakfast and dinner. The good news here is that Full Spectrum CBD Oil provides an extra effect: the entourage-effect. This means that all the cannabinoids and other substances in the oil can enhance each other. 1 plus 1 is more than 2!

What if your dog seems to really dislike the CBD Oil? Try one of our CBD Isolates. Isolates are being used in different kind of CBD Products, but not all of them are suitable for dogs. You can crush our CBD Tablets and mix the powder with your favourite dog food!

Make sure you always go for quality. SupMedi’s CBD Oil is tested for quality and pureness. This way you are really sure the CBD Oil doesn’t contain toxins, solvents or other additions and it’s safe to give to your beloved dog!

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