Are CBD Tablets Better Than CBD Capsules?

If you look around for CBD products, one of the first things you find are CBD capsules. Of course, CBD is very beneficial for your health, it can alleviate many symptoms. But are CBD capsules the best way to get your daily dose of CBD? You could also try melt tablets. In this blog, you’ll read all about capsules and why it might be a good idea to choose CBD tablets instead.

Are CBD Capsules Even Handy?

There are different ways to use CBD (cannabidiol). CBD oil and CBD capsules probably are most well-known. Capsules are popular, because people are familiar with this method of ingesting something. In principle, it’s the same as taking vitamins or medication.

It’s often mentioned that CBD caps are easy to take. A plus of capsules compared to regular oil is you don’t taste the somewhat strong flavour of CBD. Also, it’s regularly stated that the oil in the capsules gets absorbed quickly. But is that true?

The Advantages Of CBD Tablets

Maybe you have been using CBD capsules for years. Maybe you’re new to the benefits of CBD, and  looking for a good way to start using it. In both cases, it’s a good idea to consider SupMedi’s CBD tablets. There are some important reasons why these melt tablets could be a great option for you.

1. Rapid Absorption Of CBD

You take a CBD capsule by swallowing it whole. It will only start to dissolve once it reaches your stomach, after about fifteen minutes. From that point onwards, CBD will gradually be absorbed as it makes its way through your digestive tract. You can only benefit from the effects of CBD after it has been absorbed into the bloodstream. Moreover, stomach acid will weaken the initial dose of CBD, causing it to lose some of its effectiveness . After that, it will pass the liver, which also decomposes part of the CBD. Taking capsules, therefore, will result in less CBD for effective use by your system compared to CBD tablets.

The greatest benefit of CBD melt tablets is that CBD is more rapidly en effectively absorbed. When you put the tablet under your tongue, it will dissolve. The compounds are directly absorbed through the mucus membrane. Through this membrane, CBD gets into the bloodstream right away. The extra added vitamin C, which is added to the tablets, makes sure that this process goes off even easier and quicker. This vitamin stimulates the salivary glands, which helps taking inCBD faster.

2. Easy To Use

It might be that a capsule is easy to swallow, but many people aren’t fond of swallowing pills. It’s true that it’s a fast way, but swallowing a capsule often isn’t that easy and doesn’t feel pleasant. A melt tablet (with a delicious taste) is much more pleasant to take.

SupMedi’s melt tablets dissolve in your mouth. You don’t need to swallow them whole, but can suck on them. The active compounds will be absorbed by your body quickly, which is why you’ll feel the effects within minutes.

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3. SupMedi Tablets: Vegetarian, Halal And Vegan

Most of the time, CBD caps aren’t vegetarian, vegan or halal. Both the cover and the binding agent can be made of animal products, like gelatin. Gelatin is made from the bones of animals. Vegetarians nor vegans can use products that contain this. Muslims or Hindus can also object to using this on religious grounds.

SupMedi’s CBD tablets are vegan, halal and vegetarian and anybody can use them safely, in good conscience.

So now you know: CBD tablets are easy to use, they work fast and they’re tasty to boot. Our tablets are available in packages containing 30 tablets, each tablet contains 12 mg CBD or 24 mg CBD. It’s easy to break a tablet in half, which gives you the possibility to dose more accurate. Are you looking for an alternative that’s also vegetarian, vegan or halal? Take a look at our CBD gummies, available in four flavours, to feast on every day.

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